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Posted by Steve Vondran | Nov 29, 2019 | 0 Comments


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Our response to the FEW negative comments (possibly defamatory - we are investigating) that we ever receive in 15 years of legal practice

We understand we are living in a point and click world where many people want instant gratification and to discuss their case with a qualified attorney.  We are very proud of the business we have created and due to our tremendous success since 2004 and our vast social media presence (we now have close to 20,000 YouTube subscribers) and have published over 1,000 FREE informational blogs to help those who cannot afford lawyers, and to try to give them a foot up, and equal access to justice.  In working LIKE CRAZY to educate the public, we have created a very unique law firm that has attracted thousands of people a month who are interested in our services.  This is both a BLESSING and a CURSE.

The BLESSING is we have so many inquiries (people like the commenter) that are in dire need of our legal services, and who, after reading many of our blogs and watching many of our videos (over 600 or so), they are CONVINCED they want to hire OUR FIRM and no one else.  Personally, I find this to be VERY FLATTERING.  In fact, we have served 1,000's of clients in our 15 years of legal practice.  This is borne out in our Attorney Steve® Avvo reviews where we have a 5 STAR rating as of this writing from CLIENTS WHO HAVE ACTUALLY RETAINED OUR LEGAL SERVICES and who have had occasion to review us after ACTUALLY BEING CLIENTS!

Top 5 Reasons we may not have been able to help you

The CURSE is that we cannot possibly get back to everyone who seeks our legal services (we only have 2 negative reviews in this area), and to these people, we are TRULY SORRY we could not represent you.  The TOP FIVE Common reasons we may not be able to represent you or respond in a manner in which you were hoping:

  • We are not licensed in your jurisdiction (we get calls from all over the country, and frankly, the world)
  • You have come to us with a PRESSING DEADLINE (which in many cases we are not able to accommodate) due to our existing caseload and obligation to current clients.
  • You treated a member of my staff RUDELY or DIRESPECTFULLY, or in a PUSHY manner.  Keep in mind, we are not OBLIGATED to take your case and if you evidence a "BULLY" status from the get-go, your chances of getting a call-back, much less to secure the representation of our fine law firm are greatly diminished 
  • You do not have presented initial case facts that pique any interest in responding/representation.  This does not mean you do not have a case, it just means you likely did not present it very well.  Sorry, I do not mean to be mean, if this is the case.
  • You were seeking a contingency case that I clearly could not take (we are a small firm and need a SLAM DUNK infringement case because we cannot financially afford to spend four years in extended litigation and appeal.

This is not to mention that we may have OUR OWN DEADLINES we are working with.  Our boutique intellectual property law firm represents MANY CLIENTS and to these clients (if you are fortunate enough to be accepted as a client) we owe many duties.  Hard work, meeting deadlines, negotiating deals, responding to opposing counsel, answering phone calls and emails from our clients and dealing with judges and court-imposed deadlines. So please, DON'T GET YOUR FEELINGS HURT IF WE COULD NOT RESPOND IN THE MANNER YOU WERE HOPING FOR.

We sincerely do our best

If you feel the need to post a negative comment, just realize, we are sorry we could not help you.  We would request that you delete your comment.  But, from experience (with only two negative comments in 15 years), you will not.  You may feel the need to VENT and that is ok.  You have first amendment rights.  But realize, if you are posting false statements of fact that would in any manner injure our reputation, we will not hesitate to sue you for defamation as any company would do to protect its rights.  If this happens, we will seek to obtain a monetary judgment and garnish your wages and levy your bank account after obtaining a judgment in Court.

Defamation vs. First Amendment considerations

So think twice before you add another negative comment to your playlist (angry people are just usually angry, mostly because of their own position in life).  If you want to discuss a retraction, we are happy to discuss it.  If not, you have first amendment rights, to tell the TRUTH or your HONESTLY HELD OPINIONS, but if these can be proven FALSE and DEFAMATORY, you will likely have another problem if your life, if you have a job and are worth going after.


So, in conclusion, we sincerely thank you for reaching out to our firm.  We know you wanted to hire us, but sorry we were not able to assist or take your case.  We sincerely hope that you retain the legal representation that you deserve.


Attorney Steve®

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