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I do not believe there is any reasonable dispute that our  law firm is THE LEADING LAW FIRM IN THE UNITED STATES to handle and close Autodesk software audits.  We have helped many individuals and companies both large and small across the United States prepare for, and respond to the :so-called “voluntary audit letter” sent from either the Business Software Alliance (“BSA”) or from Autodesk directly through bay area intellectual property firm Donahue Fitzgerald.

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Who does Autodesk find out about infringement?

These are the top 10 main ways we believe it happens:

  1. an informant (current or ex-employee)
  2. a contractor
  3. Someone downloads a “cracked copy” va internet torrent
  4. Your company posts a job ad on indeed or linkedIN seeking someone with “Cad or Revit skills” for example
  5. A computer running Autocad “Crashes” and a Crash report is sent to Autodesk and you are not found n the customer database
  6. Photos in trade journals highlightnig your projects and what tools you used to complete the job (ex. Maya or Inventor)
  7. A search of your job profile on LinkedIN touts your Autocad architecture and design skills (but they don't see you as a paying customer
  8. Company A folds, and company B buys their computers (with software loaded) but a formal transfer through Autodesk is never done
  9. Sometimes you get an “internal request for an audit.” (these may be random in nature, I have not figured this out yet
  10. A competitor may have turned you in.

Autodesk Software Audit Resources

  1.  The hidden liability trap of Autodesk student licenses
  2. How to handle a CAD license review
  3. Penalties for willful copyright software piracy
  4. What happens when you receive a software audit demand letter from Autodesk or Donahue Fitzgerald LLP
  5. Top Tips to avoid software piracy legal allegations
  7. FAQ on dealing with software licensing issues with Autodesk
  8. Can you delete software during an audit?
  9. Important information about Autodesk software “crack codes”
  10. One way Autodesk may learn about infringement of software

No other law firm, to our knowledge (you can check google and youtube) offers this level of insight and knowledge about the software audit process.  We have extensive experience dealing with software companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Bentley, Autodesk, BSA (business software alliance) Vero, Siemens, Solidworks and the SIIA.

Wha are the typical infringement penalties for software theft or piracy?

Software piracy can have both civil and criminal implications.  However, we rarely see a case move to a criminal court.  Usually the software companies want you to audit your computers, laptops and servers and account for any software and proof of purchase you might have.  When it comes times to penalties through (Donahue Fitzgerald LLP) you can expect a 1-5x penalty multiplier, along with a request for an attorney fee or “pursuit” fee.

You will likely acquire the software you need to “true up” during the process.  If the audit is through the BSA (Autodesk is a member of the business software alliance), they will usually seek more, and software will not convey as part of the deal.  Plus at the end of the process you will need to delete any infringing software.

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In this area of law there is no substitute for experience and established working relationships.  Our firm has likely handled more Autodesk software compliance audits than any other law firm in the Country.

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