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Strike 3 Holdings, LLC Defense Law Firm (Parent Co. is General Media Systems, LLC) – We are a premier Torrent Defense Law Firm.  “You CLICK we DEFEND®”.

News & Updates on File-Sharing BitTorrent Litigation in the United States.  We settle cases quickly, quietly with a low flat rate fee!

If you have a case in the Federal Courts in California, there really is no other game in town as far as hiring an experienced California defense law firm.  We have handled hundreds of Strike 3 cases.

VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO:  Click on the picture to watch Attorney Steve® explain what happens when you get a notice of subpoena from your ISP regarding Malibu Media pornography videos or more importantly, in 2020 and 2021, notices from Strike Three Holdings, LLC, a prolific filer of file sharing copyright infringement lawsuits in the United States, and they are brining legal actions and "Bills of Discovery" (Florida) from California to New York, Texas to Illinois and other states as well.  

September 2023 Updates:  We are seeing Strike 3 filing suits in some new states such as Colorado, Maryland and Massachusetts.   If you received an ISP subpoena notice, give us a call for a courtesy consultation at (877) 276-5084.

August 2021 Updates:  Slew of new cases filed in California click to see our updates:

1. Eastern District CA 

2. Northern District CA

3. Central District CA (July updates)

CLICK HERE to see My Strike 3 videos on one page!

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August 2020 Update: What is Strike 3 Defense doing to try to satisfy the "Cobbler Nevada" standard or hurdle as I call it? Listen to my new internet file sharing defense podcast. Feel free to share it on your social media. Get the word out. 

September 2020 update:  To borrow and old predatory lending term, is there such a thing as "reverse red-lining" in seeking out torrent settlements?  Recently, we have seen a slew of California cases (the geolocation "knobs" may have been set to focus on this rather wealthy area, and our firm has been retained by Asian after Asian after Asian to the point that it seems like this is some kind of targeting, although not confirm, definitely I have not see this before.  If you are a California resident seeking legal defense in California, we are pretty much the only game in town. We will continue to report as this case develops.

October 2020 Update:  SEE YA LATER!  We have seen a few cases dismissed due to failure to meet the Cobbler standard.  If you are being sued in a state located in the 9th circuit, you owe it to yourself to contact us (California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Montan, Oregon, Washington, Idaho).

LAWYER NOTICE:  We are getting calls from other lawyers (for example personal injury lawyers, or corporate lawyers) who try to "pick our brains" so that they can try to represent a internet file sharing client.  While it may seem tempting to try to handle your "first Strike 3 case" there is a reason there are specialities in law, for example, as an IP and technology lawyer, I would not try to handle a DUI or divorce case.  The simple reason is there are a lot of technicalities to every single area of law, and as the old saying goes "there is no substitute for experience."  So, give that some thought before calling us "for a friend" and then seeking to handle the case.  As a potential BitTorrent "john doe defendant" you need to understand if the lawyer or law firm you are considering to hire has actually dealt with these cases before, definitely not an area of law for the newbie.

2020 Torrent Defense Updates - Strike 3 holdings Florida lawsuit

Click here to see the new "Bill of Discovery" cases filed in Florida.  Three new cases were filed this week in Miami-Dade Court new case numbers are:

2020-014518-CC-05  07/08/2020
2020-014520-CC-05  07/08/2020
2020-014481-CC-05  07/07/2020

How to look up your case in Miami-Dade County Bill of Discovery (this will help you find your I.P. address and find out how many movies are at issue.  Important to know.

Strike 3 Florida Bill of Discovery filings
VIDEO:  Click on the image to watch Attorney Steve® explain.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our fast-growing legal YouTube channel.  We are over 30,000 subscribers now and growing FAST!

NOTE:  There are attorneys in Florida (we are not licensed to practice law in Florida) who will move to "Quash the ISP subpoena" in the "Bill of Discovery" action.  However, if you live in California (ex. Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco bay area - some of the top targets), we have found that they will end up pursuing you in a Federal lawsuit in either the California Southern District (San Diego cases), or the Central district (Orange county area), or the Eastern District (Redding, Sacramento, Fresno areas) or the Northern district courts (Silicon valley, Mountain View, San Jose and San Francisco bay area).  We are admitted in all four courts and have represented over 200 clients in P2P (peer-to-peer) BitTorrent file sharing litigation cases.  

2019 BitTorrent Litigation Updates: 

1.  Strike 3 Holdings New Jersey Case equals BAD NEWS for early discovery motions.  I think Federal Judges may be getting tired of the THOUSANDS of lawsuits these guys are filing (along with Malibu Media). 

2.   However, they are also trying a new strategy - filing "Bill of Discovery" in Florida Miami-Dade County Court.

2020 Update - Strike 3 Holdings Denied Early Discovery in Federal Court in San Diego

Torrent Defense lawyer

VIDEO:  Click to watch the video.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!  We are approaching 30,500 subscribers and three million video views.  Strike 3 was denied after first filing a "Bill of Discovery" action in Florida (Miami-Dade County).  The San Diego judge denied WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

NOTE (full transparency):  Here is the transcript from an actual federal court hearing in San Diego, California where (despite this ruling above) a different San Diego Judge rejected our motion to quash Strike 3 Holdings early discovery and dismiss the case under F.R.C.P. Rule 41.

2021 Strike 3 Holdings Subpoena Quash Update:  Defendant was able to obtain a Motion to Quash third party subpoena on Charter Communications / Spectrum.  See Case# 8:20-cv-1328-T-33CPT from the United States District Court Middle District of Florida - Tampa Division.

Surprise Surprise - "John Doe gets to keep his Dough!"  Strike 3 WHIFFS on Appeal in Washington.

How to win a Strike 3 lawsuit

VIDEO:  Click on the image above to watch this important BitTorrent law video.  Strike 3 is NOT invincible.  In fact, to my knowledge they have never even taken a case to trial.  But now, they have lost a case on summary judgment and on appeal in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  How will this affect legal strategy, especially for the wrongfully accused who have normally been forced to settle.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to join over 27,000 people who love our best legal video channel.

More Lawsuits in October 2020 (Central & Eastern District)

Call us if you need representation.

Eastern District of California Strike 3 Cases

PODCAST: Tips to staying anonymous (beware of the Court Order re early discovery)

More 2020 "Strike 3 Holding" in the District of Arizona; the Central District of California; the Eastern District of California; the Northern District of California; the Southern District of California.

Call us for a free initial consultation if you received a notice of lawsuit (subpoena) from your ISP such as Frontier, Charter, Comcast, Cox, AT&T, etc.


Click here for January 2019 Strike 3 Lawsuit Report

After you watch the video, check our out for more valuable FAQ and resources.


2019 BitTorrent UPDATE:  You may have received a torrent demand from the law firm of Greenspoon Marder.  Call us to discuss BEFORE you even consider calling them.

Florida update 2019 - Strike 3 filing "equity" lawsuits in Miami-Dade Florida vs. California resident.

Strike 3 sends subpoena to GOOGLE and NETFLIX?  Guess they are trying to find proof?

As we like to say: “You CLICK, we DEFEND”®

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We help clients across the United States of America who receives subpoena notices from their ISP regarding lawsuits alleging copyright infringement from Copyright holders such as Malibu Media, LLC, and Strike Three Holdings, LLC.  This is not the end of the world so do not despair.  We examine possible defenses and will help you get through this “shame settlement” process.  These companies are VERY AGGRESSIVE and you should not call them and admit to liability or they will most likely run an asset search just to see what they can get out of you.  This would be a BIG MISTAKE.  Call a Torrent Defense law firm BEFORE you even think about calling them.  Here is a video that discusses the questionable statements they make online to try to have you LOWER YOUR GUARD, but do not be fooled.  We deal with this company literally every day and in our opinion, they are VERY AGGRESSIVE and seeking to get every last dime out of you. This means you can end up paying on this settlement for a LONG TIME.

2019 Update - Fox Rothschild Partner moves to his own firm (Bandlow Law Firm) and may have lost the backup of his 700+ lawyer firm.  He is filing Strike 3 torrent suits in California, especially in the Central District.  You may also receive demands dealing with the law firm or Clark Hill, LLP from Las Vegas, Nevada.

PODCAST 2019 Update - Strike 3 on the Run?  Resorting to Voodoo science after Cobbler Nevada (9th Circuit case)?

comcast ISP subpoena

Watch Attorney Steve® explain his issues with a recent Strike 3 Holdings online media statement

VIDEO:  Click on the image above to watch this video.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to join over 21,500 other people who love to watch our FREE Legal Information Videos.  Tell your friends and family NOT to share or download these videos.

Strike 3 Law Firm Claims Porn Settlements are Basically “break-even”

In one article, Strike 3 legal counsel stated:

"it's “wrong and offensive” to use the term “copyright troll” to refer to Strike 3's campaign against illegal downloaders. The lawsuits are “mostly a break-even” and are designed to send a message that the company is addressing piracy."

Having seen many $20,000 to $30,000 settlements (and demands of 50k or more), I find this a bit tough to swallow, but this is what their lead counsel reported to the American Bar Association.

Attorney Steve® News - Strike 3 loses in Washington State (Federal Court) ordered to pay John Doe their costs and Attorney Fees.  They can be beaten in court (litigation).  Declaratory Judgment discussed.

ISP strike 3 subpoena

VIDEO:  Click to watch Attorney Steve® explain this big Torrent Defense case from Federal Court in Washington.  Strike 3 ordered to pay costs and fees.  Litigation fail?  They are now appealing.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to join over 25,000 others who like to learn about our legal system - best in the world!

Sample allegations in a Strike Three Holdings “John Doe” lawsuit

Here are some of the allegations you might see if you are sued as a “John Doe” defendant in a Strike 3 case (pulled from a recent case from the California Central District):

“Strike 3's subscription-based websites proudly boast a paid subscriber base that is one of the highest of any adult-content sites in the world. Strike 3 also licenses its motion pictures to popular broadcasters and Strike 3's motion pictures are the number one selling adult DVDs in the United States.

Strike 3's motion pictures and websites have won numerous awards, such as “best cinematography,” “best new studio,” and “adult site of the year.”

One of Strike 3's owners, two-time director of the year Greg Lansky, has been dubbed the adult film industry's “answer to Steven Spielberg.”

Strike 3's motion pictures have had a positive global impact, leading more adult studios to invest in better content, higher pay for performers, and to treat each performer with respect and like an artist.

Unfortunately, Strike 3, like a large number of other makers of motion picture and television works, has a major problem with Internet piracy. Often appearing among the most infringed popular entertainment content on torrent websites, Strike 3's motion pictures are among the most pirated content in the world.

Defendant Used the BitTorrent File Distribution Network to Infringe Plaintiff's Copyrights

BitTorrent is a system designed to quickly distribute large files over the Internet. Instead of downloading a file, such as a movie, from a single source, BitTorrent users are able to connect to the computers of other BitTorrent users in order to simultaneously download and upload pieces of the file from and to other users.

To use BitTorrent to download a movie, the user has to obtain a “torrent” file for that movie, from a torrent website. The torrent file contains instructions for identifying the Internet addresses of other BitTorrent users who have the movie, and for downloading the movie from those users. Once a user downloads all of the pieces of that movie from the other BitTorrent users, the movie is automatically reassembled into its original form, ready for playing.

BitTorrent's popularity stems from the ability of users to directly interact with each other to distribute a large file without creating a heavy load on any individual source computer and/or network. It enables the Plaintiff's motion pictures, which are often filmed in state of the art 4kHD, to be transferred quickly and efficiently. Moreover, BitTorrent is designed so that the more files a user offers for download to others, the faster the user's own downloads become. In this way, each user benefits from illegally distributing other's content and violating copyright laws.

Each piece of a BitTorrent file is assigned a unique cryptographic hash value.  The cryptographic hash value of the piece (“piece hash”) acts as that piece's unique digital fingerprint. Every digital file has one single possible cryptographic hash value correlating to it. The BitTorrent protocol utilizes cryptographic hash values to ensure each piece is properly routed amongst BitTorrent users as they engage in file sharing.  The entirety of the digital media file also has a unique cryptographic hash value (“file hash”), which acts as a digital fingerprint identifying the digital media file (e.g. a movie).

Once infringers complete the downloading of all pieces which comprise a digital media file, the BitTorrent software uses the file hash to determine that the file is complete and accurate. The defendant used the BitTorrent file network to illegally download and distribute Plaintiff's copyrighted motion pictures.

The plaintiff's investigator, IPP International U.G. (“IPP”) established direct TCP/IP connections with the Defendant's IP address as outlined on Exhibit A while the Defendant was using the BitTorrent file distribution network. While Defendant was infringing, IPP downloaded from Defendant one or more pieces of the digital media files containing Strike 3's motion pictures listed on Exhibit A (“Works”).  A full copy of each digital media file was downloaded from the BitTorrent file distribution network, and it was confirmed through an independent calculation that the file hash correlating to each file matched the file hash downloaded by Defendant.

The defendant downloaded, copied, and distributed a complete copy of the Plaintiff's Works without authorization. At no point was the Plaintiff's copyrighted content uploaded by IPP to any BitTorrent user. The digital media files have been verified to contain a digital copy of a motion picture that is identical (or alternatively, strikingly similar or substantially similar) to Plaintiff's corresponding original copyrighted Works. The defendant's infringement is continuous and ongoing.

Absent this lawsuit, the Plaintiff knows of no way to effectively prevent the Defendant from infringing the Plaintiff's motion pictures.

This is typical of the allegations you might receive in your case when served a notice of the subpoena from your ISP.

We can help you settle the case ANONYMOUSLY and for the lowest amount possible.  We are one of the few law firms in the United States that specialize in these types of cases, and in California and Arizona, there really is no other firm that we are aware of with the experience we have in copyright movie infringement and file sharing (p2p) cases.

If I settle, how do I know they will not come back at me in the future or share my information with other movie companies?

Part of our job, after he have negotiated a settlement of your case, is to make sure THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.  We deal with several different law firm, and their settlement terms can differ, but in general, we like to get a release of all claims agreement that provides to the effect (actual settlement terms may differ)

Strike 3 settlement terms

This is sample language only and the terms of your settlement agreement may differ.

What happens if I was not the downloader?

It happens sometimes that the alleged infringer was NOT THE SUBSCRIBER.  Some things that can be done to resolve this is:

1.  Have your computer hard-drive(s) examined by a professional forensics examiner and submit the report to Strike 3 and their attorneys.

2.  Provide a declaration swearing under penalty of perjury that you did not infringe, download, or share their adult porn files on the internet

3.  Provide other proof that you were not home at the time of the alleged infringements (ex. hotel bills)

4.  If the lawsuit is filed in the 9th circuit (Arizona, California, Montana, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho) see if they can come up with the "Cobbler evidence."  If not, and if they try to amend the complaint (which is what happens after they get your information from your ISP - such as Comcast, Cox, Charter/Spectrum, AT&T or Verizon - courtesy of early discovery rights typically granted), you can file a motion to dismiss their lawsuit.

NOTE: There is no guarantee that their lawyers will agree to close their investigation and/or dismiss their lawsuit on these grounds, but these are some things we think about when our clients deny any infringement and/or if they simply cannot produce credible evidence that you were "behind the computer" so to speak. 

In these cases, we can litigate the case and seek attorney fees if shown to be the "prevailing party" in the litigation.  In a recent case in Washington State, Strike 3 was hit with a 47k cost/attorney fee award (which they are now appealing).

2021 Update:  Strike 3 lost their appeal.  Decision stands.

What is a Notice of Abeyance?

When your case gets settled the Plaintiff will send a "notice of abeyance" to your ISP to tell them to call off the subpoena.  The letter may look something like this (this prevents your name and address from being released to the Plaintiff or any other third party).  In essence, it quashes the subpoena voluntarily.

"DEAR [ex. Cox Communications or Comcast] - We have negotiated a settlement with the John Doe defendant and the attorney who represents the subscriber assigned IP address XXXXXXX.  In light of the settlement the copyright holder voluntarily withdraws its subpoena, and respectfully requests that you refrain from providing any personal information to any third party and honor the subscriber's rights under the Cable Privacy Act." 


VIDEO:  This may be the most important video you will ever watch if you are accused of photo, software, or illegal movie downloads.

Who “Investigates” Strike 3 Adult Porn Copyright Infringement [“John Doe”] cases?

VIDEO:  Watch Attorney Steve® explain online copyright infringement investigations relating to Strike 3 Holdings.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to join almost 30,000 others who love our law videos.

Torrent Settlements Explained by Attorney Steve®

VIDEO:  Click to watch this important video about settlement factors in movie download (p2p file sharing cases).  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our fast-growing legal Youtube channel and join over 8,400 people who love to watch something besides politics!

Here is another video about Hardship Factors and other Factors Strike 3 May consider if you shared their Tushy, Vixen, BLACKED and BLACKED RAW videos on the internet

how much to settle Strike 3 lawsuit?

VIDEO:  Watch our great video and SUBSCRIBE. We provide a voice you can trust and actually learning something useful - how our legal system works - Attorney Steve®.

If you are sued in California, we are one of the few Torrent Defense Law Firms located here – this is important if the case goes to litigation.  If they know the law firm is not located in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County or San Francisco bay area, (where cases are typically filed) they can use this against you.  Your out-of-state attorney will be required to associate with local counsel (i.e. us) and it makes sense to work directly with a proven California litigation firm.

VIDEO:  Watch Attorney Steve® explain who torrent porn infringement lawsuits (Tushy, Blacked and Vixen) are being filed across the great state of California and in other states as well.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our legal channel for important updates.

Strike Three Strikes Out In California Southern District

VIDEO:  Click on the pic above to hear Attorney Steve® explain the recent HUGE WIN for a Defendant in the Southern District of California.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our incredible legal channel.  We are now nearing 26,500 subscribers!!!

Strike 3 Holdings Torrent Law resource VIDEOS!!!

Here are some VIDEOS you may find helpful if you have received an ISP notice.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our popular legal channel.

1.  Copyright infringement penalties explained

2.  What if I ignore the ISP subpoena?

3.  What is a motion to quash a subpoena?

4.  What is the average settlement amount in a file-sharing lawsuit?

5.  Common defenses to copyright infringement

6. Strike 3 porn cases - who are the investigators?

7.  The Cobbler Nevada case, hope for John Doe Defendants?

8.  Motion to Quash ISP subpoena leads to dismissal in New York

9. Strike 3 facilitating "Fake News" about settlements?

How much will my torrent movie download case settle for?

VIDEO:  Every case is different.  All I can say is this movie production company wants to seek every last dime possible!  Settlement can range from ZERO to approximately $35,000.  It depends on a wide variety of factors.  Your job, medical hardships, pandemic hardships, equity in real estate, bank account balances, etc.  This video will help you understand what's going on.  

Update on our legal dispute with Jeffrey Antonelli (Chicago) and Tristan Robinson (Texas).

BitTorrent UPDATE: I am still fighting the Jeffrey Antonelli law firm from Chicago (and the Tristan Robinson law firm in Texas). These IP firms/attorneys - apparently part of some sort of copyright defense network - brought a frivolous UDRP arbitration civil action against my me/my firm because, (a) They had a lousy DASH domain ( and they wanted my better domain (no dashes) that I lawfully purchased years before they ever applied for trademark. Nevertheless, they wanted my domain.

In short, and in my opinion, they filed a totally frivolous UDRP WIPO complaint seeking to get my domain but utterly failed and were called out as being reverse domain name hijackers).

Now, Mr. Antonelli/firm has hired a Scottsdale, Arizona lawyer who has (in my opinion) sought to mislead the AZ federal court and wants to file various motions, including the newest motion - a "standing" motion. Meet and confers have been suggested, but we will see where these defendants want to go. See the attached document which shows how I and my firm are rising, and apparently, they are falling (a bit like bad crypto).

#domaindispute #copyrightlawyer #bittorent #vondran #dashdomains #reversedomainhijacking #UDRP #WIPO #badfaith #reversedomainhijack #GoDaddy #RDNH

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Call us for more information at (877) 276-5084.  If you received a subpoena notice from your ISP (Cox, Comcast and Charter/Spectrum are three of the common ones) and/or are facing a lawsuit over internet file-sharing call us for a free initial consultation.   We have helped hundreds of clients.

You can also email us through our contact form, and we will contact you.  Make sure to leave your phone number.  We are NOT a high-pressure law firm, and are here to give you answers to your common questions such as general options, FAQ's, and whatever else is on your mind.

You can find our Avvo Client Reviews here (80 and counting 5-star reviews) and our extensive federal court experience.  We have appeared in over 200 federal court cases.  If you are shopping around, make sure you know who you are dealing with and make sure they have SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE in BitTorrent LITIGATION.  There are many newcomers to the field, but they don't likely know the system, the players, the settlement factors (negotiation), and do not have our litigation experience.  We are battle-tested and experienced. 

In California, no other firm has appeared in the number of cases we have.  You can confirm this on the Federal Pacer system.

TIP WHEN "WEIGHING YOUR OPTIONS. " If someone (ex., a new lawyer or sometimes even an older lawyer) tells you they can settle your case for nothing, or for a couple hundred or thousand dollars, for example, tell them to PUT IT IN WRITING and ask them to pay the difference if they are not able to achieve their stated result.  This is a common problem we have heard from people; it's known as "the lowball close."  Once they get you on retainer, the lawyer may say, "oh, wow, they want 20k on this one, sorry, did my best."  By then, it is too late.  Don't fall for these tricks.

YES, WE ARE AFFORDABLE:  We offer low flat rate fees for most all cases.  Torrent cases with Strike 3 and Malibu Media lawsuits are unique.  In many cases, you will be involved in litigation which can typically cost 10,000 or more to retain legal counsel; however, we have flat rate fees designed to make sure you are able to afford legal counsel.  After all, they have well-trained copyright attorneys on their side.

When it comes to defending these cases, there really is NO SUBSTITUTE for experience.  As we like to say: 


We look forward to working with you.  Make sure to watch our popular YouTube Legal Channel  (we have many torrent defense-related videos and over 38,800 subscribers).  Call us at (877) 276-5084 or leave a message through our contact firm. 

We look forward to working with you to resolve IP disputes!

- Attorney Steve® -

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