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Attorney Steve’s “BlastMyTunes” Music Law Service!

Posted by Steve Vondran | Mar 12, 2015 | 0 Comments

You want an entertainment lawyer on your team, we can make that happen!


Here's the situation, you have a great band, a great song, or you are just plain great as an entertainer (comedian, etc.). You know you can make it if you can just “GET NOTICED” or just get your BIG BREAK.  Yet in a crowded entertainment marketplace, this is not always easy to do.  In life, sometimes you have to make your own breaks however, and our low cost entertainment law package offers you a chance to “Blast Your Tunes” to record labels and corporate entities that might be interested in your songs, music, jingles, tunes, ringtones, comedy, mixes, and sounds.


How the “BlastMyTunes” program works:

  • You get an entertainment law firm to represent your band or label to the music industry – both major and independent record labels – and/or to “Corporate America” for use in their podcasts, videos, blogs, etc. (ask yourself this question, how many other bands do you know that have an entertainment law firm representing them?).  This gives you a certain degree of credibility.  For example, in the literary world, if you do not have a literary lawyer or agent representing you, chances are slim anyone will look at your book, screenplay, or manuscript.
  • We write 20 letters on your behalf  (all letters are written on our legal letterhead with a unique URL link to your music or production) and send these letters to 20 record labels, and/or corporations that we feel might be interested in your music, songs, jingles, ringtones, or your band in general. The letters are designed to introduce your music and to ascertain whether there is any interest in licensing your music or to ferret out other potential commercial opportunities.

NOTE:  We reserve the right to accept or reject any bands, and links to your music and social media websites are required.  We choose only select talent acts under this program.  Please submit your request to be reviewed by filling out the contact form below.  We are not your entertainment attorneys unless and until a retainer agreement is signed with our firm.

Optional intellectual property & entertainment law services

  • For an additional fee ($125 per copyrighted item), we will register the copyright for up to 3 songs; (your best songs, jingles, sounds, lyrics, etc.) need to be protected. We can protect these by filing for federal copyright protection.
  • We will provide TWO HOURS of intellectual property & entertainment law legal advice to you and/or your band for the flat rate fee of $250. (Keep in mind, normal hourly fees for an entertainment law firm can range from $300 per hour up to $750 per hour or more). This is one main reason so many talented artists and bands do not have legal representation, and why they rely on “managers” and “agents” to help them get booked or to help with gigs.  Often times, these people are not committed to your success, have no ethical obligations to you, and if you are in the business of show business you know what I mean. With two hours of legal time you can ask the tough and pressing legal questions that have been on your mind (or which should be on your radar) such as:
  1. Picking a good band name (or song name) that won't infringe trademarks
  2. Picking a good domain name that avoids UDRP domain arbitrations
  3. Protecting your songs, jingles, parodies and lyrics with copyright
  4. Creating partnership agreements for your band (who gets what when you make it big)
  5. Royalty agreements
  6. How to setup a corporation or LLC
  7. Work-for-hire contracts & agreements
  8. Reviewing and advising on contracts with your agents and managers
  9. Negotiating entertainment law contracts
  10. How to legally promote our bands and music on crowd-funding websites
  11. How to break up with the band without causing legal headaches
  12. Other questions about internet law and music distribution
  13. Copyright infringement questions
  14. Legal questions regarding mobile applications issues
  15. DMCA copyright law questions


Of course, this is just a sample list of the most frequently asked questions that entertainment clients might have. You may have others and as a business and litigation firm, we are here to help. You get two solid hours of legal advice to use as you need it and when you need it. We keep track of the time and we can offer additional time as needed at a low flat rate fee.

What if I want the entire package (everything listed above)?

THE PREMIUM PACKAGE IS OPEN TO ALL ENTERTAINMENT CLIENTS – even those we may have decided not to take on a contingency fee basis as discussed above.

We offer the Premium “BlastMyTunes” entertainment law special for the one-time flat rate fee ($895). We reserve the right to cancel this offer at any time without further notice so you should act now to lock this in. This is a great price when you consider everything you get especially to have a music and entertainment law firm seeking to get you the exposure you need to the relevant industry contacts, but also to have an entertainment and intellectual property law firm to answer your pressing legal questions.

You must mention “BlastMyTunes” PREMIER when you call us at (877) 276-5084.

Why do I need an entertainment lawyer to help me get my music noticed?

Frankly you don't. Like most anything else in life you can “do it yourself.” That being said, having an entertainment law firm represent you could get your “foot in the door” or get your songs and music heard where you would otherwise end up in the shredder.  An entertainment law firm can lend credibility to your cause and present your music objectively and in a manner most favorable to you. As lawyers, our job is to advocate and negotiate and that is what we do best. 

Are there any guarantees that my band or me will get found or discovered?

As they say, in life there are no guarantees. There is no guarantee you get up in the morning. What we offer is a bona fide music law package designed to help steer your music career in the right direction.   As the old saying goes “nothing ventured nothing gained.”   So if you want to take your game to the next level, consider our service.  If not, call us when you are done trying to make it on social media alone. 

Do I get you meet my entertainment lawyer at the law office?

No. Because we seek to make legal services affordable and available to everyone in the music industry, unfortunately we cannot offer in-office visits in regard to our BlastMyTunes legal program. We can however, time permitting; offer a short initial consultation (10 minutes maximum via telephone or skype). In order to keep this program at the lowest price possible, we cannot spend hours at our Beverly Hills, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, or Newport Beach office discussing the music business. We hope you understand this.

What types of entertainment acts will our law firm consider representing?

The following are the types of musical talent we can represent. This is not an exclusive list and if you have something not listed please fill out the contact form below:

  1. Singers
  2. Songwriters
  3. Bands
  4. Rappers
  5. Jingle artists
  6. Ringtone creators
  7. Parody artists
  8. Drummers
  9. Guitar players
  10. Bass players
  11. Mobile apps involving music
  12. Rock bands
  13. Pop bands
  14. Solo singers
  15. Musicals
  16. Comedians
  17. Beat artists & Mix-masters
  18. Tune creators
  19. Duo and trio artists
  20. Hip hop artists

Contact a California music & entertainment law firm

To discuss our BlastMyTunes legal offering, or to setup an hourly paid consultation regarding any entertainment law questions you might have, contact us at (877) 276-5084.  We look forward to working with you.

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