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    We are a boutique Intellectual Property, Technology & Entertainment Law Firm.  We handle software disputes, torrent litigation, fair use law, YouTube, DMCA and social media disputes, copyright infringement and right of publicity cases.

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    We help creative clients, artists, photographers, video makers and others in copyright, entertainment and technology related issues.  We are also a national leader in software audits, TV and Satellite piracy disputes, and torrent litigation.  We handle social media and free speech disputes, and anti-SLAPP.

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    Established in 2004 we have been in business counseling corporate clients and individuals for over 15 years.  We have appeared in over 100 federal court litigation cases.  Attorney Steve® has appeared on Fox News as a legal analyst 3 times.

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Top Gun to have on your side

We are a 34 year old company with 8 to 10 employees. In June of 2017 we received a letter from a certain company stating they have...
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Text Book Definition of Professional

I truly believe Steve and Lisa were Heaven sent to protect the innocent and unaware with regards to the temptations of the internet...
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Professional, Friendly, GET THE JOB DONE !!!

Amazing is an understatement to describe the service provided by Steve and Lisa. From day one, they have been professional, friendly...
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Welcome to The Law Offices
of Steven C. Vondran, P.C.

We are a IP, entertainment & civil litigation firm with offices in CA and AZ. We handle federal copyright infringement cases nationwide*

AZ Bar Lic. #025911

CA. Bar Lic. #232337

This is the official homepage for Attorney Steve® – The First Name In Legal Services®.

This is also the home of Copyright Watchdog® and You CLICK We DEFEND® internet lawyer.

We are a leader in the United States in software licensing disputes, photo infringement and torrent illegal movie download defense. We are the PREMIER law firm to handle these types of cases and other copyright infringement cases!

We are the producer of the popular YouTube Litigation Whiteboard® series with over 11.5k subscribers and growing fast.

We offer LOW FALT RATE FEES – Unlike most law firms that want to DRAG THINGS ON and send you HUGE LEGAL BILLS!

We have AMAZING CLIENT REVIEWS and have appeared in over 150 Federal Court Cases. We are respected by other firms!

We can help with torrent file-sharing cases, software licensing audits and disputes, DMCA takedown and bad faith cases, YouTube disputes, Fair Use issues, Right of Publicity, Entertainment and Copyright law.


Our law firm is a boutique federal intellectual property firm with prominent national leadership in the area of software audits, copyright infringement, Torrent illegal download cases and other cases dealing with federal IP law. We have helped businesses of all sizes from Coast to Coast in regard to federal IP legal cases. Click here to view some of our past IP case successes and case summaries.

We also have a prominent California Real Estate Broker law  practice that has been second to none since 2004. These services are discussed on the link above.

Click here to read our website terms of use which applies to all users/viewers of our site and potential new clients. Click here if you were looking for our popular Litigation Whiteboard® videos.

Our practice areas center around the following areas:


1. Copyright Law (ex. copyright infringement“safe-harbors“, photo infringement cases, copyright bully & Bittorrent defense.

Before you call a lawyer from Strike 3 Holdings, LLC, watch this important video. Call US before you call THEM! We are one of the FEW law firms in California that have a large degree of experience in this area of technology law.

Font infringement.

Arizona film, video and photo infringement.

We are a leader in the United States on defending cases and responding to ISP subpoenas sent by Malibu Media and Strike 3 Holdings.

We seek to form a partnership with our clients and to provide cost-effective legal solutions. We offer flexible legal fees including possible contingency fees and low flat rate (predictable) legal fees in many cases.

Make sure to check our our ZipCounsel affordable legal services page for specials designed to help new startup companies!

Steve was beyond helpful in advising me on my company's possible issues regarding software licensing. He clearly knows his stuff. Though I hope to not need him in the future, he is absolutely our company's go-to, in any software or similar IP case going forward. And his youtube content is excellent, both in terms of usefulness and detail.


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For years now we have developed a popular legal video channel providing general legal information in the areas of business, real estate, insurance, intellectual property and providing other general legal videos. The purpose of this web channel is to share our passions, knowledge, tips, and insights with individuals and businesses (as well as other attorneys and law students), hoping to accomplish our objective of making law more understandable, and hopefully, more accessible to all.

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“One of our main goals as a law firm (we see it as a professional obligation) is to make the law more understandable and the courts more accessible to lower income individuals and small to medium sized companies.”

Attorney Steve Tip: To people who say “I can't decide which IP law firm to go with” I have tried to make it easy. View our youtube channel. See our extensive federal court experience, (we have appeared as counsel in over 65 cases) and review our past client reviews.

If you are still undecided, I really don't know what else to tell you except call us to discuss your dilemma at (877) 276-5084. We offer low flat rate (predictable) legal fees that are literally changing the practice of law with our passion to help clients resolve their legal issues.

A word about “Super Lawyers” and Martindale Hubbell “Peer Rated”

In my honest opinion having been a lawyer for almost 15 years, this is largely creative marketing. When I beat a “Super Lawyer” in a case (such a silly name dummied down for the lowest common denominator) its not like the SuperLawyer calls the company and says “hey, this guy is really good, he just' beat me in a big case y0u might want to include him in the directory.”

Unfortunately, their marketing program doesn't appear to work that way. If you learn anything, learn that the wealthy people in the world try to rig things in their favor. This is just the way it is, and always be. But don't be overly fooled into thinking you have the best attorney possible just because you read things (labels) like “peer rated” or “super-lawyer” in my opinion this is just nothing more than legal marketing. We fight, and we have beaten lawyers with these labels, but I can assure you they don't make any phone calls when we win. So, be smarter than the advertising. Our reviews serve as a great testimony to what we do.

A Boutique Copyright & Entertainment Law Firm

We help companies in the United States settle software audit cases with the SIIA and BSA, Autodesk and others.

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For more information, or to discuss your case or our experience and qualifications please contact us at (877) 276-5084. Please note that our firm does not represent you unless and until a written retainer agreement is signed, and any applicable legal fees are paid. All initial conversations are general in nature. Free consultations are limited to time and availability of counsel and will depend on the type of case you are calling about (no free consultations for other lawyers). All users and potential clients are bound by our Terms of Use Policies. We look forward to working with you!