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Posted by Steve Vondran | Aug 12, 2018 | 0 Comments

Contingency Based Copyright Infringement Recovery Firm in Phoenix, Arizona.  [Movies, Photos, Art, Software, Film, Video, Fashion, Jewelry].  NO RECOVERY NO FEE!


You are a professional at what you do, working hard to create great art, fashion, music, film, and entertainment only to find that someone is using your copyrighted creative works or “copycat” products on their websites, blogs, podcasts, youtube channels and in online stores such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Gear Launch, Zazzle, and Shopify.

When you see your work being used, without a license, it can be shocking at first, but then it makes you upset that someone is trying to commercialize your work(s), pass it off as their own, and especially where they have never even asked you for a license or even permission to use your Work.

This is usually where we come in.   Our boutique copyright infringement law firm helps talented and creative professionals enforce their copyrights, send cease and desist and DMCA takedown letters, and where appropriate to seek lost profits, lost licensing fees, and copyright infringement damages.  This blog discusses our contingency fee recovery program, how it works, and what our criteria are for accepting new clients.   Note, the blog focuses on photography, but we handle a wide variety of copyright infringement cases as noted below.

Criteria for Photo Infringement (contact us for criteria on other types of cases)

In general, here is what we are looking for to be considered for contingency fee photo infringement recovery (these are not hard and fast rules, but generally what we are looking for, if you think there should be an exception in your case just let us know and call or email us at the address on the right side of this blog):

  1. You are a commercial photographer (you get paid for your photos.  For example, you have a art gallery, fine art studio, or routinely license your photos for a free)
  2. It is helpful if you have won some awards or appeared in popular publications
  3. You have copyright registered your photos (not this is NOT a strict requirement but it is something that can affect our decision depending upon the facts of your case)
  4. There has been an infringement of your work (for example, someone has made a copy of your photo and is trying to use it commercially).  Some common examples might be:
  • Selling your photo acting as if it is theirs
  • Someone has altered your work without your permission and is trying to commercialize it (wrongfully believing it is a “fair use”)
  • Someone has used your photo or image in a youtube or vimeo channel (and the video is being monetized)
  • Some has wrongfully used your photo and created a “derivative work” without paying any licensing fee.  Some examples may include creating a bumper sticker, poster, wallpaper, wall art, outdoor furniture, cornhole game image, used it on a commercial blog, cover of a book, murals, coasters, t-shirts, etc.)
  • The infringer is selling on Etsy, eBay, or Amazon store, Zazzle or some other online store (presumably making money off your work).
  • You are prepared to file a lawsuit if necessary (ex. no skeletons in the closet and not afraid of any negative attention that might bring).

This is not an exclusive list of things we look for, but important factors for sure.

Other Types of content that we may seek to recover for online infringement

If you are a copyright rights holder in any of the following types of content, we may also be able recover in the State of California and Arizona (including Scottsdale, Sedona, Tempe, Phoenix, Flagstaff and other areas):

  • Movies being file shared on torrents
  • Music
  • Lyrics
  • Jingles
  • Book excerpts
  • Animation
  • Illustrations
  • Vectors
  • Software code
  • Custom bottling and packaging labels
  • Wallpaper
  • Wall art
  • Games
  • Toys
  • Character infringement
  • Painting
  • Fashion design
  • Jewelry
  • Computer Fonts (not typeface)
  • Other (contact us)

How can you find out if someone is stealing your photographs or images?

VIDEO:  Watch Attorney Steve® explain how to use TinEye reverse image search (you can also use Google Reverse Image Search) to find potentially infringing artwork and digital photos online.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our legal channel.  We are now up over 10,500 subscribers and over 1.4 MILLION VIDEO VIEWS and growing fast!.

Contact an Arizona Copyright Infringement Law Firm

Our boutique copyright practice helps your identity and recover for instances of infringement on the internet.  We can help with copyrighted software, eBooks, software, photos, illustrations, art, jewelry designs, computer font, music, film, video, and other creative content.  For more information or to see if you qualify for our IP contingency fee recovery program, contact us at (877) 276-4084 or email me at the address on the right side of this page.  Not all cases will qualify. In some cases we may charge a hybrid fee (part hourly fee and part contingency recovery).  Typically, we are looking for copyrighted works that have been REGISTERED with the United States Copyright Office.

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Steve Vondran

Thank you for viewing our blogs, videos and podcasts. As noted, all information on this website is Attorney Advertising. Decisions to hire an attorney should never be based on advertising alone. Any past results discussed herein do not guarantee or predict any future results. All blogs are written by Steve Vondran, Esq. unless otherwise indicated. Our firm handles a wide variety of intellectual property and entertainment law cases from music and video law, Youtube disputes, DMCA litigation, copyright infringement cases involving software licensing disputes (ex. BSA, SIIA, Siemens, Autodesk, Vero, CNC, VB Conversion and others), torrent internet file-sharing (Strike 3 and Malibu Media), California right of publicity, TV Signal Piracy, and many other types of IP, piracy, technology, and social media disputes. Call us at (877) 276-5084. AZ Bar Lic. #025911 CA. Bar Lic. #232337


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