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License Revenue Recovery

Contingency Fee Copyright Collection Service – We can help companies turn software piracy into a revenue stream by recovering lost licensing and infringement fees.  Call us to discuss a custom software piracy enforcement program.  (877) 276-5084

recoup for unlicensed software usage and installation


Our intellectual property law firm has helped many companies, (both large and small), across the United States deal with software piracy and licensing matters including audits, investigations, and litigation.  We are a leader in disseminating information about copyright defenses and remedies, and we have become one of the most experienced law firms in this niche area of law practice. As such, we are uniquely position to help your company recover lost licensing fees due to software piracy and willful infringement.

We are able to structure a “contingency fee” recovery service for your company where your company has software or other technology or artistic products registered with the United States Copyright Office.  For examples:

  • Software programs & source code (ex. CAD, CAM, productivity, CRM, etc.)
  • Mobile applications
  • Music, Song, Ringtone & Lyric
  • Movies (ex. adult pornographic movies or others)
  • Films
  • Videos
  • Computer game code
  • Photographs
  • Poetry
  • Books
  • Jewelry
  • Fashion Designs
  • Other copyrighted products

We can help you structure a compliance and recovery service that helps you recover for lost fees due to unlawful and unauthorized conduct by third party individuals and companies (including holding their officers and directors liable where appropriate).  We offer aggressive, yet ethical copyright revenue collection services.

Call us to discuss your business needs by calling (877) 276-5084.  The way our program works is we only recovery when we settle a case.  Instead of doing this “in house” where your employees, and agents may get you into legal trouble with overly-aggressive collection efforts (or where they lack the skill and legal experience to get these cases resolved), we can help you best turn un-paying pirates into paying licensed customers, or else have them settle their case for certain agreed upon penalties in lieu of taking a case to litigation in federal court.  See our federal court experience.

We can help your business create a “profit center” while also preserving its reputation as a fair and ethical company, as opposed to a “copyright troll.”  This is a very fine line to walk, and only an experienced software licensing and compliance firm can guide you through these types of cases.

Learn more about our contingency recovery service for use of unlicensed and cracked software

The problem of pirated software & other copyrighted protected works

Lost revenues due to intellectual property theft and pirating copyrighted content is huge and on the rise with the growth of the internet.  Our intellectual property firm can help you recover lost licensing fees due to companies and individuals:

1.  Using pirated versions of your copyrighted technology

2.  Circumventing access control technology violating the DMCA

3.  Using “Crack Codes” to make unauthorized copies, installation, and use of your technology

4.   Downloading illegal copies of your copyrighted digital content through

5.   Using your technology in excess of the terms permitted by the End-User Licensing Agreement (“EULA”)

6.   Copying, distributing, publicly performing or displaying, and/or selling counterfeit versions of your registered copyright product

7.  Other situations causing loss to a company in the form of lost licensing revenues fees or infringement fees you should be entitled to seek due to illegal conduct.

We can help you police the internet, police your trademarks and copyrights, and recover lost licensing fees that your company may not be maximizing through in-house compliance recovery services,  or failing to address altogether.  We can help you ethically collect lost fees and penalties attributable due to copyright infringement, whether “willful” or “innocent.”

How the process works

One may license recovery may be achieved is the following:

  1. You setup a piracy hotline
  2. Callers who suspect their company (or another company) is engaged in software piracy, for example, can provide information about alleged infringement.
  3. Your company can perform due diligence to determine whether the company at issue is actually licensed or not, (and to what extent).  Maybe they have over-deployed the software, or are using commercial student software, for example, outside the scope of the license
  4. You send your files over to us for infringement review
  5. We can send the party a request for a voluntary audit or send a letter requesting response(s) to certain questions (ex. how many products are installed, how many infringing products have been sold over the internet, etc.)
  6. We can send a demand to preserve evidence in the event the situation cannot be settled or resolved amicably
  7. We can enter into FRE 408 confidentiality agreements to keep all discussions with the opposing party confidential
  8. We can review audit responses and responses to our questions
  9. We can work with the opposing party or their counsel to negotiate a fair settlement
  10. We can work to finalize terms of settlement with clauses that benefit your company

This is just one scenario and may be altered depending upon the nature of your business.

International Copyright Piracy Recovery Services

We get questions at times about recovering money or licensing fees from a overseas Defendant (ex. a copyright defendant that may be based in other countries like Russia, China, India, Australia, Europe and elsewhere) where the copyright rights holder is located here in the United States.  These can be tough cases but answers to the following questions should be sent to us if you want us to consider your case.

-Where do you or your company reside?

-Have you registered your content with U.S. Copyright Office?

-Were you creating the content at issue while working for someone else (“work for hire”)?

-If this person is in Russia, Europe, (or insert other country), do you know if they have any identifiable assets to go after?

– How much does your subscription service cost (or what is the typical licensing fee)? 

– Your end user clients, are the companies small or large in size (on average)?  

– Is the other party circumventing security, DRM, or access control measures (DMCA issues)

–  Please send us a link to your End User License Agreement?

You can email us using the email address on the right side of this page.

Contingency Fee Software License Recovery Service

We can help collect on lost licensing revenues, and/or file litigation cases where necessary in the United States 9th Circuit.  We are admitted in the Southern District, Central, Eastern, and Northern District of California, as well Phoenix, Arizona District Court.  We have been admitted pro hac vici in many other cases across the United States.


  1.  You need an experience software litigation law firm that can avoid problems with a LOUSY SOFTWARE INFORMANT.

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