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December 2022 Class Action Updates

Two big cases surfaced this year, and I am working in conjunction with the Hoda Law Firm in Texas to seek justice for victims of alleged technology abuse.  Here is what we have filed in the Northern District Court of California:

1. FTX fiasco - FTX and its founders duped crypto customers with BILLIONS of dollars from their Penthouse in the Bahamas.  We have filed a class action lawsuit against the founders and their accounting firms.  Read more about the case here.

2.  Meta Privacy Blunder - We sued Meta for violating federal law in using pixels to extract private tax information from unsuspecting victims resulting in a breach of the most sensitive information a person has.  You can read more about the Meta privacy class action case here.

Stay tuned for more updates on these cases.  In particular, make sure to follow our popular legal YouTube channel for video updates as these cases progress.  Join over 38,000 others by subscribing to our channel.


If you believe you have a case that should be considered for technology or copyright class-action status, please contact us at (877) 276-5084,  We may be able to take the case on a full or partial contingency fee.  In some cases, we may have to charge hourly.  Call us at (877) 276-5084.  The types of cases we may consider taking would include the following:

  • Video and film infringement
  • Failure to pay royalties
  • Cryptocurrency, NFT, and Blockchain Fraud
  • Freelance authors whose works have been licensed without authorization
  • Photo infringement
  • Music, lyrics, and song copyright issues
  • Online privacy violations
  • Torrent related cases
  • Streaming media (Spotty streaming of boxing matches leads to class action)
  • Art, jewelry, and design infringement
  • Software and mobile applications (ex., software publishers that breach contracts over their “maintenance and support”)
  • Architecture related cases
  • Free speech violations
  • Computer and technology
  • Video and book characters
  • Podcasting syndication

If your type of case is not listed below, please email us at the email at right sidebar of this page, or call us at the number above.

Legal standards to bring a Copyright Class action

Here is one case that discussed the legal requirements in California:

A district court has broad discretion in making a class certification determination under Rule 23. Navellier v. Sletten, 262 F.3d 923, 941 (9th Cir. 2001); see also Reiter v. Sonotone Corp., 442 U.S. 330, 345 (1979) (district courts “have broad power and discretion vested in them by Fed. Rule Civ. Proc. 23”). 

Nonetheless, a court must exercise its discretion “within the framework of Rule 23.” Navellier, 262 F.3d at 941. The following prerequisites must be met before a court may certify a class under Rule 23:

(1) the class is so numerous that joinder of all members is impracticable;

(2) there are questions of law or fact common to the class;

(3) the claims or defenses of the representative parties are typical of the claims or defenses of the class;


(4) the representative parties will fairly and adequately protect the interests of the class. Fed. R. Civ. P. 23(a).

In addition to Rule 23(a)'s prerequisites, a party moving for class certification must also satisfy one of the criteria of Rule 23(b). Rule 23(b)(2) authorizes certification if “the party opposing the class has acted or refused to act on grounds that apply generally to the class, so that final injunctive relief or corresponding declaratory relief is appropriate respecting the class as a whole.” 

“The party seeking class certification bears the burden of establishing that the proposed class meets the requirements of Rule 23.” Edwards v. First Am. Corp., 798 F.3d 1172, 1177 (9th Cir. 2015). Certification is properly granted only if “after a rigorous analysis” the district court concludes that Rule 23's requirements have been satisfied. See Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Dukes, 564 U.S. 338, 350–51 (2011).

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Software Publisher Class Action Lawsuits – Support and Maintenance Fraud

Our law firm handles software audits and licensing disputes with many different vendors.  Sometimes, these companies turn into “copyright bullies” and forget that their maintenance and support (and sometimes even their software) do not work like they claim it does or as they advertise.  In these cases, instead of letting the publishers and their representatives bully your company into a large settlement, perhaps it is time to turn the table on them, and if they threaten to sue you (which happens quite frequently), you can threaten to sue them back – class action style – through our law firm, to hold them accountable for their fraud, misrepresentation or breach of contract.

Of course, this will depend on the specific facts of your case.  However, recently I dealt with a company that was demanding an exorbitant amount to settle a disputed software licensing matter.  They threatened my Client with litigation. Meanwhile, I have links showing all the complaints this company has had over the years dealing with its bogus support and maintenance.  Not surprisingly, the software company representative never seems to bring this up or want to discuss this.  But as I see it, they should not be so eager to file copyright infringement lawsuits when they have their own dirty laundry (“unclean hands”).

Here is a sample email I drafted on this point (for reference purposes only):

Make sure to tell your legal team there will be a class action lawsuit coming their way, filed by me, against them regarding the breach of service agreement.  If you want to litigate, we will oblige, as the public certainly needs to be informed and protected here.  It seems there are false representations made to a lot of people, and we will address that issue head-on.  Here is a link dealing with the fraud, which I am sure you know about but choose to keep quiet about:


I will await your summons and complaint, and your legal team can expect one in return.  If you change your mind and want to get reasonable on the offer, let me know.  Again, we have admitted no fault in this matter and hereby reserve all legal rights.

In general, a party should not be seeking to file lawsuits where they have “unclean hands,” and if you feel you have a case ripe for a copyright class action case, call us to discuss it at the number above or below.

Copyright Class Action Settlements & News

  1. $18 million dollar settlement for electronic databases copyright litigation
  2. Spotify settles music class action lawsuit
  3. Sirius $99 million dollar class action settlement
  4. Etsy lawsuit over alleged concealment of copyright and trademark issues
  5. Class action lawsuits and youtube
  6. Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis sued for infringement
  7. UFC Boxing fans suing for lousy streaming video of Mayweather fight

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