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Who is Attorney Steve®?  I am California and Arizona-licensed intellectual property lawyer.  I built my legal practice and gained experience during the financial meltdown.  We fought for homeowner's rights when the state and federal governments did not want lawyers to get involved and to show all the fraud in the financial system.  We fought tooth and nail the best we could to protect people and their greatest assets. 

Attorney Steve® was literally a leader in the area and there is likely no bank or loan servicer who did not run up against us.  We had a leading website that posted tons of news, information, case law, and videos.  We appeared on Fox News three times as a guest legal analyst.  We obtain judgments and settlements against abusive predatory lending brokers and held fraudulent notaries to task.  This was a "calling" for me. 

I had gone to law school for the purpose of pursuing my passion for sports, entertainment, and intellectual property law.  I earned a certificate in this area.  However, when the mortgage meltdown hit (being a former mortgage broker myself, and licensed real estate broker in CA and AZ), my phone lit up off the hook.  

I had to have my wife quit her job in software sales just to keep up with all the phone calls (I have always been a really great internet marketing guru).  At any rate, we got through the crisis many years ago, which has allowed me to go back and pursue my original passions, which is what I am doing now representing creative artists and companies in copyright infringement, entertainment law, and trademark and domain cases. 

Past Media Examples

1. InventRight - How to obtain a federally registered trademark without an attorney

2. Medical Justice - What doctors need to know about photo infringement

3. Fox News - anatomy of a foreclosure gone wrong (I have appeared as a legal analyst three times on Fox News)

4. Attorney Steve® on the "Down to Business" show talking copyright law 

5. What you need to know about Media and Libel law (Queens College podcast, New York)

6. Bored Ape goes bananas (Washington Post)

7.  No more monkey business with NFTs (The Art Newspaper)

8.  The electric bike incident (Orange County Register)

9.  Youtube copyright legal issues (Business Insider)

10.  Autodesk software audits and what you need to know (JD Supra)

11. How to lose your case in small claims court (Kiplinger)

12.  Cleveland Guardians and name changes (Yahoo Sports)

13. SFGate quotes Steve Vondran over Strike 3 defense in the Northern District of California

14.  Lawyers in the Metaverse (Minnesota Lawyer)

15.  Bored Apes lawsuit article (MenaFN)

16.  The State Press discussion of the Dartmouth sports law case (athletes are employees)

If you are a reporter email us your questions through our contact form.  I am usually able to get back on short notice.  I will typically send a detailed response where you can pick and choose what you want to use in your blog, video or other social media content.

Have a legal issue that needs media coverage?  Attorney Steve® News

We have recently launched a new separate venture called "Attorney Steve® News". we are currently looking for interesting legal stories that need to be covered on social media and brought to the masses.  For more information, visit our Attorney Steve® News website or submit your idea using our form submission.

Growing YouTube Video Channel

Evidencing our passion for making law more understandable and accessible for our clients and for YOU, THE PEOPLE, I have built a great FREE YouTube channel where I provide Tips, Tricks, Insights, Checklists, and Top 10 videos about topics ranging from software audits to torrent file sharing defense (Strike 3 Holdings Defense), UDRP, First Amendment, Fair Use for Channel Creators and "Litigation Whiteboard®" videos and much much more.  We are approaching 45,000 subscribers and FIVE MILLION video views.  This is definitely not your daddy's law firm.

Social Media Influencer for Legal Products

Attorney Steve Vondran has an impressive social media following:

1.  YouTube channel with over 41k "friends of the channel" as we call them.  We are moving up on 45k subscribers and nearly 5 million video views (scroll to the bottom to view a few samples).  This is a HUGE untapped market for makers of legal products and services (technology products, software, applications and other related goods and services).  Our popular legal channel has many lawyers, law students, paralegals, pro se clients and general legal enthusiasts.  

2.  TikTok - we have nearly 4k followers on this channel where we feature legal shorts, motivational clips and some general fun videos.

3.  LinkedIN - we have created a channel with nearly 1,500 connections and we routinely post legal articles that generate quite a bit of interest and viewership.

4.  Facebook fan page - over 600 followers interested in legal news and topics.

This is a pretty targeted and diverse audience of professionals that enjoy watching "Attorney Steve®" videos.  We can help present your legal products and services to our family of friends by way of the following:

  • Product unboxing and explanation
  • "New products I love"
  • Product placement in a legal video
  • Advertisement on my blog
  • Other ideas

My pricing starts at $2,500 which will provide access to the above (4) social media websites.  For more information or to discuss collaboration opportunities email me through our contact form.

Baseball Story

To learn more about my unique baseball story click here.  I plan to be putting out a book shortly.  In short, I played at Fresno State and played in the College World Series (hit a homerun there).  Was drafted in the lucky 13th round by the Cincinnati Reds.  I got my "cup of coffee" on a summer day in Florida playing in a big-league spring training game (I went 1-3).  Finished my career on the team that won the championship.  My last game was a "pile on." Gloves, shirt, hat, everything went up in the stands.  I knew it was time to pursue my backup dream of becoming a lawyer.  Baseball taught me all I needed to know to be a great lawyer.

Potential Topics for Guest Speaker

Our firm also handles TrademarkDigital Millennium Copyright Act, and California Right of Publicity Cases.  

Here is a sample of an interview on BitTorrent litigation we did for an online blog.

Thinking of implementing a copyright course at your college, university or trade school? 

If so, click here to read about our proposed copyright college course.  How about

Book Steve Vondran for Personal Appearances & Speaking Engagements

If you would like to book Attorney Steve Vondran for any of the following appearances, please fill out the contact form below, or call us at (877) 276-5084:

1.  Appear as a guest speaker for corporate or charitable events;

2.  Appear on your television, video, radio, or podcast show;

3.  Requests to license any of Attorney Steve's blogs, podcasts, videos, or other intellectual property;

4  Have Attorney Steve® provide an interview request for your blog or website;

5.  Requests to have me speak on a legal topic of interest regarding business, copyright, or entertainment law;

Click to watch my Glen Gary Glen Ross parody video.  “PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN, Coffee is for CLOSERS ONLY!!”  Just for fun!

Need a Guest Lawyer for your Blog, Podcast, Radio, or YouTube Video Channel?

Add a FREE Copyright & Internet law legal analyst to help grow your credibility and your audience for your online social media.

We can also help promote and pitch your products online (subject to our approval of your products/services).

License our legal documents, pleadings, podcasts, blogs, videos, or other written materials

If you are interested in licensing any of our blog content, podcasts, videos, or sample documents for commercial use (for example in a book or for other digital use), again, please contact us at the number set forth above.  We will respond to most requests within 24 hours.

All “Content” on our page (blogs, videos, podcasts, logos, pictures, artwork, sample documents, checklists, etc. are subject to our Copyright Policy.  There is not use of our Content for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without our express written consent.  This includes quoting us without our consent or taking passages and cutting and pasting off our website.  We strictly enforce our copyrighted works.

Don't forget to check out our FREE LEGAL DOCS library!  We offer many different types of sample documents for your review.  Also, be sure to become a subscriber to our growing business and real estate YOUTUBE CHANNEL!  We are fast approaching 3,000 subscribers and 400,000 page views!  Get on the train!  Be smarter than your friends!

Click the picture below to watch one of our Fox News real estate videos back from the Mortgage Meltdown days!  Need a Legal Analyst or law guest for your podcast, radio, blog, YouTube channel, or TV show?

Need a special legal analyst for your next show? 

Contact us to help jumpstart your legal practice with Social Media Consulting (legal marketing for lawyers looking for the good life)

Our law firm websites and youtube channel generate hundreds of fresh leads per month.  Yes, you heard me right HUNDREDS!  Potential clients that like what they see and want to work with a boutique IP firm like ours.  We have a very high conversion rate when Clients call which saves us a lot of time having to spend hours trying to figure out of there is a case and a good attorney-client match.  Why?  We show who we are to the world upfront on our videos, and you have a chance to view and judge us and judge our passion live on the internet before you even call us.  This makes a huge difference.  On top of that, however, you also need to know how to CLOSE THE DEAL and convert potential clients into real clients.  We can help you do this with a proven formula that has worked over the course of almost 20 years of practicing law. If you want to build your law practice and get in the social media game, please review our social media consulting services for lawyers, and law firms.  We can structure a per-day consultation fee where you can learn from your own office and over the phone with one-on-one professional guidance from a social media marketing legend.

Click here to learn more about Growing a Mobile Law Practice.  We can help you be an “Amigo Attorney!”

Partnership / Advertising Opportunities

Our popular legal YouTube channel has nearly 41,000 subscribers and we are growing at a good pace.  It's a great place to showcase your products and services and get an HONEST LAWYER REVIEW.  I will not sugarcoat things and will provide an honest assessment of your goods and services.  Check out my page. If you think we are a good fit, drop me a line by filling out our contact form.

Backlink and Other Advertising Opportunities*

We can do a paid backlink on our website for a low annual fee or negotiable flat rate fee along with a short description of your product.  While this will not constitute an endorsement, it will provide you with an important backlink on a legal website.

We can also offer “this show sponsored by” ads in our select videos/podcasts (negotiable flat-rate fee per show).

We can promote your product on our popular Legal YouTube channel.  For example, an "unboxing" video for a legal project or an honest review of a legal application, website, product, tool, book, or other law-related items.  

NOTE:  We reserve the right to choose which links we will allow on our website and which products we may choose to endorse.  This can be a great way to reach new customers with a friendly lawyer that America likes!!

Get ready for my new book, "Baller."

This book will talk about my early days as a baseball player (college and pro) and what happened when the fans started cheering, and I had to figure out what to do with my life.  This is basically a "tell-all" book.

Contact “Attorney Steve®” Vondran.

To book Attorney Steve for your next event, speaking engagement, seminar, copyright seminar, or trade show, or discuss business development opportunities, contact us at (877) 276-5084.   

All prices above are subject to change depending upon the size and scope of the business opportunity.

For inquiries regarding potential partnerships, public relations, charity events, and/or advertising on our website or our various social networking sites, please email us using our form.  

Please keep in mind that we are unable to respond to all pitches and opportunities. We look forward to working with you.

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Attorney Steve® 

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