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Technology & Software Failure

We can help companies recover losses due to software and technology failure


When I worked at a .com software company, we were told to “just get the software out there, who cares if its ready or not.”  I was told “you launch software when its 60% ready and fix the bugs and glitches as you go.”  I always that that was strange, but from a business perspective, I suppose I understood it.  Being the project manger for a web-based software company, I dealt with many of the customers who purchased our ASP software and wanted to access our reporting features (we sold a software product for attorneys and consultants to track their time).  One of the critical features clients wanted was the ability to generate reports.  But I knew being the product expert (I was #4 in the company), that there were a lot of bugs to our reporting features and I knew clients were getting false data and reports that were inaccurate.  I also knew that our customers relied on these reports in numerous ways.  I was not proud of selling a sub-par software technology product that could cause people headaches and worse, financial damages, but there was not much I could do other than to point out the malfunctions to the CEO and ask the programmers be allowed to fix it.  The programmers, of course, had a hundred other product features on their list and being a startup they would routinely inform me that they would “get to it when we get to it.”

In todays internet technology age many startups are rushing to launch their software or hardware, whether ready or not, and hope that they can survive the initial phase of their product or business launch without incident.  However, things do not always fly under the radar, and sometimes these defective hardware and software products cause significant financial damages to companies and individuals.  We can help companies vindicate their losses attributable to negligent software design, malfunctioning software and defects that cause financial and personal injuries.

Software Defects / Software Failure

As a firm well adept in handling software disputes, we can handle a wide variety of technology and software related “glitches,” “bugs,” “malfunctions,” and “defects” that cause personal or property damages and significant losses to business clients and individuals.  Types of cases we may handle include:

  1.  Negligent software design
  2.  Financial software that produces false results
  3. Faulty operation
  4. Excessive crashing of software
  5.  Medical software that malfunctions causing personal injury
  6. Failed ERP/CRM/SCM (supply chain management) implementation
  7.  Systems integrators who negligently cause damages
  8.  Defective hardware or electronics that cause commercial losses
  9.  Negligent security patches or network security
  10. Defective performance
  11. Defective web-based functionality
  12. Defective software that results in serious injuries or financial damages
  13. Failure to properly test software/hardware before launching it and offering for sale

When these types of losses hit your business, you need to act immediately to put the technology company on notice and demand that they preserve all relevant evidence.  Do not risk communicating with these potential defendants for risk of corrupting your case or locking yourself into a legal position before technology counsel can review your case, your contracts, licensing agreements, warranties and representations.  We are here to help.

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We are able to take many software and hardware technology failure cases on a contingency fee basis.  Contact us for more information.  We can be reached at (877) 276-5084.

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