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Steve Vondran is a well-respected intellectual property lawyer based in California. He has a strong focus on copyright infringement law and has handled a number of high-profile cases in this area. Perhaps most notably, Steve has been involved in several BitTorrent copyright infringement lawsuits. These cases have typically involved allegations of photo infringement, and have been brought by companies such as Strike 3 Holdings. Steve has also represented defendants in these cases and has helped to secure a number of dismissals and favorable settlements. In addition to his work on BitTorrent cases, Steve has also handled many other types of copyright infringement disputes, including those involving trademark and trade secret law. As a result of his experience and success in this area of law, Steve is widely recognized as one of the leading copyright infringement lawyers in California.


If you have a client that needs legal counsel involving a case out of your practice area, we can help and serve as a local trusted referral source.  Our firm has excellent Client Avvo reviews and you can rest assured we will not let you down.  in some cases we MIGHT be able to work out a referral fee, but normally we do not like to split duties in a case unless it is a large recovery case requiring our additional expertise.

Treating clients with respect and dignity and the highest degree of professional ethics.

You expect that a law firm you refer cases to will treat your clients with the utmost dignity and respect, and with the highest degree of professional ethics. We are your go-to law firm for software audit, , right of publicity, and copyright infringement cases in California and Arizona where we are licensed to practice law (we accept federal copyright and trademark cases nationwide subject to local rules on admissions).

We also have a long-standing niche in the area of California real estate broker law, licensing, audits, and investigation.

Your legal referrals need to go to a law firm that can handle both the small and big cases.

Steve Vondran, Esq. has extensive experience negotiating settlements and litigating cases in both state and federal courts. Click here for our Federal Court experience.

We know what it's like to go up against BIG LAW attorneys and fortune 500 companies. We have been in the trenches. We know how to fight and how negotiate for the best possible deals.  Click here to learn more about Attorney Steve Vondran.

Whether your individual or corporate clients have an issue dealing with small losses or large multi-million dollar losses, we are experienced to represent their interests and fight to obtain an adequate legal award. 

Vondran Legal can make you shine and you won't have to look over your shoulder.

When you are giving a legal referral to another law firm, you have to feel comfortable with referring the case out, and you want to make sure your clients, friends, or possibly even family members will be in good hands when you refer the case out. We will make sure their needs are handled.

In short, we believe we will adequately represent any referral clients you would be kind enough to consider us for. If we cannot handle the case then we may have referrals for you from our industry contacts list. If we can handle the case, we will fight for every dime your client is entitled to in order to achieve a fair and adequate award.

We pay referral fees per state bar rules of California and Arizona.

Our commission splits are very generous and YES, WE WILL PUT IT IN WRITING. Contact us to discuss your case, and to receive a copy of our referral fee agreement. When we succeed in a case, you will also be financially successful, and you can feel good about your case. Ultimately, it is the client who will have hopefully emerged from the case with a great outcome, and with legal experience that is worth raving about. We will do our best to achieve these objectives. 

Arizona Attorney Referral Fee Rules.

As a firm licensed to practice law in California and Arizona, it is important to understand the ethical rules that bind us as attorneys. In out-of-state referral situations, there may be other rules that need to be taken into account. For purposes of this blog, I will address the Arizona and California professional rules of conduct. 

The Arizona attorney fee-splitting rules are set forth in Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct 1.5. To summarize these provisions, as set forth by the Arizona bar in this article about exercising caution in Attorney Fee Splitting cases

ER 1.5(e) (Fees) provides that a division of a fee between lawyers who are not in the same firm may be made as long as three tests are met.

(1) First, and most obvious, the total fee paid by the client must be reasonable. No lawyer can charge or participate in the charging of an unreasonable fee.

(2) Second, the client must agree to the participation of all the lawyers involved and must do so in a writing signed by the client. Note that the client does not have to be advised of the way the fee is divided.

(3) Third, each lawyer receiving any portion of the fee must assume joint responsibility for the representation.

These are the ethical tests we will adhere to in any representation involving client referrals. 

California Attorney Referral Fee Rules.

Our firm is licensed to practice law in California and Arizona and we accept intellectual property, software audits, BitTorrent (Strike 3 Holdings), and civil litigation referrals in both states. In California, the relevant ethical rule is Rule of Professional Conduct 2-200. This rule states:

(A) A member shall not divide a fee for legal services with a lawyer who is not a partner of, an associate of, or shareholder with the member unless:

(1) The client has consented in writing thereto after full disclosure has been made in writing that a division of fees will be made and the terms of such division; and

(2) The total fee charged by all lawyers is not increased solely by reason of the provision for division of fees and is not unconscionable as that term is defined in rules 4-200.

As referring law firms, we can work out a fair and reasonable working arrangement that is disclosed and approved by the client, and which will ultimately be in the client's best interest.

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