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Mobile lawyering tips, become a legal citizen journalist and blowup your YouTube and TikTok channels

Posted by Steve Vondran | Jan 14, 2024

Attorney Steve® Mobile Lawyering Tips - Using artificial intelligence to come up with an idea for a video channel that will explode your lawyer marketing!  Call us at (877) 276-5084 to book your lawyer social media marketing coaching for new lawyers, and solo attorney law firms!

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Imagine building your online presence to a degree where the LEADS ARE COMING TO YOU!!  In the future, every lawyer will have their own podcast, YouTube Channel, Instagram and TikTok channel (if America does not foolishly move to block their platform).  These channels generate LEADS, believe me.  I am a lawyer doing it, and doing it BIG TIME!! You can too with the right lawyer social media coaching.  This blog will give you a way to come up with some ideas for a cool legal show that people ACTUALLY WANT TO WATCH!!  This can allow you to become a legal niche celebrity which will in turn help generate new clients who "love your channel" and have "watched all your videos" which is what many new clients tell me.  Law and be fun, personally rewarding and profitable if you know how to DO IT RIGHT. If you are not having fun, you are DOING IT WRONG!!

ChatGPT ideas

Here was a prompt I ran to generate ideas for "I need 20 ideas of legal show concepts for a lawyer that wants to be a citizen journalist"

1. "Law and Order: Citizen Journalist Edition" - Follow a lawyer-turned-citizen journalist as they investigate and report on various legal cases, shedding light on issues rarely covered by mainstream media.

2. "Justice Behind Bars" - Explore the lives of incarcerated individuals and their legal battles while digging deeper into the flaws of the criminal justice system.

3. "The Legal Truths" - Uncover forgotten or overlooked legal cases that need a voice, exposing hidden injustices and highlighting the work of underrepresented lawyers.

4. "Innocence Project Chronicles" - Chronicle the tireless efforts of a lawyer-journalist duo as they work with organizations like The Innocence Project, striving to exonerate wrongfully convicted individuals.

5. "Landmark Legal Battles" - Investigate and report on groundbreaking legal cases that are shaping legal precedents and affecting the lives of numerous individuals.

6. "Law Tacklers" - Document the journey of a lawyer as they take on complex and high-profile legal cases, providing an inside look at the challenges faced by both the attorney and their clients.

7. "Behind Closed Doors" - Explore the clandestine world of white-collar crime, exposing corporate wrongdoing and the legal battles fought to bring justice to the victims.

8. "The Courtroom Chronicles" - Follow a lawyer-citizen journalist as they dive deep into the legal proceedings of various court cases, offering commentary and analysis on the proceedings and outcomes.

9. "Legal Patriots" - Highlight lawyers who are actively working to protect civil liberties and fight for social justice, showcasing their efforts and the impact they have on communities.

10. "Legal Legends" - Profile renowned lawyers who have made significant contributions to the legal field, exploring their most impactful cases and legal philosophies.

11. "The Justice Project" - Shine a spotlight on cases involving wrongful convictions, exploring the investigative efforts of lawyers and journalists as they work to unearth the truth and seek justice.

12. "Lawyers in the Spotlight" - Follow the personal and professional lives of lawyers as they balance high-profile cases, public scrutiny, and their duty to uphold justice.

13. "Rights, Camera, Action" - Feature a lawyer-citizen journalist who covers protests, rallies, and demonstrations, examining the legal implications and laws surrounding these events.

14. "Defending the Defenseless" - Document the efforts of lawyers who dedicate their careers to representing marginalized individuals, shedding light on the challenges faced by both the lawyers and their clients.

15. "Judicial Perspectives" - Explore the perspectives and experiences of judges, providing a behind-the-scenes look at their decision-making process and the impact of their rulings.

16. "Inside the Bar" - Take viewers inside the daily life of a lawyer, observing their interactions with clients, colleagues, and the legal system.

17. "Unsung Heroes of Justice" - Highlight the work of lesser-known lawyers who are fighting for justice in their local communities, shedding light on their important contributions.

18. "Legal Minds Uncovered" - Engage in in-depth interviews with legal experts, discussing current legal issues, landmark cases, and the challenges faced by the legal profession.

19. "Legal Ghosts of the Past" - Explore historical legal cases that continue to impact society today, examining the long-lasting consequences and lessons learned.

20. "The Citizen's Guide to the Law" - Educate and inform the public about various legal topics through interviews with lawyers, providing accessible and practical legal advice and information.

Attorney Steve® Marketing Tip:  Do any of these sound like FUN and something you are actually able to produce content for on a CONSISTENT BASIS?

Now, being an intellectual property lawyer with a focus on copyright infringement, I did a more specific search for show ideas within in my practice area (you can do the same for your FAVORITE practice area that you really love and enjoy).

PROMPT:  "I need 20 ideas of entertaining legal show concepts for a copyright lawyer who wants to be a citizen journalist discussing copyright infringement legal issues"

Here is what AI provided me with (the ones in bold I liked and am considering):

  • "Copyright Courtroom Chronicles": A virtual courtroom where the lawyer discusses high-profile copyright infringement cases, presenting evidence and legal arguments while engaging with online viewers.

  • "Copyright Confidential": A docuseries where the lawyer investigates lesser-known copyright infringement cases, uncovering the stories behind the disputes and analyzing the legal aspects.

  • "Copyright Café": An informal talk-show format where the lawyer invites guests, including artists, creators, and experts, to discuss various copyright issues in a relaxed coffee-shop setting.

  • "Copyright Cops": A reality-style show where the lawyer joins forces with law enforcement agencies to crack down on large-scale copyright infringement operations, sharing the process and legal implications with viewers.

  • "Copyright Conundrums": A game-show style format where the lawyer presents complex copyright scenarios and challenges viewers to guess the outcome, explaining the legal reasoning behind each answer.

  • "Copyright Collisions": The lawyer explores copyright disputes between major corporations, analyzing the legal strategies and potential impacts of these clashes on creators and consumers.

  • "Copyright Chronicles": A historical series that delves into famous copyright cases from the past, shedding light on how they shaped the current legal landscape.

  • "Copyright & Creative Minds": An interview-based show where the lawyer invites influential creators, such as musicians, filmmakers, and authors, to discuss their experiences with copyright infringement and how it has impacted their work.

  • "Copyright Chit-Chat": The lawyer hosts live Q&A sessions, inviting viewers to ask copyright-related questions, share personal stories, and engage in informative discussions in real time.

  • "Copyright Cryptography": A show dedicated to explaining complex copyright law concepts using fun and interactive animations, providing viewers with a simplified understanding of legal jargon.

  • "Copyright Confidential: Inside the Office": A behind-the-scenes look at the lawyer's day-to-day work, offering guidance on copyright registration, licensing, and other legal procedures for creators.

  • "Copyright Comedy": A stand-up comedy format where the lawyer uses humor to educate viewers about copyright infringement, parody, fair use, and other relevant legal issues.

  • "Copyright Clash": An investigative series that explores controversial copyright infringement cases, analyzing both sides of the argument to encourage viewer engagement and discussions.

  • "Copyright Kiddos": A show targeted at younger audiences, educating them about copyright law through interactive storytelling, animations, and fun activities.

  • "Copyright Café Live": Hosting live panel discussions, debates, and interviews with industry experts, where viewers can participate by asking questions or joining the conversation.

  • "Copyright Case Files": The lawyer breaks down past court cases, providing behind-the-scenes information, exploring the legal strategies used, and the impact these cases had on copyright law.

  • "Copyright Tales from the Real World": Featuring real stories and FAQ submitted by creators, the lawyer examines individual experiences with copyright infringement and offers legal advice tailored to each case.

  • "Copyright Codex": A series that explores international copyright laws, comparing and contrasting legal approaches among different countries and examining how these differences affect creators.

  • "Copyright & the Internet": Focusing on digital copyright issues, the lawyer explains concepts like DMCA takedowns, online piracy, and streaming platforms' copyright policies, guiding viewers through the complexities of the online realm.

  • "Copyright Quest": A travel-style show where the lawyer embarks on a journey to different countries, exploring unique copyright cases, cultural differences, and international copyright treaties.

These are some great ideas for a copyright law firm.  However, you can then delve down into a "sub-niche" (as I like to say, "the riches are in the niches") and this may be easier to rank and be found on Google.  For example, Copyright law is a sub-niche of intellectual property, and Fair Use is a sub-niche of Copyright law.  So, let's try another prompt.

 PROMPT:  "I need 20 ideas of entertaining legal show for a copyright lawyer who wants to help viewers understand "fair use" laws and cases in the United States

Here is what OpenAI provided as possible shows:

1. "Fair Game: The Copyright Chronicles": A documentary-style show that follows a copyright lawyer as they navigate different fair use cases, providing insights into the complex legal issues surrounding copyright infringement and fair use defenses.

2. "Courtroom Chronicles: Fair Use Edition": A courtroom drama series that dramatizes famous fair use cases in an entertaining manner, highlighting the arguments and legal strategies that go into defending fair use claims.

3. "Fair Play Fails": An investigative series that examines cases where fair use defenses failed, shedding light on why certain claims were unsuccessful and educating viewers about the intricacies of fair use law.

4. "Beyond the Copyright Line": A talk show hosted by a copyright lawyer, featuring interviews with legal experts and industry professionals who have been involved in fair use cases. The host and guests discuss the nuances of copyright law and share their insights on fair use.

5. "Copyright Survival Guide": A reality show where a copyright lawyer helps individuals navigate the complexities of copyright law and fair use, offering practical advice and tips for creators and content owners to protect their work while ensuring they understand fair use parameters.

6. "Fair Use Files": A crime procedural series that revolves around a team of copyright lawyers who investigate and solve cases involving copyright infringement and fair use violations, offering a unique perspective on legal problem-solving.

7. "Law and Order: Copyright Unit": A spinoff of the popular crime drama series that focuses on the work of a specialized unit within the legal system that deals exclusively with cases related to copyright law, including fair use disputes.

8. "The Copyright Classroom": An educational show where a copyright lawyer breaks down fair use laws and cases into digestible segments, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the subject through easy-to-follow lessons and examples.

9. "Copyright Court": A reality court show where real fair use cases are presented, and a copyright lawyer acts as the judge, using the opportunity to explain the intricacies of copyright law and fair use to both the litigants and viewers.

10. "Fair Use Explorers": A travel show where a copyright lawyer explores various industries and art forms, investigating how fair use laws apply differently to different creative mediums, such as music, film, literature, and visual arts.

11. "Fair Use MasterChef": A competition-style show where contestants create original artistic works under the guidance of a copyright lawyer and are judged based on their adherence to fair use principles, encouraging understanding and creativity within legal boundaries.

12. "Copyright Case Chronicles": A docuseries that delves deep into landmark fair use cases throughout history, examining the historical context surrounding each case and showcasing their impact on shaping fair use laws.

13. "Copyright Conundrums": A game show hosted by a copyright lawyer, where contestants answer trivia questions and solve hypothetical fair use scenarios to win prizes while absorbing practical knowledge about fair use laws.

14. "Fair Use Q&A": A call-in show where viewers can ask a copyright lawyer questions about fair use laws and specific cases, providing expert advice and clarifications on copyright-related topics in an engaging format.

15. "Copyright Tales": An animated series that presents entertaining and relatable stories about copyright infringement and fair use, aimed at educating younger audiences about the importance of respecting intellectual property rights.

16. "The Fair Use Factor": A makeover show where a copyright lawyer helps content creators redesign their projects to ensure compliance with fair use laws, providing valuable insights and creative solutions to incorporate copyrighted materials legally.

17. "The Copyright Debate": A panel-style show featuring copyright lawyers, artists, and legal scholars engaging in lively discussions and debates on fair use laws and their impact on creativity, innovation, and the protection of intellectual property.

18. "Fair Use Uncovered": A hidden camera series where a copyright lawyer tests fair use boundaries in various scenarios, revealing how people react to the use of copyrighted materials and showcasing real-life examples of fair use disputes.

19. "Content Creator Confidential": A reality TV show that follows the lives of content creators, exploring the challenges they face in navigating copyright laws and fair use limitations, with a copyright lawyer providing expert guidance throughout their journeys.

20. "The Fair Use Files": A true crime-style show that investigates and reconstructs real fair use cases, showcasing the legal intricacies and moral questions involved in each case, allowing viewers to form their own judgments.

As you can see, there are lots of great ideas and various formats to consider.  You have to be practical and find a topic you can do (hopefully on a daily basis for 30 minutes a day).

Attorney Steve® Legal Marketing Tip:  Also, note how you are getting some GREAT SHOW NAMES.  These can potentially be trademarked which is another important thing to consider, but you always want to perform a trademark search of USPTO before deciding to register a trademark.

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