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Movie, TV & Music Piracy

Our Intellectual Property and Piracy defense law firm can help defend claims of TV, Satellite, Cable, Copyright Infringement, BitTorrent Strike 3 Holdings cases, Software and Radio Piracy and other online infringement cases!

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Our boutique intellectual property law firm is a leader in intellectual property infringement and piracy claims.  We can represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants in arbitration, mediation and litigation the following types of claims and cases:

 1. Copyright Infringement

  1. Copyright Infringement [Fonts, Fashion Design, Photography, Software, Art, Illustrations, Books, Paintings, Jewelry, Music]
  2. Boxing Piracy illegal broadcast cases [J&J Sports Production, Joe Hand Promotions, G&G Closed Circuit Events]
  3. Photography infringement [Contingency fee license recovery for professional photographers and art studios]
  4. Software audits [Business Software Alliance, SIIA, Siemens, Autodesk, Vero, CNC Mastercam, Adobe, Microsoft and others]
  5. Online movie infringement and file-sharing – ex. Strike 3 Holdings and Malibu Media cases]
  6. Radio Piracy [Click here for more information about pirate radio legal defense]
  7. Fair Use Defense and opinion letters
  8. IPTV defense (illegal sale and distribution of Disney, Netflix, Universal, Warner Brothers and other content).  Cases brought by the MPA and ACE Alliance.

When you or your company (or both) are involved in a copyright infringement matter, you need solid and experienced legal counsel.  Since 2004 Vondran Legal® has handled nearly 1,000 copyright infringement and piracy matters. has even recognized our IP firm as the #1 copyright infringement defense law firm in the United States in terms of number of cases handled for the years 2020, 2021 and we are assuming we will "three-peat" in 2022.  

Some general things to consider when you receive a copyright infringement notice, cease and desist letter, subpoena notice from your ISP or summons and complaint indicating you have been named in a federal court lawsuit

  1. Most cases can be settled.  If you are not in court, many cases can settle out of court.
  2. If you are involved in a lawsuit, a company must hire a lawyer, (corporations cannot be represented by a member of the corporation)
  3. You want to make sure you are dealing with an experienced copyright infringement attorney.  I have seen many CRITICAL mistakes made by attorneys not familiar with copyright settlement process, including getting upset and referring to opposing counsel as an "extortionist" or not understanding the damages at issue when you are accused of infringement.  See my damages video below.
  4. Most Plaintiff rights holders will consider payment options, and will usually consider hardship settlements where you submit tax returns, bank statements, monthly expenses and any other evidence of hardship.
  5. There are potential defenses (and mitigating factors) to be aware of when you are in this position.  See video below.
  6. In Strike 3 Holdings cases, we can usually keep your name OUT OF THE FEDERAL COURT DOCKET (so you don't allow people or prospective employers to know you were named as a defendant in an infringement matter).
  7. Having counsel experienced working with some of the key firms is also very important (ex. Higbee & Associates for photo infringement, Bandlow Law Firm for Strike Three Cases, Harness & Dickey for Solidworks cases and Kutak Rock for Hexagon/Vero cases for just a few examples)
  8. We know being involved in an infringement action can be very stressful.  Thus, we seek to make sure we are responsive to your needs, including keeping you informed on the status of the case, answering your questions without complicated "legal ease" and to help resolve your matter as quickly and effectively as possible so you can focus on what you do best.
  9. While most people know attorneys and IP law firms especially can be very expensive, we offer low flat rate fees for most non-litigation matters so you know what you will be paying your law firm with certainty.  This takes "payment shock" out of the equation.
  10. Everyone makes mistakes, and most of my clients are really good people who either didn't know what they were doing, or took calculated risks because they simply did not have the money to buy what sometimes amounts to very expensive software (ex. Siemens, Ansys, and Synopsis products, sometimes even Autodesk)

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Overview of what you might face in damages if found liable for Copyright infringement

Potential defenses and mitigating factors when accused of piracy

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