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Music Law

Vondran Music Law – Affordable Music & Entertainment Attorney

legal representation for musicians and bands


If you need a music lawyer to help you with any of the following, contact us to discuss our law flat rate legal fees (for non-litigation transactional services) or to discuss our litigation services.  We can help with the following types of cases and legal issues:

  • Creation of LLC or corporation
  • Band agreements (ex. song splits, voting rights)
  • Draft and review recording agreements, publishing agreements, soundtrack agreements
  • Contracts to use songs in video game, films, youtube videos, documentaries, movies, software programs, websites, mobile applications etc.
  • Producer and production contracts
  • Registration of film, video, music, lyrics, ringtones, songs, recordings, and other copyrights
  • Merchandising and licensing agreements
  • Registration of trademarks (ex. band name, logos, slogans)
  • Management and booking agent contracts (contracts with artists)
  • Concert tours (venue agreements)
  • Parody songs and first amendment
  • Concert sponsorship agreements
  • Artist endorsement agreements
  • Record label contracts
  • Employment agreements
  • Video director and production company agreements
  • Documents to form a publishing company or record label
  • Trademark infringement (someone using your band, or stage name, or cybersquatting on your domain name)
  • Legal issues dealing with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, or SoundExchange
  • Copyright infringement – someone using your song, lyrics, without your permission.
  • Seeking written authorization to publicly perform cover songs or other copyrighted content
  • Band exit agreements (band member fired or quits)
  • Right of Publicity legal issues
  • Artist and musician representation (record label interested in signing you and/or your band)
  • Contracts for music teachers and students seeking lessons
  • Infringement (theft) or pirating of copyrighted characters
  • Royalty disputes (ex. failure to be paid online royalties)
  • Co-writer song rights (ex. rights to exploit)
  • Public performance agreements (ex. release to sing song at a wedding, party, dance, festival, or other event)
  • DMCA take down notices
  • Cease and desist letters
  • BlastMyTunes” music discovery service for new artists
  • Social media disputes (facebook, twitter, youtube, vimeo)

Contact us to discuss other items that may not be on this list.  We have experience in a wide range of business, intellectual property and entertainment law issues.

How to LEGALLY use royalty free music in Videos and Podcasts

VIDEO:  Watch Attorney Steve® explain the ins and outs of finding FREE music on Youtube Audio Library which offers royalty-free music through the Youtube creator studio.  Pretty nice perk for Youtube video creators.

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