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Welcome to Vondran Legal – Home of Attorney Steve® – The First Name in Legal Services®, Litigation Whiteboard®, Trademark College®, You CLICK We DEFEND® and Copyright Watchdog®. Call us at (877) 276-5084.


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Why hire Vondran Legal®?

Do you know any other copyright infringement defense law firm with:

(a) Over 17 years of legal experience (appeared on Fox News three times)

(b) Over 250+ copyright cases litigated ( identified us as the #1 Copyright Infringement Defense Law Firm in the United States for 2020 in terms of  number of cases handled.  We are still waiting to hear if we repeated in 2021.  Stay tuned.   Click here to see our Federal Court Experience.

(c) Over 50 state-court cases (many against Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, sports manufacturers, and others).  See a sample of the BigLaw firms we have been up against down below.  Frankly, few lawyers have this depth and breadth of legal experience.

(d) Approximately 500 software defense cases handled (there may not be another firm in the United States as qualified to handle software piracy defense as Vondran Legal®)


(e) We offer flat rate fees as opposed to billable fee arrangements for most non-litigation cases

ATTORNEY STEVE TIP:  Many larger "BigLaw" firms will only work with a "billable hour" fee arrangement.  This means, they may put one, two, or even three IP lawyers on your case and each of them will bill time in your case.  I have worked in this type of setting, it is not fun because you wonder why cases are not moving faster than they should.  That's because your file keeps getting passed around.  When I started out to build my own boutique intellectual property law firm, I had CUSTOMERS IN MIND, not my billing machine.  Yes, we still have billable hour cases, but if possible we like to structure a predictable and LOW flat rate legal fee and the effort has paid off. 

(f)  We have amazing client reviews approaching 100

In short, we care about clients and outcomes and not how much we can charge a client.  This "billing burnout" described above is what causes many legal professionals to want to leave the legal business where they may feel "trapped" at a big firm.  Come experience the difference of Vondran Legal®. 

FUN FACT:  Attorney Steve® was a former professional baseball player in the Cincinnati Reds organization so "winning" is built into our DNA.

Vondran Legal Updates

April 2022 Updated - Vondran Legal® has moved to the #14 copyright law firm in the United States in terms of cases filed according to Lex Machina.  Look out BigLaw, we are moving on up!!

June 2020 Update - Vondran Legal® has moved to the #25 copyright law firm in the United States in terms of cases filed according to Lex Machina.  Look out BigLaw, we are moving on up!!


If you found us we consider this to be an act of DESTINY!  Our law firm has been practicing law since 2004.  Over the years, we have done everything possible to represent our clients (both individuals and businesses large and small) in an HONEST, ETHICAL manner and to explain legal options in a way people can actually understand.  Very few lawyers have put out the sheer amount of information on the internet as we have (over 35,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel and nearly 700 videos and nearly 4 million video views), and we truly believe no one has more passion or is willing to fight harder to represent your legal interests than our firm.  

In addition, we truly believe we offer the most cost-effective legal solutions in the United States.  We have built our firm on hard work, victories, sweat, ingenuity, and integrity. That is our “secret sauce” and we look forward to applying our trade to your legal issue.

We are a civil litigation law firm with offices in California (San Francisco, Santa Monica, Newport Beach, Phoenix, and San Diego).  

We accept software, copyright, and select intellectual property cases nationwide subject to local federal court rules of admission.  Cases may include photo infringement, DMCA 1201 anti-circumvention, 1202 copyright claims, fair use analysis, UDRP domain disputes, software piracy defense, IPTV defense (Dish-Nagrastar), software audits, and licensing disputes (Vero, Siemens, VB Conversion, Autodesk, Solidworks, BSA, Microsoft, Adobe and others).

Our law firm litigates a wide variety of disputes in the following different types of tribunals:

  • State courts (CA and AZ) we represent both large and small companies in a variety of contractual (breach) matters.
  • Federal courts (across the United States in IP matters including trademark and copyright and unfair competition)
  • Arbitrations (ex. UDRP arbitration with WIPO and private arbitration with JAMS, AAA)
  • Mediations (usually in the context of a lawsuit)
  • Other legal proceedings

We are committed to finding cost-effective legal solutions that help you resolve your legal disputes.  We offer flexible fee structures and aggressive, yet ethical legal representation.  For more information about our litigation services please contact us at (877) 276-5084 or fill out our contact form.

Steve Vondran, Esq. is the Founder of the Copyright Policy Institute in Washington D.C.

Attorney Steve® is the Founder and CEO of the Washington D.C. Based “Copyright Policy Institute.”

“BigLaw” firms we have been up against

Here is a list of some of the big law firms (and consulting firms) in the United States that we have gone “toe-to-toe” with while handling a wide variety of business, real estate, and intellectual property matters and/or consulted in regard to demand letters (normally copyright infringement related) or otherwise.  If you received a demand letter from any of these companies call us for a consultation:

  1. Jaburk Wilk
  2. Allen Matkins
  3. Gordon & Rees
  4. Johnson & Pham
  5. Sullivan & Worcester
  6. The Venable
  7. Bryan Cave
  8. Troutman Sanders
  9. Robins Kaplan
  10. Fox Rothschild
  11. Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter
  12. Arent Fox
  13. Kilpatrick Townsend
  14. Reed Smith
  15. Perkins Coie
  16. Fenwick & West, LLP
  17. Geragos & Geragos
  18. Loeb & Loeb
  19. KPMG
  20. Greenberg Traurig
  21. Osborne Maledon
  22. McGuireWoods
  23. Taft
  24. Duane Morris, LLP
  25. Onellp
  26. Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP
  27. Lee and Hayes
  28. Fried, Framme and Thrush
  29. Greenspoon Marder
  30. Jenner
  31. Manning and Kass (ManningLLP)
  32. Munger, Tolles & Olson
  33. Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
  34. Cooley, LLP

This is not a complete list and we have taken on many other big, medium, and small solo law firms we have gone to battle with.  

Civil Litigation Practice Areas: A Closer Look

We have handled litigation cases for both plaintiffs and defendants (and at times some transactional work, - ex. reviewing a model or celebrity endorsement contract) ranging from fairly simple dispute resolution matters up to complex “bet the farm” civil litigation cases.  

Our litigation practice areas can be broken down into four main categories:

1.  Software audits (ex. Microsoft, Autodesk, BSA, SIIA, Software Compliance Group, Vero, Solidworks, Siemens, etc.)

2. Internet file sharing cases (p2p) (ex. Strike 3 Holdings, Malibu Media).  If you received a letter from Bandlow Law, call us.

3.  Copyright infringement cases (plaintiff and defendant representation in California federal courts).  Any type of copyright that can be registered can be litigated (ex. photos, film, video, drone footage, jewelry design, fabric design, music, songs, software, computer fonts, and other creative content).  These cases can also include music piracy cases brought against restaurants, bar and nightclub owners for illegal public performance of copyrighted music enforced by ASCAP, BMI and others.

4.  TV and Satellite signal piracy cases - often involving soccer or boxing matches (ex. G&G Closed Circuit, J&J Sports Production, and Joe Hand Promotions).  Few firms can match the sheer number of cases we have handled in this area.

5.  Entertainment law (Right of Publicity, Fair Use opinions, (we represent several large YouTube channel creators).  Part of our entertainment law practice includes IPTV defense involving the unlawful theft, trafficking, and offering for sale the unlawful broadcast of copyrighted movies, television shows, PPV events, sports, and music channels.  These cases are pursued by companies such as Dish-Nagrastar-Sling, Motion Picture Association, and The ACE Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment.

4.  Internet law  (Social media disputes with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, the First Amendment, SLAPP, and online defamation defense).  We secured a GIGANTIC attorney fee award from a major law firm claiming to the one of the best in handling Anti-SLAPP matters.

5.  Trade Secret Theft - legal issues involving CUTSA trade secret theft, and Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) and issues involving non-compete agreements, non-solicitation, and confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements.

6.  Trademark disputes - disputes involving trademark infringement, domain name disputes and other brand protection issues.

Software IP lawyer California

Your case is unique

Each of these civil litigation practice areas is unique in its own way and each has its own substantive and procedural nuances. Nevertheless, our approach is consistent – to identify the legal issues, map out a strategy for success, uncover the evidence, and then cost-effectively execute that strategy by MAKING THE CASE.

Our law firm is committed to your success, and we believe we have the experience and vision to take your case successfully through what can often amount to a very complex legal process whether in state court, federal court, or arbitration proceedings to a final successful resolution.  

Charities, Causes, and Community Impact

Giving back to society is something we see as a professional obligation and a human duty.  We want to be role models, and we want to make a positive difference in our local, state, regional, and national communities.  Here are a few ways that Vondran Legal® has given back over the years.

1.   I provide a FREE popular legal YouTube channel that helps other law students, paralegals, attorneys, and prose (in pro per) clients help understand our complicated legal system and seek to make the law more understandable and access to Justice more possible.  We are now closing in on 40k subscribers.  I have had so many great comments about all of the help and the difference our channel has made.  Check it out for yourself.

2.  We have helped many low-income families, former military, new immigrants, and others in a wide variety of PRO BONO cases.  These cases are limited to the GOOD CAUSES and GOOD PEOPLE who DESERVE JUSTICE but have little or no financial means to seek access to justice.

3.  GiGi's Playhouse - for the last three years, once we were notified of this incredible cause, we have become a key donor to this great charity which helps down syndrome children have a place to grow, learn and interact with others to seek to get the most out of life.

GiGi playhouse

3.  Attorney Steve® is a former member of CASA (Court appointed special advocate) where I helped mentor struggling minority children by taking time to spend with them, taking them to ball games, routine calls and talks, lunches, etc.  This is a great organization that allows lawyers to appear in Court as an advocate on their behalf.

4.  Attorney Steve® has previously served as a legislative analyst [PRO BONO] for the Identity Theft Resource Center in San Diego.  This was a great opportunity to help review and comment on proposed legislation and help the President of the company draft new legislation to protect the interests of persons affected by the fast-growing digital crime of Identity theft.

5.  Financial support for various educational institutions (such as buying books, auction support, etc.) for schools such as Country Day School, Belvedere Elementary School (Los Angeles), Soto Street Elementary School, and San Pedro Street Elementary School.

6.  Attorney Steve® has appeared PRO BONO for the Arizona "legal hotline" show where callers can call in with a variety of questions including real estate law questions.

7.  We support a young girl in helping to finance her education (tuition assistance) for the last three years.

8.  We donate to a variety of local sports teams in helping to provide financial assistance for their clubs, teams, and activities.  One if the University of Virginia and we sponsor their softball team.  Here is a picture of my "Attorney Steve" tribute jersey they sent me.  Lots of fun!

9.  Charitable donation to NYC non-profit Team for Kids.

attorney steve baseball jersey

9.  Attorney Steve® has provided FREE pro bono lectures on such topics as financial elder abuse, and foreclosure survival (back in the financial meltdown days).

10.  We have just launched Attorney Steve Store - (YouTube) merchandise channel.  100% of all proceeds go to the Wounded Warriors project.

11.  In December of each year, we do "Hundy Tips" where we go into underserved restaurants and give $100 tips to those who are needy, working really hard, and often go unrecognized.

12.  Feed, clothe and shoe the homeless St. Vincent De Paul

feeding the homeless
Lisa helping hand
Attorney Steve charity
St. Vincent De Paul

If you have a cause you would like us to review; please email us using the contact form below.

13.  Vondran Legal® supported the amazing Tara Radan who ran and completed her FIRST New York Marathon in record time, and qualified for the Boston Marathon, where we know she will excel!!  The money went to her non-profit of choice, Team for Kids, which we are proud to support.  We love you, Tara, and keep up the great work!  Also, thank you for sporting the Vondran Legal visor so our love and support was with you all the way!!!  XOXOXOXOXO

Tara Radan running for kids


14.  Justice Gap Fund Donation - provides critical support and helps provide essential free civil legal services for the most vulnerable Californians.  They help ensure that individuals and families stay in their homes, are protected from domestic violence, and have access to vital healthcare and benefits.

15.  Attorney Steve® Gives Back - Feeds the Hungry!

More Reasons to Hire Vondran Legal as your IP Legal Counsel


Our Core Values

As a firm, The Law Office of Steven C. Vondran, P.C. ("Vondran Legal®") understands the importance of having integrity and maintaining a passion for our work. We have created a list of our Top Ten Core Values that we maintain in the practice of law and in handling your case. Here are our values: 

  1. A lawyer is the advocate of the client and should do everything legally and ethically permissible to advance the causes of his/her client.
  2. In the advocator's role, the lawyer should be as detailed as possible and explore every possible theory in advancing the Clients legitimate interests.
  3. The above-mentioned efforts should be done as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, while still being thorough, and without incurring unnecessary legal bills.
  4. Legal fees should be reasonable, and flat rate fees should be pursued wherever possible. When feasible, contingency case options should also be explored and discussed.
  5. The Client is entitled to superior customer service. This means communication about your case at every critical stage, and having your phone calls returned PROMPTLY. In addition, you are entitled to a copy of all key documents sent and received in your case, including pleadings and correspondence from opposing attorneys, experts, and the Courts. 
  6. The client shall control the objectives of the representation while the attorney shall control the ways and means of legally and ethically achieving the Client's legitimate objectives.
  7. We believe that lawyers have the obligation to be fully prepared when representing you. This means we cut no corners when it comes to conducting legal research or preparing your case for trial. There simply is no substitute for hard work, and in this business, the game is often won or lost in the details.
  8. We truly believe that by working together (partnering) to accomplish the legitimate objectives of the representation, and being as prepared and detailed as possible that we can be proud of the final results - of which we expect to be excellent!
  9. That sometimes the case does not go your way and the law may not always be interpreted or applied in your favor. When feasible, we believe that the time, energy and costs to appeal an adverse legal decision is sometimes justified and worth the fight.
  10. That frivolous lawsuits and legal tactics designed to harass, oppress, and bully have no place in the legal system and such cases and causes will not be advanced by our firm and will be vigorously opposed if perpetrated against our Clients.

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Hopefully, this page has been of assistance to you in considering what copyright law firm you want to hire.  If you still have questions, call us at (877) 276-5084 or fill out our contact form.  Make sure to review Vondran Legal client reviews here.  Over 115 stellar reviews from our past clients that have done the "due diligence" for you.

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