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Tired of customers ripping off your software? We can help recover lost licensing fees!!!

Posted by Steve Vondran | Nov 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

Copyright Software Enforcement and Compliance – Yes, we can be your outsourced software piracy counsel on a shoestring budget.  We c an enforce your copyrights including but not limited to art, drawings, music, poetry, photographs, videos, and software programs and applications.

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Introduction – Overview of our software compliance software infringement enforcement

  1. Copyrighting your software or applications (including all updates)
  2. Putting a “Report Privacy” link on your website
  3. Fix your EULA to detail what login and usage information you will be tracking
  4. Make sure that a violation of the EULA is software (copyright) infringement and NOT a simple breach of contract.  Copyright infringement cases provide for attorney fees.
  5. EULA needs to have an audit clause in there (so you can do an onsite audit if needed)
  6. We would draft a software infringement letter than can be used internally for first offenders (the letter would come from the “compliance” department, not from you, the owner.  You have to start taking on the image of a bigger firm, and as you grow this is important).
  7. When a case needed to be “elevated to legal” that comes to us and we work the case on a contingency fee basis (50/50).  Some cases are bigger than others, some cases will get dropped, so this is the amount we would need to request to enforce your legal IP rights/
  8. We get cases settled, settlement checks to you, and if lawsuits are needed we can discuss that on a case-by-case basis
  9. Once the client is back on track, we close out our file.
  10. In short, we are your outsourced copyright counsel and we can handle copyright and trademark issues, DMCA, etc.

We typically charge a one time $1,500 setup fee to get the letters, EULA, and piracy link setup.  Everything else is contingency fee basis.  Copyright cost is $55.

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We have extensive legal experience in the world of software, video, and online piracy.  We represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants across the United States.  Call us for more information at (877) 276-5084.

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