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Vondran Legal® Brand Protection Services

We have been helping companies large and small and creative individuals since 2004.  During that time we have helped thousands of legal clients with a wide variety of IP and business-related legal issues.  Click on the link below to download our guide to protecting your products and packaging with Intellectual Property, published in the prestigious Licensing Journal!


  1. Trademark consulting (before you commit to your brand name)
  2. Trademark registration
  3. Registration of marks with Customs and Border Protection (IPRR filings)
  4. Registering your trademarks with the Trademark Clearinghouse (to help curb domain name cybersquatters)
  5. Trademark mediation and arbitration
  6. IPRR registration witch Customs and Border Patrol
  7. False designation of origin cases
  8. Federal trademark litigation
  9. Trade dress protection (a form of trademarks)
  10. Trademark cancellation and opposition
  11. Trademark fair use and parody analysis
  12. Federal dilution litigation
  13. Counterfeits
  14. UDRP domain name disputes (ACPA and RDNH cases)


  1. Copyright registration (from $495) (ex. jewelry, architectural plans, photographs, candles, video, websites, Etsy products)
  2. Copyright infringement
  3. Photo infringement (contingency enforcement)
  4. Software audits and EULA licensing issues (recover lost licensing fees)
  5. Fair use analysis
  6. Copyright small claims cases
  7. DMCA takedowns (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  8. Copyright recapture
  9. NFT copyright issues and smart contracts
  10. Metaverse issues (buying, selling, leasing digital land)


  1. Trade secret arbitration and mediation (JAMS, AAA, ADR, WIPO, NAF, CIIDRC)
  2. Breach of non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
  3. Breach of non-solicitation agreements (NSA)
  4. Trade Secret litigation 

RIGHT OF PUBLICITY [California Cases]

  1. Celebrity endorsement agreements
  2. Name, image, likeness infringement
  3. Rights of heirs - right of publicity (Secretary of State registration)


  1. DMCA takedowns (ex. cloning and phishing websites, trademarks, imposter accounts)
  2. Online reviews & defamation, libel analysis, and takedown
  3. Anti-SLAPP motions


When it comes to experience, we have it in droves.  Here is a sample of some of the types of cases we have handled since 2004.

  • Represented startup companies in choosing great company names
  • Helped many companies register for Federal trademark protection
  • Handled several trademark litigation lawsuits
  • Helped many film and video makers with parody and fair use analysis
  • Filed trademark cancellation proceeding against Fortune 500 company
  • Analyzed fair use potential for political parody product
  • Represented many clients in regard to the sale of counterfeit goods
  • Obtained a UDRP finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking against a law firm seeking a legal domain
  • Enforce photo copyrights of a prominent Los Angeles fine art photographer leading to thousands in recovery
  • Handled over 300 cases relating to improper software usage rights (violation of EULA)
  • Represented several documentary film producers with fair use opinions
  • Prevailed for Plaintiff in a bogus trade secret lawsuit brought against a trucking company in Northern California
  • Helped social media influencers protect their brand on Instagram from counterfeit and fake sites
  • Successfully sued a top 10 sports marketing manufacturer for violation of athletes' right of publicity
  • Reviewed model and celebrity contracts for professional talent (California clients only, or where California choice-of-law provision)
  • Issued and responded to many DMCA takedown letters
  • Experience handling DMCA 1202 anti-circumvention claims
  • Recovered over $20,000 in an Anti-SLAPP lawsuit (falsely alleging freedom of speech)
  • Handled nearly 100 cases involving illegal boxing piracy (interception of TV or broadcast signals)
  • Have handled nearly 500 cases involving illegal download and distribution of copyright-protected content via BitTorrent
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