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Malibu Media Defense Law Firm – We are a premier Torrent Defense File-Sharing Law Firm. has identified us as the #1 copyright infringement defense law firm IN THE UNITED STATES in terms of the sheer number of litigation cases handled. 

LexMachina has Vondran Legal® at #14 among all copyright law firms (among Plaintiff and Defense firms), in the U.S., again in terms of cases handled. 


Malibu Media subpoena

What to do if you receive a Malibu Media Subpoena to your ISP

Here are a few general tips for you.  Don't wait too long to "lawyer up" as there could be tight ISP disclosure and release deadlines coming up, and it is best to engage quickly if you want to seek to settle your case anonymously.

VIDEO:  Click on the picture to watch Attorney Steve explain what happens when you get a notice of the subpoena from your ISP regarding Malibu Media pornography videos.

July 2022 Update:  We are hearing "rumbling" (or "chatter" as they sometimes call it) regarding Malibu Media potentially firing up their litigation engine once again. 

Stay tuned, more to follow if this does happen after a lengthy absence by MM.


We help clients who receive subpoena notices from their ISP with lawsuits alleging copyright infringement from Copyright holder Malibu Media.  This is not the end of the world.  We will help you get through this legal issue and seek to limit the damage, stress, and anxiety.  We have resolved several hundred of these matters brought as federal copyright infringement matters in most instances.  In California, we are the leading BitTorrent infringement defense law firm having handled hundreds of cases in the Northern District (San Jose, San Francisco area), Eastern District, Southern District (San Diego), and many cases in the Central District (Orange County, Los Angeles).

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Malibu Media Torrent Law resource VIDEOS!!!

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1.  Copyright infringement penalties explained

2.  What if I ignore the ISP subpoena?

3.  What is a motion to quash a subpoena?

4.  What is the average settlement amount in a file-sharing lawsuit?

5.  Common defenses to copyright infringement

6.  IMPORTANT CASE:  [Judge Alsup in the Northern District of California denies Malibu Media's motion to dismiss].

As we like to say - You CLICK we DEFEND®

In this niche area of copyright law, there is no substitute for experience.  

Torrent Settlements Explained by Attorney Steve®

Here is another great video that addresses the common question of how much your case will settle for.

VIDEO:  Click to watch this important video about settlement factors in movie download (p2p file sharing cases). 

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