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Software Litigation Law Firm – We can help with Microsoft Audits, BSA software demand letters, and Microsoft copyright infringement litigation

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Microsoft is allegedly going to start filing mass lawsuits to stop and deter counterfeit goods.  If you received a notice of subpoena, or copy of a summons and complaint, or even a software audit demand letter from the Business Software Alliance (a large trade organization based in Washington D.C.) call us to discuss your case.  We offer a free initial consultation.

Types of cases we handle

1. SAM audits

2. BSA Audits

3.  Lawsuits involving counterfeit goods

4.  SPLA Audits

5.  Copyright infringement defense

VIDEO Resources

Here are some great VIDEO resources that may help you if you are entangled in a legal issue with Microsoft.

  1. Copyright infringement damages explained
  2. What to do when you receive a SAM audit letter
  3. What is willful copyright infringement?
  4. What is the Business Software Alliance?
  5. Common defenses in software infringement lawsuits

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We are experienced is software law and have helped many companies across the United States deal with Microsoft licensing legal issues.  We have extensive federal court experience and excellent client Avvo reviews.  Call us at (877) 276-5084.  We offer low flat rate fees for most non-litigation cases.

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