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Software Infringement Law

If you received a software audit demand letter or a notice of subpoena from an ISP due to an alleged illegal download, use and/or piracy of a software product, we are the GO TO firm to represent you in this niche area of law where EXPERIENCE MATTERS.


Our law firm is a recognized leader in the area of software audit defense, infringement, and piracy matters.  We have represented companies across the United States is software licensing investigations positioned as copyright infringement matters by the major software vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Siemens, CNC Mastercam, Autodesk and others.  We have a proven record for getting these cases settled confidentially in the shortest amount of time, and paying the least possible copyright infringement damage amount.

To jump to our popular SOFTWARE AUDIT RESOURCE CENTER go here.  We have tons of information, videos, podcasts, blogs, and more.  For a free consultation to discuss your case, call us at (877) 276-508.  To see some of our sample software settlements click here.  To see our federal court experience click here.  To see our client reviews on Avvo go here.

When all things are factored in, we believe we are the most experienced and affordable software infringement firm in the United States.

Software publishers, product titles and associations we have dealt with

Here is a list of some of the software vendors we have dealt with:

  1. Autodesk (known for enforcing Autocad, Revit, Maya, 3ds Max and other titles including student versions)
  2. Microsoft (known to scour the marketplace looking for unlicensed and pirated Office suites, Windows, CAL licenses, Visio and more)
  3. Siemens (known to look for illegally downloaded X7, X8 and Solid Edge products, sometimes from students)
  4. Adobe (known to look for out-of-compliance Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, and others)
  5. Solidworks by Dessault Systemes
  6. Software information industry association (“SIIA”)
  7. Vero software
  8. CNC Mastercam

If you area dealing with a company not mentioned on this list (such as Attachmate-Microfocus, IBM, Oracle, or SAP), call us to discuss.

Our Software Licensing Fee Contingency Recovery Service for Copyright Holders

If your company makes, sells or distributes copyright software, games, mobile applications or other technology that is supposed to be licensed, we can help you recover unpaid licensing fees due to counterfeiting and privacy.  Click here for more information about our contingency fee software licensing fees recovery program.

What is the Business Software Alliance (“BSA”)?

VIDEO:  Click on the picture to hear Attorney Steve discuss and explain the BSA software alliance.

How to respond to an Autodesk audit (for engineers, designers and architects using CAD, or Revit)

Dealing with Autodesk's experienced intellectual property team is never an easy task. Their attorneys at Donahue Fitzgerald, LLP are skilled in copyright infringement matters and software compliance.  Their job is to make pirates pay for unlicensed copies of Autocad, Revit and other products.  They have several attorneys devoted to this task and if you don't know what your doing (or if your corporate counsel is not familiar with licensing cases), things can go wrong fast.  Our firm helps you get licensed, and settle your case confidentially.  To learn more about the Autodesk Audit letters (which we jokingly refer to as “the love letter”) watch this video.  If you need a consultation, call us to discuss.  We make it affordable to hire IP counsel on your team, and to get your case settled without SHOCKING LEGAL BILLS.

 More helpful resources

Here are a few other helpful VIDEOS if you are dealing with responding to an audit demand letter from a law firm

  1. Copyright infringement damages overview
  2. Potential defenses in a copyright infringement case
  3. Autodesk audit survival video
  4. Microsoft SAM audits explained
  5. Should you DELETE software in the middle of an audit?

General information about Siemens PLN software piracy lawsuits

VIDEO:  In this video we discuss what happens in a Siemens PLM lawsuit involving their NX and Solid Edge products.  If you received a notice of subpoena from your ISP, contact us below for a free initial consultation.

Contact a Software licensing and compliance law firm

If you need help deciding whether or not to respond to the audit demand letter (which are usually posed as “voluntary audits” or are seeking legal counsel to represent you, call us for a free initial consultation at (877) 276-5084.  We offer flat rate fees that crush our competitors and superior responsive service.  When it comes to software audits or federal court litigation, you need an experienced legal team that has a track record of success.  We are that firm.  We represent companies around the United States, from small “mom and pop” companies to large multi-state businesses.

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