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Posted by Steve Vondran | Oct 23, 2017 | 0 Comments

PIPELINE REPORT – Sample cases we are currently handling, considered taking, consulted on, or recently closed.  COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT | SOFTWARE AUDITS | BITTORRENT LITIGATION | ENTERTAINMENT LAW | PHOTO INFRINGEMENT AND MORE!

California copyright lawyer

Tubular - riding the wave on more great cases this year! 

September 2020 updates:  We are handling several large copyright infringement matters including IPTV, LA Gem & Jewelry (Mom Pendants), Evangelist copyright sermon fair use / alleged infringement, and a slew of internet movie-file sharing cases involving Strike 3 Holdings (Bittorent download). 

We are also busy in entertainment law reviewing contracts, including reality show and music agreements, providing fair use opinion letters for independent film creators, reviewing and advising on music production agreements, and working on boxing satellite and cable piracy cases. 

It's yet another busy banner year for us here at Vondran Legal, and while we are still a leader in handling software audits for companies around the United States, this practice area has slowed slightly since the Business Software Alliance appears to have slowed down greatly due to Covid-19.

Sample cases - Here is an overview of what we have been working on in 2019 and 2020

Orange county IP law firm

We are a boutique intellectual property, copyright, software and entertainment law firm.  We like to think we are the hardest working, most talented and passionate law firm on the planet!  Here's what's brewing in our legal trenches!

  1. Microsoft SPLA audit – closed
  2. BSA software audit (multiple cases)
  3. Autodesk software license audit (multiple cases)
  4. TV signal piracy case with Arizona sports bar (Settled)
  5. Cal. Right of Publicity case under California Civil Code 3344 (athlete rights infringement / unfair internet marketing / false endorsement)
  6. Advise social media bulletin board site regarding DMCA “safe harbors” / photo infringement issues
  7. Review Youtube MCN contract
  8. Multiple photo infringement license recovery cases for Los Angeles fine art studio
  9. Working on trademark for a unique beverage company
  10. Theft of Idea case
  11. Jewelry infringement case – federal court lawsuit
  12. Etsy infringement case
  13. Vero software demands (multiple cases)
  14. NagraStar (Dish Network, LLC)
  15. Font infringement case
  16. Working on multiple Siemens software federal litigation cases
  17. Popular singer seeking to have copyright license reviewed
  18. Vape trademark / trade dress case
  19. Software infringement litigation defense
  20. Apple App Store dispute
  21. illegal movie download – Venice PI
  22. Microsoft SAM audit for industrial supply company
  23. Working on Vero software licensing cases
  24. Identity theft data breach litigation with mortgage and lending company
  25. Copyright infringement litigation dealing with religious videos of famous TV evangelist – fair use / abandonment issues
  26. CBS YouTube video takedown notice – dealing with fair use
  27. Model photo posting on Instagram (right of publicity)
  28. G&G Closed Circuit – TV signal piracy case
  29. Product packaging font dispute
  30. Image Rights Photo Infringement demand letter
  31. Apple infringement response
  32. Trademark applications for sporting goods manufacturer
  33. Financial elder abuse lawsuit against car dealership
  34. The Software Alliance Microsoft license compliance audit
  35. Amazon.com DMCA product takedown federal court lawsuit and 512(f) bad faih
  36. Dismissal of Strike 3 Holdings, LLC lawsuit
  37. Right of publicity case against global sports company settled favorably
  38. Working on Solidworks infringement software cases
  39. Analysis of “fair use” in photo infringement cases
  40. Recently closed anti-SLAPP and Right of Publicity case
  41. Apple computer counterfeit imports (U.S. Customs and Borders)
  42. Working on numerous
  43. Youtube DMCA takedown counter-notification review for large YouTuber
  44. Counterfeit products sale on eBay – defense of allegations
  45. Potential photo infringement case (use of real estate photo) with PerkinsCoie
  46. Architect CAD infringement case (builder taking and making derivative works off copyrighted plans)
  47. Negotiating terms of Autodesk EULA contractual audits with software counsel
  48. Right of publicity case
  49. Software program illegal access case
  50. Autodesk audit defense for Design firm
  51. Podcast [trademark dispute] with a MAJOR television network
  52. Consulting on Adobe copyright infringement letter (distributing counterfeit goods)
  53. Reviewing software litigation case (alleged breach of settlement agreement by using unlicensed software post-settlement).
  54. Software company looking to setup compliance (license recovery) division
  55. Breach of contract and intellectual property (exclusive rights) in Escape Room case
  56. Autodesk license audit (case dismissed with “take nothing”)
  57. Strike 3 Holdings – illegal movie download cases
  58. Evaluating nail polish infringement case
  59. YouTube star – false takedown notices
  60. Illegal sale of mobile applications on Apple Store (we help clients defend against claims of counterfeit selling). These are really tough cases and if you get a case from Kirkpatrick Townsend call us).
  61. Malibu Media adult movie infringement case
  62. Torrent case – Once Upon a Time in Venice
  63. Reviewing DoFantasy.com erotica art infringement case (sex comics / BSDM)
  64. BSA software license compliance audits (multiple).  If you receive a call from Venable  or other regional law firm for the Business Software Alliance call us.  These cases can invoke personal liability on both directors and officers who had an ability to supervise and a financial interest in not paying for software.
  65. Advising company on Higbee & Associates photo infringement letter (representing companies such as AdLife, PicRights, PM Media, and Grecco Productions - these guys can be RUTHLESS and RUDE).
  66. Solidworks infringement
  67. Software Alliance audit negotiation for insurance company (dealing with student licenses and hacked software)
  68. Bitcoin Cryptocurrency litigation
  69. Trademark cancellation proceeding with major shoe company
  70. Photo infringement lawsuit (webmaster use of unauthorized digital image)
  71. License revenue recovery for software company
  72. Photo infringement case with Image Rights International
  73. Sports product misappropriation of celebrity image for commercial gain (selling products with picture on it)
  74. Alleged Textbook infringement on Bonanza.com [law firm of Oppenheim + Zeibrak].  This firm represents major publishers such as Cengage Learning, McGraw-Hill, Global Education Holding, Elsevier, and Pearson education.
  75. Business Software Alliance investigation
  76. Malibu Media demand letter
  77. Copyright infringement lawsuit against youtube
  78. VB Conversion, LLS – alleged software over-installation in violation of EULA
  79. WIPO Domain dispute dealing with major automobile manufacturer
  80. Domain dispute lawsuit with facebook
  81. Hollywood theft of screenplay
  82. Leak of TV show plot (copyright & DMCA defense).  Allegations involving leak of high publicity reality show endings.
  83. Software infringement (unauthorized reseller)
  84. 1.8 million real estate commission breach
  85. Internet radio station (BMI, ASCAP, SoundExchange music copyrights)
  86. Software compliance group Altium software
  87.  Real estate accusation defense
  88. J&J Sports – boxing fight cable piracy
  89. Trademarks (logo and slogan) for online dating website
  90. Large real estate tort bad faith & interference case for commercial property
  91. Architectural copyright licensing
  92. Review of music agreement
  93. Photo infringement contingency recovery
  94. Infringing doll issue
  95. Signup for Youtube Content ID (for video creator)
  96. Fair use software
  97. DMCA Section 1202 – Copyright Management Information (“CMI”)
  98. – [California]
  99. Youtube Fair Use issue with major Youtube Creator
  100. Facebook account takedown due to alleged fashion infringement by Gucci
  101. Right of publicity dispute – book cover photo
  102. Font infringement contingency recovery
  103. DMCA 512(f) “bad faith” Youtube takedown case (alleged music infringement in a video game video)
  104. Strike 3 Holdings – adult video infringement subpoena
  105. DMCA Youtube takedowns
  106. "Fair use" - religious sermons dispute (pastor says OK to use, then dies, widow says NO).
  107. Higbee & Associates photo infringement "fair use" review (make sure to listen to this podcast)
  108. Autodesk internal software audits (international).  MAKE SURE TO SEEK LEGAL COUNSEL, THEY ARE RUTHLESS AND WILL PLAY GAMES WITH YOU.  I HAVE THE PROOF.
  109. Revenge porn case in California (modeling contract turns into online post).
  110. Petition to reinstate popular Youtube account (music law takedown - uncertain copyright strikes)
  111. Right of publicity case - violation of celebrity endorsement rights (model photo on popular instagram website).  Lawsuit to follow.  YOU CANNOT USE ANOTHER PERSONS NAME, IMAGE OR LIKENESS WITHOUT CONSENT.
  112. Unlawful use of logo (copyright infringement) to create a business. Fiverr sold an image (allegedly) with no copyrights.  You cannot build a brand off an image you have no rights to.
  113. Domain name dispute (BMW) case (cybersquatting)
  114.  Theft of script (screenwriting) major motion picture studio.  Make sure you are on your NDA's.
  115. California BRE audit (we have many years experience dealing with the BRE).  Don't go it alone, they want to strip your license.

As you can see, we are a pretty darn busy boutique intellectual property & entertainment law firm.  We also handle select real estate broker defense cases having handled several hundred California DRE legal matters including subpoena response and accusations.

We fight hard for our clients and take your business serious and have been practicing law since 2004.

Listen to Attorney Steve discuss California Right of Publicity Law

VIDEO:  Click to watch a sample of one of our videos.  What happens when someone uses your name, image, likeness for advertising and marketing purposes (such as to draw visitors to an internet website) without your authorization.  You DO NOT have to be a famous person to recover, and seek an injunction, actual damages, attorney fees, and potentially punitive damages.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our awesome legal channel which now has over 2,550,000 video views and over 23,000 subscribers.   As we like to say “Be Smarter Than Your Friends.”

What is a software audit?

VIDEO:  Click to watch Attorney Steve explain “software audits.” We have helped many companies across the United States respond to these allegations of copyright software infringement.  We have handled hundreds of software audits for both small (mom and pop businesses) up to large international firms such as law firms, architects, engineers, creative designers, wood workers and others.  We are one of the top IP law firms in the Country handling BSA software audits, Vero (Alphacam, Cabinet Vision, Edgecam), Siemens PLM lawsuits, Autodesk (CAD, Revit, Maya, Inventor), VB Conversion, Solidworks and others.

Overview of BiTtorrent file sharing defense

VIDEO:  Click here to learn more about file sharing lawsuits.  We can help with adult pornography cases like Strike Three Holdings, Malibu Media, Flava Works and others.  Defending internet file sharing torrent download cases can be very stressful.  Our firm is the proven leader in the State of California, there is virtually no other game in town.  Experience matters.

California Fair Use Lawyer describes Tips for YouTubers to "Stay out of Legal Trouble"!!!

VIDEO:  Click on the picture above to learn more about our Fair Use Tips for YouTubers to avoid online copyright infringement claims.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to join over 23,000 people who love our legal information videos!  We are approaching 3 million video views.  As we like to say, this is not your Daddy's stuffy old law firm.

Contact us

If you would like to discuss your case, contact us at (877) 276-5084.  We offer low flat rate fees for many (non-litigation cases) including software audits, entertainment contracts review, music law, celebrity endorsement agreements, YouTube disputes, DMCA takedown notices and subpoenas, fair use opinion letters, torrent illegal file sharing download cases, trademark and copyright infringement.

We have extensive federal court litigation experience (particularly in copyright infringement law having appeared in nearly 200 federal court cases).  We have SOLID GOLD excellent past client Avvo reviews

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Steve Vondran

Thank you for viewing our blogs, videos and podcasts. As noted, all information on this website is Attorney Advertising. Decisions to hire an attorney should never be based on advertising alone. Any past results discussed herein do not guarantee or predict any future results. All blogs are written by Steve Vondran, Esq. unless otherwise indicated. Our firm handles a wide variety of intellectual property and entertainment law cases from music and video law, Youtube disputes, DMCA litigation, copyright infringement cases involving software licensing disputes (ex. BSA, SIIA, Siemens, Autodesk, Vero, CNC, VB Conversion and others), torrent internet file-sharing (Strike 3 and Malibu Media), California right of publicity, TV Signal Piracy, and many other types of IP, piracy, technology, and social media disputes. Call us at (877) 276-5084. AZ Bar Lic. #025911 CA. Bar Lic. #232337


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