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We are a leader in the United States in the area of handling software audits and licensing disputes with major software publishers such as Microsoft, Adobe, Altium, Camtasia, Vero, CNC, Autodesk, Vero software, VB Conversion, Solidworks and other products.

No firm puts as much heart into our work as we do.  This can be evidenced by both our extensive article collection and our popular youtube channel which has almost 20,000 subscribers.  If your company is facing software litigation or received a demand letter from the Software Compliance Group, SIIA, Business Software Alliance or Law Firm like DONAHUE FITZGERALD, LLP in the Bay area, call us for a free initial consultation. 

There is no other law firm located in California that can match our boutique copyright software licensing and infringement practice.  Nationally, we are the low-cost leader in these audits.  Call us to discuss our flat-rate pricing. 


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51.  Buying software on eBay or Craigslist for CHEAP is ILLEGAL?

52.  The role of software compliance in merger and acquisition transactions (sale of a business which includes computers and laptops and servers)

53.  Is a software license transferrable or assignable from one company to another?

54.  What you need to know about “font audits”

55.  Can our current business and corporate lawyers handle the audit? (PODCAST)

56.  Overview of Solidworks CAD infringement letter

57. Overview of commonly audited Autodesk products

58.  What you need to know about Autodesk student / academic software licensing

59.  Receive a letter from the Software Compliance Group regarding CNC Mastercam?

60.  What is the legal test for software infringement?

61.  How to get contribution or indemnity from secret informant

62.  Will employee dishonesty insurance cover your business for illegal installation by IT guy?

63.  What you need to know before purchasing Autodesk software on eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist

64.  3 YEAR statute of limitations on software infringement claims

65.  Can a successful Defendant in copyright infringement case seek attorney fees?

67.  Common terms in a settlement agreement with the business software alliance

68.  Attachmate Micro Focus International Software Audits overview

69.  Who is the software audit group?

70.  Does D&O insurance cover costs of hiring a lawyer for a software audit?

71.  What does a demand letter from the Software Alliance look like?

72.  Is it legal to buy Autodesk CAD or Revit on a discount internet store?

73.  Can submitting a software “crash report” trigger an audit?  If so, does the statute of limitations apply?

74.  Can you use Windows Home 7 for “business” or “commercial purpose?”

75.  The problem of missing receipts and proofs of purchase (Podcast)

76.  Legal issues in purchasing refurbished computers, laptops and servers (Microsoft)

77. Fill out this software infringement questionnaire for a free consultation

78.  Types of proof of purchase the software alliance will accept in an audit

79.  Overview of Autodesk SAM review email

80.  Overview of Microsoft SPLA audits

81.  Potential damages in default judgment case

82.  Tekla Trimble Software demands

83.  Vero – “Legends Never Die” letters

84. Personal guarantees in software settlements, should you sign?

85. Autodesk Audits and liability for freelance independent contractors.

86. Does the Software Alliance file lawsuits if you don't comply with audit request? 

87.  How to respond for request for onsite licensing audit

88.  Overview of Alphacam licensing investigations

89.  What happens if you cannot settle your case – federal court overview (software litigation)

90. Is over-installing software considered copyright infringement?

91.  If you are facing a software audit due to illegal downloads on Pirate Bay

92.  How to find your AutoCAD serial number

93.  BSA software alliance settles cases in Australia ($347,000)

94.  What is a SIIA audit letter?

95.  Are Autodesk internal audits mandatory per the EULA?

96. The BIGGEST mistake you can make in a BSA or SIIA software audit

97.  The software infringement fine calculator

98.  Exocad DentalCAD software piracy dispute

99.  Autodesk license types

100.  Open Text license compliance audit

101.  ActivePDF software audit overview

102.  WOW, posting a Job Ad on Indeed can lead to an audit, what's next?

103.  Will a subpoena unmask the identity of the defamatory informant?

104.  Sharing software discs in violation of EULA could prove very costly.  

105.  how does a "MAC ADDRESS" prove we are liable?

106.  Technology law firm that charges BY THE HOUR should be avoided.  You are paying for their overhead.

107.  Beware of "Phone Home" piracy monitoring technology

108.  Counterfeit product license keys can cause DMCA legal problems

109.  Can you use the California Privacy Law - CCPA - to access what information Microsoft has?

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