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Siemens Defense Lawyer - Software licensing disputes - Audits | Lawsuits | Subpoenas.  We have experience defending individuals and companies of all sizes when lawsuits start to fly and audit demands are issued!  Call us at (877) 276-5084 for a free initial consultation.

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September 2023 Update:  Our clients are now starting to receive Subpoena notices from their ISP (ex. Charter) indicating a release date when the name and address of the internet subscriber will be release to Siemens.  From there, they will typically perform a due diligence search to see where the person lives (taking into account any home equity), and what the person does for a living (indicating how financially secure they are - think ability to pay a high settlement).  One place they can get this information from is LinkedIn which tells them where you went to school, what your job title is and similar information. If you receive the subpoena notice contact us at (877) 276-5084 for a free initial consultation.  This is the stage when most clients retain us.  We are a leading law firm in this area, if not THE leader having handled many of these software defense cases.

April 2023 Update:  We are now seeing "self-audit" demand letters from Siemens.  When you get one of these letters, it is best to discuss with an experienced software defense lawyer.  We are a leading software defense law firm in the United States having handled nearly a 1,000 software audit and license compliance cases.

2023 Updates:  Siemens has sued 268 "John Doe" defendants in Texas Federal Court.  This is one of their largest filings to date.  Typically, many engineers and engineering companies get caught in the "infringement net."  If you received notice of infringement or were served a subpoena, summons or complaint, call us to discuss.  We are the clear leader in the United States in defending clients against these cases.  We offer flat rate legal fees to make having copyright counsel affordable.  The case number is 4:23-cv-498.

2022 Update:  We are not sure if this will be a new trend in software audit compliance, but we have seen a new letter demanding a client submit to a Siemens audit investigation.  The letter demands the client audit its systems and confirm MAC addresses and may contain an allegation of using counterfeit Siemens software.  These are NOT letters to take lightly as there is possible jail time for counterfeiting, at least on a grand scale. The "License Compliance Inquiry" letter may come with an attachment showing alleged violations (ex. using NX version 19 on one computer, first date January 2021, last date January 2022, total days usage along with a specific "events detail report.)"  We can help you decipher and make sense out of all this having handled nearly a thousand different types of piracy accusations since our firm's inception in 2004.

2021 Update:  A new lawsuit was filed by Siemens in Texas Federal Court.  Allegations of copyright infringement.  See case# 4:21-cv-00385 (Does 1 -142).  This means 142 have been sued "fictitiously" (by their IP Address) or what we call John Doe Defendants.

Typically, they seek to learn your identity and then seek a settlement of the case, assuming there is an infringement of their software.  

If you receive a letter from Siemens Industry Software, Inc. located in Cypress, CA, call us for a free initial consultation before you EVER TALK TO THEM.  Know your legal rights.  Call us at (877) 276-5084 or fill out our contact form and we will contact you.

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Potential Defenses to a claim of Copyright Infringement (remember to "raise them" or "waive them" potentially)

Here is a non-exclusive list of potential defenses in a case of alleged copyright infringement:

  1. Unregistered copyright
  2. Lack of originality
  3. License (permission) / creative commons license
  4. Public domain
  5. Merger Doctrine (ideas can only be expressed one way)
  6. Independent creation
  7. Fair use (see Oracle vs. Google)
  8. No copying
  9. Copy is not substantially similar
  10. Scenes-a-faire (common scenes and themes)
  11. De Minimis copying
  12. 17 U.S.C. 110 teaching (face-to-face etc.)
  13. Copyright misuse
  14. Waiver
  15. Estoppel
  16. First Sale doctrine
  17. Innocent infringement
  18. Abandonment of copyright
  19. Public Domain
  20. Unclean Hands

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Our IP law firm has been helping clients both large and small since 2004.  We have helped many hundreds of individuals and companies settle software licensing issues, audits, and even software litigation lawsuits and demand letters from companies like Hexagon/Vero, Dassault/Solidworks (Harness IP letters), Microsoft (Business Software Alliance - now pretty much inactive), Ansys, Synopsis, and others.

Autodesk demands usually come from Autodesk internally or their copyright firm - Donahue Fitzgerald (in the Bay area of California) has identified Vondran Legal® as the #1 Copyright infringement defense law firm IN THE UNITED STATES for the years 2020, 2021 and we are waiting for confirmation on 2022.  This is in terms of number of cases handled.  If you could this with our (over 115) 5-star client reviews, you can assume we are the best copyright defense law firm in the country. 

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In the niche copyright world of EULA compliance and software licensing disputes, there is no room for the inexperienced legal counsel, the family lawyer, and even in-house counsel can usually make matters worse.

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