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Copyright Case Law

Copyright Cases – Many of these cases you can find on google scholar or just a google search. These cases will hopefully better help you understand some common copyright law principles.


When you are as passionate about copyright law as our firm is, you want to know what some of the key cases stand for.  Here is a list of some of the key copyright cases any intellectual property attorney should be familiar with.

Case List

  1. Frazier v. Capital CMG Publishing – Tennessee case (royalty dispute)
  2. Wake up and Bail, LLC v. Sony Music Entertainment 119F.3d 944 (D. Ariz) (posting online videos without permission)
  3. Kounsky v – (2d Circuit Court 2015) (breach of licensing agreement)
  4. FC online Marketing Inv. V. Burke's Martial Arts (E.D.N.Y.2015) (infringement of competing website).
  5. Clifton v. Houghton Muffin Harcourt Publishing (photo infringement case)
  6. Microsoft v. A&S Electronics (N.D. Cal Dec. 2015) (illegal sale of Microsoft product activation keys)
  7. Blizzard Entertainment v. Lillith Game Co. Ltd. (copyright in video games)
  8. Albert v. Youtube (ND Cal Dec 4, 2015) (DMCA take down notices sent to youtube)
  9. RMC Publishers v. Phoenix Technology Solutions (infringement of an exam prep book)
  10. Munden Pictures v. John Wiley & Sons (795 F.3d 997 – 9th Circuit 2015) (stock photographer lawsuit)
  11. Hudson v. Notorious BIG 9SDNY Dec. 21 2015). (music infringement case)
  12. Lone v. Knowles Carter (SDNY Octo 2015) (suit against Beyonce for copyright infringement)
  13. Kettley v. Universal Music Group (SDNY Oct. 19 2015) (infringement of song)
  14. Liang v. AWG Remarketing, Inc. (SD Ohio August 15th, 2015) (computer code infringement)
  15. DC Comics v. Towle (Batmobile copyright case)
  16. Lorenzana v. South American Restaurants Corp (799 F.32 31 (Ist Circuit 2015) (Chicken sandwich infringement claim)
  17. Savant Homes, Inc. v. Collins, 809 F.32 1133 (10th Circuit 2016) (custom home builder had copyrighted floor design
  18. New Old Music Group Inc. v. Gottwold 122 F. Supp 3d 78 (SDNY 2015) (music infringement of drum sound)
  19. Varsity Brands, Inc. v Star Athletica 799 F. 3d 468 (6th Circuit 2015) (Copyright design on garments)
  20. Hoberman Designs v. GLoworks Imports, Inc, 9CD Cal. 2015) (plastic toy infringement case)
  21. Zahourek Systems v. Balanced Body University (D. C0lo April 7, 2016 (Copyrighted anatomy models)
  22. Keeling v. Hars 809 F.3d 43 (2nd Cir 2015) (compilations and derivative works of movie Point Break)
  23. Tomaydo-T0mahhdo, LLC v. Vozary (6th Cir. October 20, 2015) (cookbook recipe compilation case.
  24. Bilkram's Yoga College of India, L.P. v. Evolution Yoga 803 F.3d (9th Circuit 2015) (Copyrightability of yoga poses)
  25. Lewin v. Richard Avedon Foundation (works made for hire) (SDNY June 26, 2015)
  26. Pay(q)r, LLC v. Sibble (N.D. Ohio Dec 31 2015) (hospitality payment software application)
  27. Wallert v. Atlan (S.D.N.Y Oct. 26, 2015) (copyright suit for infringement of musical work) Transfer of ownership at issue.
  28. Adobe Systems, InC. v. A&S Electronics, Inc. (N.D. Cal Dec 29, 2015) (infringement of software code)
  29. Liang v. AWG Remarketing, Inc. (copyright infringement for computer codes for automobile auctions) (S.D. Ohio Aug. 18th 2015)
  30. Gen Steel Domestic Sales, LLC v. CHunley, 129 F.Supp 3d 1159 (D. Colo 2015 (registered logo infringement.
  31. Baldwin v. EMI Feist Catalog, Inc., 805 F. 3d 18 (2nd Cir. 2015)
  32. Larson v. Warner Brothers Entertainment, 9th Cir. Feb 2016) (DC Superboy case)
  33. Brumley v. Albert E. Brumley & Sons, Inc. (6th Cir 2016)
  34. Scorpio Music Black Scorpio v. Willis (S.D. Cal Sept 2015) (Village People YMCA case)
  35. 16 Casa Duse, LLC v. Merkin, 791 F.3d 247 (2d Circuit 2015) (film case, joint works and co-ownership)
  36. Boyd v. Tribbett, D.N.J. July 10, 2015) (gospel songs and work for hire)
  37. Ford v. Ray, 130 F. Supp. 3d 1358 (W.D. Wash. 2015)
  38. Bubble Pony, Inc. v. Facepunch Studios, Ltd. (D. Minn Dec. 2017) (computer game at issue)
  39. Fox TV Stations, Inc, v. Aereoiller, 115 F. Supp .3d 1152 (C.D. Cal 2015). (Section 111 compulsory license)
  40.  Drauglis v. Kappa Map Group, LLC F. Supp .3d 46 (D.D.C. 2015) (unathorized use of photo)
  41. Woodward v. Victory Records, Inc,. (N.D. Ill Mar. 31, 2016) (transfer of copyright songs)
  42. Senisi v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (S.D.N.Y Nov 20, 2016) (photographer sued owner of textbook)
  43. Sullivan v. Duncan (S.D.N,Y July 17 ,2015) (reality show television infringement case)
  44. Epikhin v. Game Insight North America (N.D. Cal. Nov. 11, 2015) (Copyright in mobile application called “Cat Story”)
  45. Roberts v. Gordy (S.D. Fla. April 8, 2016) (infringement of musical compilation)
  46. Bossen Architecturak Millwork Inc. vs. Kobolak & Sons, Inc. (D.N.J. Nov. 17, 2015) (infringement by using photos on a website)
  47. Frazier v. Capital CMG Publishing (M.D. Tenn Dec 4, 2015) (royalties for gospel songs)
  48. Asce & Spener Musi, Inc. v. Principato-Young Entertainment (D. Minn Nov. 24, 2015) (musical composition)
  49. Crumley Architects, P.A. v. Whetaley (unregistered copyright)
  50. Guzman v. Hacienda Records & Recording Studio, Inc., 808 F.3d 1031 (5th Cir. 2015) (song, melody, infringement)
  51. Concentro Laboratories, LLC v. Practice Wealth, Ltd. (5th Circuit 2015) (video of diagnostic procedure)
  52. Stabile v. Paul Smith, Ltd., 137 F. Supp. 3d 1173 (C.D. Cal 2015) (infringement of abstract painting)
  53. Jordan -Benel v. Universal Studios, Inc. (C.D. Cal June 24, 2015) (infringement of movie, the Purge)
  54. Sissom v. Snow (7th Circuit Oct 1, 2015) (book about unsolved murder)
  55. Tanikumi v. Walt Disney, Co. (3rd. Circuit 2015) (moive Frozen – infringement of autographical book)
  56. Humphreys & Partners Architects, LP v. LEssard Design, Inc., 790 F.3d 532 (4th CIrcuit 2015) (apartment building designs at issue)
  57. Copeland v. Bieber, 789 F.3d 484 (4th Circuit 2015) (Justin Bieber songs)
  58. Williams v. A&E TV Networks, 122 F. Supp. 3d 157 (S.D.N.Y 2015) (Reality competition and television series)
  59. Lane v. Knowles-Carter (S.D.N.Y. Oct. 21, 2015) (Beyonce sued for copyright infringement)
  60. Skidmore v. Led Zeppelin, (C.D. Cal. April 8, 2016) (song Stairway to Heaven)
  61. Shame on You Productions, Inc. v. Banks (C.D. Cal 2015) (alleged infringement of motion picture screenplay).
  62. Williams v. Bridgeport Music Inc., (C.D. Cal July 14, 2015) (Marvin Gaye case)

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