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Everything starts with a blockchain and a token.  The blockchain is basically a digital ledger that records digital transactions so everyone can see what's going on.  It's like a county recorder's office.  On top of the blockchain (ex,. Cordona, Etherium, Solano) cryptocurrency companies have emerged (ex. Bitcoin, XRP, Eth) and artists, photographers and other creatives are now MINTING and SELLING (on websites like their creative works.  However, they are not selling the underlying copyright and you need a separate agreement with the artist if you want to purchase these so-called "bundle of copyrights."  Many sales are conducted on the ETHERIUM BLOCKCHAIN through the use of SMART CONTRACTS (invisible digital contracts that define the rights of the parties), and these contracts will dictate what the purchaser can do with the token.  Basically, the right to resell the token which represents the copyrighted image.

Our law firm can help digital artists, photographers, drone videographers, vilm and video producers, font designers, and others with NFT copyright related legal issues such as:

(1) copyright registration

(2) smart contract consultation

(3) purchase and sale agreements for higher ticket items (make sure THEY own the copyrights to what they are selling and make sure YOU GET THE COPYRIGHTS

(4) copyright licensing and assignment agreements,

(5) infringement matters including copyright small claims board ("CCB") legal disputes up to $30,000 which begins in July 2023. 

We can also help with moral rights disputes, public domain, creative commons and other related issues with NFT's. 

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Our NFT Legal Services

Here is a list of some of the services we can provide.  We have been providing quality IP legal services since 2004 (over 18 years now).

  1.  Copyright registration
  2.  Photo, image, and art contingency recovery enforcement
  3. Copyright small claims board disputes (up to $30,000)
  4. Copyright assignment agreements
  5. Digital character protection and enforcement
  6. Decentraland arbitration
  7. Legal issues that may arise with 
  8. Artists moral rights
  9. NFT copyfraud (false claims of ownership, selling infringing NFTs)
  10.  Public domain issues
  11.  Copyright infringement (federal court cases - we have appeared in over 250 cases)
  12. Arbitration and mediation of digital asset disputes
  13.  Issues with tokens, blockchain, and cryptocurrency (2022 update - my firm sued FTX owners and their accounting firms in a class action lawsuit in California).
  14. Creative commons law (see video below)
  15. Technology contracts / Smart Contracts
  16. NFT startup counsel (new art, digital real estate, music projects, and other creative uses of NFT and blockchain technology)

For items not on this list, contact us to discuss.

If you don't know what "Creative Commons Copyright" is, watch this video by Attorney Steve® the IP Law Guy!

PODCAST:  When you buy an NFT do you also own the copyrights?

Contact a Copyright NFT Attorney

If you require legal representation, call us at (877) 276-5084 or leave a message through our contact form.  In many cases (ex., copyright licensing agreement) we can fix a low flat rate fee (one-time fee).  Litigation cases typically require an initial retainer and hourly billing. 

For copyright rights holders (ex., photographers, drone footage owners, artists, musicians, and videographers), we have a CONTINGENCY FEE RECOVERY PROGRAM that means if we do not recover, you do not pay anything.  Terms and conditions apply.  Contact us for more information.  

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