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2024 Update:  Clio software has invited Attorney Steve® to be a speaker at its social media marketing roundtable webinar where you can learn some key tips from Steve Vondran.  Make sure to book your calendar so you don't miss out.

2023 Update:  Using creative and persistent social media marketing campaigns, my law practice is literally exploding with legal leads.  I can coach you and teach you how to do it.  Here is a blog I just wrote on using AI technology to create a video channel that drives you new client leads.  Call us for a custom quote.

2020 Update - Get ready; BIGBIG LAW LEADS™ is coming to a computer near you!  See updates in BOLD BELOW.  Click here for more information about the ONE ONLINE VIDEO SEMINAR. You should NOT MISS if you are a new lawyer, lateral attorney, or someone wanting to hang out their shingle.  I have many very nice, easy-to-spell, generic legal names for sale that should not lead to any legal trademark problems (unless, of course, you run across an overly aggressive "trademark bully" or "reverse domain name hijacker."

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I have been talking about it, people have been asking, and now I am going to do it!  

- Attorney Steve® - 


Many people have asked me about my internet marketing over the years.  I usually try to explain what I know, and how it all works (I am not a guru, but a student of the game for nearly two decades now), but it can get a little complicated for sure.  So, I thought I would begin throwing out a few blog posts to help younger lawyers and those making lateral career changes.  If I get enough interest (30 or more), an online seminar would be appropriate.

Supernichy Marketing

Do you want to work hard, become a legal authority, make great money, and make a difference, but also want to live your life to the fullest?  Attorney Steve® can help both new and existing lawyers learn the tips, tricks, traps, and secrets to help build your digital law practice.  Technology is changing every day, and if your law practice is not evolving to meet these changes, you could become obsolete, or worse, frustrated in a "billable hour prison" as many lawyers can become.  This is no way to live your life and is COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE.  Live awesomely, be awesome and Go Mobile!  We can show you HOW TO DO IT because we are DOING IT!!  Many of my secrets to building my intellectual property law practice involve using your mobile phone.

Click here to see Attorney Steve's podcast studio.  Building a "legal studio" studio can cost a bit to set up, but it will help you become a LEGAL RAINMAKER!  It has helped me create my popular youtube legal channel, which now has nearly FOUR MILLION VIDEO VIEWS and 36,500 subscribers!

Believe it or not, many of my loyal viewers, friends, fans, and followers on social media become clients or may refer me to clients.  This is pretty cool and means you do not have to pay for expensive ads.

If you build a legal super niche and grow your social media, you just might have a business to sell one day (most lawyers retire without being able to sell their practice).  But, you can learn how to build a legal lead machine that will have value for someone else as you grow older and want to retire.

An example of Legal Superniching:

  1. I am a lawyer
  2. I practice Intellectual property law (which consists of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets)
  3. I focus on federal copyright lawyer (which has various facets and subcategories such as Defending BitTorrent Actions (ex. Malibu Media or Strike 3 Holdings cases), handling photo infringement cases, handling "fair use" legal issues, representing clients in copyright infringement matters (ex. music, film, video, computer fonts, jewelry designs, fabric designs, etc.).
  4. This niche can also include software audit defense.  For example, when companies are audited by Vero, Microsoft, The Business Software Alliance ("BSA"), Solidworks, or Autodesk for example.  
  5. You can literally pick any of these sub-niches and build a practice from it.  For example, "I am the "fair use lawyer" and focus on fair use cases from the Stanford Fair Use website.

This is so easy to think of and there are HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of legal niches to choose from.  Just choose a practice area where you like to read cases (and legal news) since that is a big part of your job, and drill down from there.  If you want some ideas, I can provide paid consulting; just email us through the form below.

Attorney Steve® to share marketing secrets at Clio Free Webinar

Join us for the Clio FREE webinar on June 18, 2024.  Internet niche marketing for new lawyers and laterals.  Sign up is FREE here.

Vondran BIG LAW DOMAINS sells another amazing domain to a smart investor.

Legal domain names for sale BIGLAW

What does “mobile lawyering” mean?

Mobile lawyering is a new way of practicing law.  You still have the same fundamentals as traditional “brick and mortar” law offices (serving your clients, billing hours in some cases, appearing in court, and ensuring that you provide quality legal services), but there are some new twists, thanks to social media marketing and technology, that can not only help you ensure you are keeping up with time-tested traditions and requirements for the legal practice, but also creating a new “likable” lawyer sensation that creates “fans and followers” which in turn drives customers, referrals and literally grows your business while you sleep.  Okay, maybe not while you sleep, but I do wake up to new followers on various sites almost every day!!  Lawyers in the information age need to know how to share information, educate others (part of an obligation to fight for equal access to justice), and learn how to build their online presence on KEY SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITES (Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and others).  We can help you do this.

These are some very important concepts for attorneys that want to be on the cutting edge and are not afraid to take on the new “online law firms” (for lack of a better word), like LegalZoom (not even a law firm), Avvo (also not a law firm), and Rocketlawyer (also not a law firm) who are out-spending, out-branding, and out-hustling the average lawyer/law.  Now, with artificial intelligence coming starting to boom, there are even more tools available to the lawyer who has the insights, training, and vision.

In this bold new world, you either carve out your super-niche and become a legal personality, or you don't.  Our consulting services can provide you with the essential tools every lawyer must know to “master their domain" and become a coveted “SUPER NICHE MASTER.”  And yes, the goal is to HAVE FUN WHILE YOU ARE DOING IT AND TO MAKE LAW A MORE ACCESSIBLE, UNDERSTOOD, AND RESPECTED PROFESSION.

General social media marketing philosophy for lawyers in a new generation

Here is how I drive my leads in a nutshell:

  1. Hustle – word of mouth.  There is no substitute for hard work.
  2. Networking – online and offline.  Every day and in every way!
  3. Legal videos – this is key!!  You can do it, and I can teach you.  I have over 3.5 million video views over the years and currently have over 36,500 subscribers.
  4. Legal blogs – another key.  I would say I have generated nearly two million views on my various legal blogs over the years.
  5. Numbers 3 and 4 help build "practice area authority" around your niche.
  6. Personality (this is the X-factor), and I truly don't think any lawyer reaches this unless they TRULY LOVE what they do, want to help people, and want to be a great lawyer.
  7. Social media marketing (I have many tips and strategies).
  8. Online reviews are also key, and what some refer to as the new "digital currency"
  9. Referrals (from other attorneys who find your website are an important source) an often overlooked.
  10. A little bit of luck (ex. when the Washington Post calls me/you for an interview or FoxNews puts me/you on their show and you get "free press") 

A new lawyer or lateral mover and shaker in need of social media marketing coaching?

If you need help establishing or growing your online presence, I offer hourly coaching services or monthly services.  Fill out the contact form for more information.  Here are just a few things I can help you with.

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Topics that can be covered in our “Legal Superniche" building Social Media Marketing services – {Master Your Legal Domain}!!!

Here is a general overview of the concepts you will learn that will help you become the digital legal authority in your practice area.  We are not playing for second place here, know what I mean?

  1.  How to define your Superniche legal practice area (go where the growth is going and the competition has not caught up)
  2.  How to build “legal authority” that drives leads (have you ever wanted to become a “legal analyst” this is your chance)?
  3.  How to convert leads to sales (the top 10 things you need to know about closing deals)
  4.  The building or buying of a website that rocks!
  5.  Creating your own legal podcast (Check out mine here)
  6.  Building a youtube channel that people love and follow (BIG LAW LEAD creator)
  7.  Using Twitter to distribute your news
  8.  Instagram branding secrets
  9. How to build a TikTok channel for lawyers
  10. Building your audience with Facebook
  11. What is Google really looking for (SEO crash course) in your blogs?
  12. Create 15-minute mobile marketing guides). 
  13. How to choose great domain names that don't infringe.  Click here to see some of our BIG LAW DOMAINS.
  14. How to become a likable lawyer (changing public perceptions/selling to millennials)
  15. Trademarking for lawyers (how to effectively use logos and slogans to build your brand and obtain recognition in your super-niche areas).  I have many different trademarks that become ASSETS of the company to position your law firm for sale one day.  Big companies do this; why should your law firm be any different?  Here are some of my trademarks:  Attorney Steve®, You CLICK we DEFEND®, Vondran Legal®, and so on.
  16. How to digitally "spy" on your competitors (there's gold in these hills, folks)
  17. Ethics of digital lawyering and social media marketing
  18. Can you build your law practice with Scribd documents?
  19. Technology tools I use - to help you “Master your domain.
  20. Building online reviews – the new digital currency
  21. How to track trending topics in your legal area so you can be (“first to report”) and literally "breaking the news" instead of just reading the news.
  22. How to plan to sell your business as part of a retirement plan (sell domains, blogs, videos, indexing, reputation, backlinks, trademarked slogans, copyrighted content, etc.).

This is just a SAMPLE list of what you will learn with Attorney Steve® Super Niche "Master Your Domain" consulting services! 

For more information, send us an email through our contact form with the subject line BIG LAW LEADS™, and we will notify you by email when our online video portal launches.

Sample Video

VIDEO:  Click on the picture above to watch our video.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our popular law channel.  We are now over 40,000 subscibers and friends of the channel.  As we like to say, "Be Smarter Than Your Friends."

How to get started

If you are ready to launch, call us at (877) 276-5084 or email us.  The minimum investment is $5,000, but, in many cases, this is just a couple of retainers.  I am also willing to help NON-LEGAL Clients such as doctors, accountants, business start-ups, and other professionals.


It's not too late to get started, turn your law practice into a mean lean money-making machine, and pursue your own personal adventure of a lifetime! Believe me, I have been living the dream for many years, having fun, making a nice living, and teaching online (one of my career goals was to be a "law professor."  Instead of waiting a lifetime, I dove right in).  You can do it as well.

For more information, please call us at (877) 276-5084 or email us through our contact form.

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Your future awaits!

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