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As noted by the Copyright office website:

The Copyright Act permits authors or their heirs, under certain circumstances, to terminate the exclusive or nonexclusive grant of a transfer or license of an author's copyright in a work or of any right under a copyright. These termination provisions are set forth in 17 USC §§ 203304(c), and 304(d), with the applicable provision depending on a number of factors, including when the grant was made, who executed it, and when copyright was originally secured for the work. These provisions are intended to protect authors and their heirs against unremunerative agreements by giving them an opportunity to share in the later economic success of their works by allowing authors or their heirs, during particular periods of time long after the original grant, to regain the previously granted copyright or copyright rights. Note that grants made via a will or involving a work made for hire may not be terminated under these provisions (for more information about works made for hire, refer to Circular 30). Additionally, there is a limitation on termination where derivative works are concerned. A derivative work prepared pursuant to a grant before its termination may continue to be utilized under the terms of the grant after its termination, but the post-termination rights to authorize new uses of the derivative work that are not covered by the grant and to prepare new derivative works revert to the authors or their heirs.

To terminate a grant, a written, signed notice of termination must be served on the relevant grantee (i.e., the individual or entity that received the grant that is being terminated) or the grantee's successor in interest, and a copy of the as-served notice must be properly recorded with the Copyright Office. For more information about notices of termination, including their required form and content, see 17 USC §§ 203304(c), or 304(d), as applicable; 37 CFR § 201.10; and the Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices (Chapter 2300: Recordation)."

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How to Record a Notice of Termination with the Copyright Office

Any notice of termination submitted to the Office for recordation must comply with the Copyright Act's statutory requirements (17 USC §§ 203304(c)304(d)) and the Office's regulations (37 CFR § 201.10(f)) and instructions, including the following:

  • The submitted notice must be a true, correct, complete, and legible copy of the signed notice of termination as served on the grantee or successor in title. 37 CFR § 201.10(f)(1)(i)(A).
  • The submitted notice must be accompanied by a statement setting forth the date on which the notice was served and the manner of service, unless such information is contained in the notice itself. 37 CFR § 201.10(f)(1)(i)(B).
  • The submitted notice must have been timely served and must have an effective date of termination that is later than the date of recordation. 37 CFR § 201.10(f)(1)(ii).
  • The submitted notice must be accompanied by the correct filing fee as specified by 37 CFR § 201.3(c).

Additionally, all notices submitted for recordation must be accompanied by the Office's notice of termination cover sheet (Form TCS). Completing Form TCS helps remitters ensure that they are providing all necessary information and assists Office staff in processing the submission. Form TCS and instructions for completing it can be found here.

Copyright Office–Notices of Termination P.O. Box 71537 Washington, DC 20024-1537

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