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We are a 34 year old company with 8 to 10 employees. In June of 2017 we received a letter from a certain company stating they have "Credible Information" indicating we have installed more copies of certain software products then we are licensed to use and as such we are to pay a settlement in the amount of one million dollars and some change.

Knowing we are innocent, but also hearing stories about innocent companies attempting to self-managing these types of situations end up spending enormous amount of time and mistakes that eventually result in unfair settlements. For this reason we felt it would be best to hire a legal professional, a specialist experienced handling these types of cases.

Though intense research and background checking we found and hired Steve and his group. They have been very effective and would recommend his services to anyone faced with similar situation, especial if they were falsely reported and/or accused which is what happened to us.

Steve was able to successfully navigate this process with minimal involvement on our part. In the end the case was dropped due to lack of infringement evidence.

Yes, we strongly recommend Steve and his group.

– Dakoda

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