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Attorney Steve Tip:  Dealing with a Crypto Scam?  Here is some helpful information.

November 2022 Crypto Law Updates:  Our firm in association with the Hoda Law Firm from Texas has sued the founders of FTX and their audit firms in the Northern District Court in California.  This case has been filed as a class action lawsuit.  For more information call us at (877) 276-5084 or leave a message through our contact form.

Click here to read the complaint

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  1. Account Freeze leading to losses (see story here)
  2. KYC issues
  3. Delayed transfer causing loss
  4. Co-founder disputes
  5. Coin/Token Liquidation issues
  6. Coinbase arbitration and complaints
  7. SAFT disputes (simple agreements for future tokens)
  8. Non-fungible token disputes (copyright legal issues - art photography, domain names, digital real estate and other digital assets)
  9. False advertising (token pump and dump)
  10. Celebrity endorsement (failure to disclose)
  11. Misinformation / Misrepresentation 
  12. California Consumer Legal Remedies Act ("CLRA")
  13. Crypto fraud
  14. Wallet hacks/wallet theft (passphrase theft)
  15. Arbitration of crypto disputes
  16. Illegal Ponzi scheme civil suits
  17. Digital asset litigation
  18. Metamask,, Rarible, and other platform disputes
  19. NFT clawbacks from
  20. Coinbase arbitration
  21. FTX fallout (class action lawsuit is pending in N.D. Cal)
  22. Binance Arbitration
  23. XRP/Ripple
  24. Bitcoin dispoutes
  25. SEC enforcement actions

VIDEO:  Watch Attorney Steve® Discuss the Etherium Max class-action lawsuit against social influencers Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather, Paul Pierce and others.

Text of lawsuit against Etherium Max

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Coinbase sued for "stable coin"

VIDEO:  here is a case where Coinbase was sued for freezing accounts on the GYEN crypto (an alleged stable coin tied into the Japanese Yen).  When the "peg broke" the account was frozen due to volatile trading loving out investors from being able to sell their crypto.  Millions in losses are alleged.  The case is being heard in the Northern District of California. 

SEC vs. RIPPLE - "Investment Contract" or not?  Motion for Summary Judgment read.

RIPPLE and Executives file their own MSJ - XRP was not an investment contract?

SEC prevails over LBRY in case alleging selling unregistered securities

Crypto Fraud and RICO (We just sued the FTX founders and their so-called accounting firms/auditors).

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