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For years our law firm has handled software audit cases and licensing disputes brought by companies such as Autodesk, Vero, Siemens, Solidworks, and Microsoft.  Many Microsoft licensing disputes are brought through their trade association - THE BSA - (Business Software Alliance).   The BSA can be very aggressive in pursuing cases of infringement, which can often be due to an "informant" who is seeking a REWARD which is based on the settlement amount of the case.  We are leaders in the United States in handling software infringement and piracy defense matters.  If you received a notice of subpoena, or copy of a summons and complaint, or even a software audit demand letter from the Business Software Alliance (a large trade organization based in Washington D.C.) call us to discuss your case.  We offer a free initial consultation and low (non-billable hour) fee representation.

Who is the Business Software Alliance?

BSA software defense law firm

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What to do if you receive an audit demand letter from BSA, SIIA, or other trade group?

using cracked microsoft software

VIDEO:  In this software infringement defense video, Attorney Steve®, the copyright lawyer, discuss Microsoft Audit process.

SPLA Audit Defense

We also offer SPLA audit defense.  We offer a service that helps get you through these audits and settle your case confidentially.  Call us at (877) 276-5084 for more information or fill out our contact form.

Click here to learn more about MICROSOFT PARTNER AUDITS


VIDEO:  Watch this warning about hiring a law firm that puts 1-3 attorneys on your case and seeks to BILL their TIME hourly.  This can lead to a very COSTLY legal bill.  Our firm is a leader in offering low predictable flat rate fees to handle software audit defense including Microsoft and BSA cases.

Types of software licensing cases we handle

Here are the different type of software compliance cases our firm handles, if your company is not on this list, don't worry, give us a call.

1. SAM audits

2. BSA Audits

3.  Lawsuits involving counterfeit goods (Dyson hair dryers for example, or Apple products)

4.  SPLA Audits

5.  Copyright infringement defense

6.  Autodesk audits (both internal audits direct from the company and its bay area law firm Donahue Fitzgerald).  I think it is safe to say our firm has handled more Autodesk audits than any other IP and copyright law firm in the Country.

7. Siemens Lawsuits and infringement disputes

8.  Vero Software (Surfcam, Edgecam, Alphacam)

9.  Solidworks (Basic, Professional, Premium) plus addons like plastic.

10. VB Conversion

VIDEO Resources

Here are some great VIDEO resources that may help you if you are entangled in a legal issue with Microsoft.

  1. Copyright infringement damages explained
  2. What to do when you receive a SAM audit letter
  3. What is willful copyright infringement?
  4. What is the Business Software Alliance?
  5. Common defenses in software infringement lawsuits

Listen to Attorney Steve® explain how to argue INNOCENT COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT and save a TON of MONEY on settlements

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How to tell if your Microsoft Software Keys are legal

Here is a great article on how to tell if your Windows is cracked and if your key is legal.

Microsoft software piracy in the news

Here are a few noteworthy cases of Microsoft enforcement actions and other software licensing news

  1. Microsoft warns of counterfeits
  2. Microsoft sued for piracy raid
  3. Microsoft is allegedly going to start filing mass lawsuits to stop and deter counterfeit goods 

Contact a Microsoft / BSA Software Dispute Defense Attorney

If you have received a legal demand letter, (sometimes a telephone call), or notice of a subpoena or lawsuit, contact us to discuss your case.  We have been in business since 2004 and have vast experience in the area of software piracy defense law.  This is not an area for the newbie lawyers.

We are experienced in software law and have helped many companies across the United States deal with Microsoft licensing legal issues.  We have extensive federal court experience and excellent client Avvo reviews

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