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Guest Legal Analyst

Need a Legal Analyst for your Podcast, Vlog, or Videos shows, why not have Attorney Steve® on as a guest to add credibility to your show just like they do on TV and the Radio?


If you are looking for a legal guest for your podcast or video show Attorney Steve® just might be the legal personality that you are looking for.  To learn more about Steve Vondran, Esq.

To review my Big League baseball story.

For “running of the bulls” story (City Slickers)

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Legal Topics we can discuss (note: we can only talk in general terms, and cannot provide specific legal advice to your viewers or callers).

  1. Technology and Social Media issues in the news
  2. Supreme Court cases involving copyright, software or internet law
  3. Dealing with Autodesk software license audits
  4. Copyright law
  5. Contracts
  6. Free speech / First Amendment issues
  7. Software Audits and Internet Piracy
  8. (ex. Strike Three Holdings and Malibu Media and Siemens PLM)
  9. DMCA “takedown” issues with YouTube (counter-notification, appeals, etc.)
  10. DMCA 512(f) “bad faith” takedownThis is just a sample list of our core interests. Call us or send us an email if you have any special requests.

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Having an experienced Lawyer is not only important when you have a legal issue, but can also be a great way to spice up your podcast, Vlog, or YouTube video by having an expert on your show who can shed light of various legal issues and help make your shows more popular.

We cannot agree to all request and agreeing to do a show is subject to our sole discretion and availability.

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