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Paid consultation in photo infringement defense cases – WE KNOW WHO SUES, do you??

Posted by Steve Vondran | Aug 13, 2018 | 0 Comments

Attorney Steve® – The Photo Lawyer™ – What will my photo infringement case settle for? 


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If you find yourself in a photo infringement case with one of the prolific filers of copyright infringement cases, we can help you evaluate the legal demand and make a fair counteroffer that might get accepted. Call us for a 30 minute paid consultation ($425).  This could be the best money you ever spent trying to get a gauge on what these photo infringement companies might be seeking to settle the case.

We often know who is suing and which photographers may NOT be "litigious."  Some of the top companies filing federal copyright infringement lawsuits in this area are:

  1. Higbee & Associates
  2. Liebowitz Law Firm
  3. Sanders Law Firm

Sometimes these cases start with a letter from PicRights or ImageRights.  Many times, this is a good opportunity to settle your case for a lower amount.  If not, it can be dished off to a law firm to pursue the matter and this can raise significantly your costs of settlement. Make sure to call us before THROWING THE DEMAND AWAY.  


Here are some COMMERCIAL Photographers who have filed photo infringement lawsuits or appeared as Defendants (you can expect them to be more aggressive in their settlement demands since they are not afraid to file a lawsuit).

A.  Liebowitz Law Firm (New York) 

  1. Polaris Images Corporation
  2. VSL Dokumentikos Namai
  3. Adlife Marketing & Communications Company, Inc.
  4. Devocean Jewelry LLC
  5. Action Sports Photography, Inc.
  6. Tiyu (Beijing) Culture Media Co. Ltd.
  7. Zuma Press, Inc.
  8. Abbey Photographers, Inc.
  9. Complex Media, Inc.
  10. Defy Media, LLC
  11. Matthew Adam P{hotography, LLC
  12. Pix International, LLC
  13. Gothamist, LLC
  14. Urbanlinx Media, Inc.

B.  Higbee & Associates (Santa Ana, California)

This law firm has a basically automated photo infringement recovery factory.  They have non-lawyers from their “copyright division” settle their cases.  They see from $350-$10,000 or more per photo to settle these types of cases.  They also are not afraid to file lawsuits on behalf of certain photographers.  Here are a few we know have filed lawsuits in the past or been Defendants in a case (indicating you might have to pay more to settle copyright 1202 and other infringement claims with them):

  1.  Michael Grecco Productions, Inc.
  2. Reuters
  3. Adlife Marketing and Communications Company, Inc.
  4. Lived In Images, LLC
  5. Associated Press ("AP")
  6. Transportation Alliance Bank
  7. Agence-France-Presse
  8. Alarm Grid, Inc.
  9. Incredible Features, Inc.

Call us to learn more about the many individual photographers that are filings lawsuits for photo infringement.

Listen to Attorney Steve® settlement "factors" in a copyright infringement photo settlement case.

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C.  Sanders Law Firm (

We can tell which of their ARTIST CLIENTS have actually filed a lawsuit or been involved in a lawsuit as a Defendant (which means you can expect to pay a little bit more to settle the case than the artists and photographers that DO NOT FILE LAWSUITS – perhaps they are not litigious people or do not want to look like a “photo infringement bully” – its hard to say, but our statistical system can potentially help you save settlement money.

  1. FameFlynet, Inc. (celebrity photos)
  2. BWP Media USA, Inc.
  3. National Photogroup, LLC
  4. Barcroft Media, Ltd.
  5. Visions of America, LLC
  6. Ambient Images, Inc.

Book a paid consultation for photo infringement advice.  We are one of the few firms in the United States that can provide this type of lawsuit intelligence and we can help you save money by knowing what you are up against.

ATTORNEY STEVE® PODCAST:  Important information to know if you receive a photo infringement demand letter.


VIDEO:  What you need to know about Photo Infringement 1202 Claims

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