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Video Game Infringement

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Thank you for visiting our website.  If you need help with a video game legal service, and need a California law firm with business and intellectual experience, give us a close look.  Click here to view our article on Video Game and Mods, the legal side.

We have been in business since 2004 and since that time we have helped numerous individuals and companies (both large and small) in entertainment law, Intellectual property, copyright infringement, right of publicity and trademark legal matters.

We have gone up against over 30 BIGLAW firms and many powerhouse mid-sized and smaller law firms.

When you need a cost-effective video game lawyer on your team, call us to learn more about our services.

Attorney Steve® Tip:  Click here if you were looking for the Blizzard Games case brief.


VideoGame.LAW - we offer services in the following areas dealing with the video game industry:

  • Video game character copyright protection
  • Character licensing and merchandising
  • Cease and desist letters (ex. DMCA takedown)
  • Fair use law and opinion letters
  • Legal issues involving mods
  • Video game analysis and copyright opinion
  • Copyright issues on Twitch
  • Subpoena response
  • Mediation of video game or mobile app disputes
  • Arbitration (ex. California choice of law clauses)
  • Federal court IP litigation (trademarks, copyright, right of publicity, entertainment law) 

Vondran Legal and Attorney Steve® Vondran has appeared in over 400 federal court cases and numerous California state court litigation.  We have appeared in all federal district courts in California including the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and California Central District.  We are a leader in copyright infringement defense including Strike 3 Holdings BitTorrent file-sharing cases, software licensing compliance and defense (ex. Ansys, Siemens, Hexagon/Vero, Business Software Alliance ("BSA"), Solidworks, Autodesk and many other publishers.  We also have leading practices in IPTV defense, photo infringement, and cases involving the MPAA and ACE Alliance, Dish and Nagrastar.


We can help both plaintiff copyright holders and those accused of infringement (defenses cases). 

We have a strong background in copyright law and have extensive federal court experience

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