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Are Autodesk internal audits MANDATORY for licensees?

Posted by Steve Vondran | Jul 16, 2018 | 0 Comments

What does an Autodesk internal software audit request look like?  The EULA may dictate that you agreed to a Private audit of CAD or Revit or Inventor for example.

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We have people who get emails like the one below and wonder if they are real or a scam.  Here is one that is REAL so you can see what a legitimate one may look like.  Before you engage in these types of audits you may want to discuss retaining counsel to assist you. Once willful copyright infringement is established, statutory penalties can range from $30,000 to $150,000 per infringed title.  We have helped many companies get through this process and limit their liability.

2019 Autodesk Audit Updates

  1. You may receive an email from Autodesk demanding you to participate in a legal software audit.
  2. They have attorneys on their side and you should consider being represented on your end.
  3. Their law firm Donahue Fitzgerald (SF bay area)  may DEMAND that your architect, engineering or design firm submit to a “contractual audit” or demand that you login to a “portal” and install their script.  There are major pitfalls and dangers to this.
  4. Bottom line, we offer low FLAT RATE LEGAL FEES that allows your company (and you as an officer and director of the company, who can also be held liable) to have legal representation on your side.

Watch Attorney Steve Explain Autodesk 2019 Auditing Strategies – ONSITE or THIRD PARTY AUDITS possible!!!

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Sample Autodesk email


Thank you for your registration in the Autodesk Software Review Portal.

Your company's Autodesk Software Review submission is now overdue. Please submit the information required in the Portal within the next 5 business days.

As a licensee of Autodesk software and services, your company is requested to complete the Profile questions, upload an Inventory of your Autodesk software and submit this information to Autodesk as part of the Software Review process.

The Autodesk Software Review Portal is located at: Your company's unique registration code is: XXXXXXXX

We recommend you review the User Guide found on the “How It Works” page as a reference. If you experience issues with the Review process, please use the messaging feature in the Portal for assistance.

If your company does not complete the Software Review in the Portal, an Autodesk Software Management Representative will contact you or your company.

Thank you for your cooperation.


The Autodesk Software Management Team

Listen to Attorney Steve® explain the Autodesk Internal Audit Process

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PODCAST:  Click on the picture to hear the Podcast.

Another sample email you might have received

Dear Autodesk Customer,

As part of Autodesk's on-going Software Asset Management Program, your company has been selected to undergo a required software compliance audit. This process will help ensure your organization's installation and use of Autodesk products and services is compliant with applicable licensing agreements,

Please perform an inventory of your deployed Autodesk software and provide the required information in the Autodesk Software License Review Portal within the next 15 days.

The portal is located at Your company's unique registration code is XXXXXXXXXX

A user Guide, FAQs, and other resources are available on the portal to guide your company through this process.

If you have any issues with the portal, please contact an Autodesk Software Asset Management Consultant at 1-833-588-9571.

Autodesk would like to thank you for your continued business. We value our partnership and believe that our joint attention to software compliance will strengthen this relationship going forward.

Yours Sincerely

Are these audits MANDATORY?

If I was involved in an audit directly with Autodesk, or through their man law firm Donahue Fitzgerald that handles other software compliance issues for the software powerhouse, I would ask to see the signed contract wherein your company agreed to engage in mandatory audits upon request.  You may be able to negotiate out of this, and there are some steps you should consider taking to protect your company before just giving in and conceding.

Contact a Software License Compliance Law Firm

We can help you if you are dealing with either an internal audit, or one initiated by receiving a letter from a law firm.  You should note that the Business Software Alliance (“BSA”) a software trade association can also bring an audit demand for companies like CNC, Adobe, Microsoft and including Autodesk.  We offer low flat rate fees and we are one of the leading intellectual property law firms in the United States having handled hundreds of these cases.  Call us at (877) 276-5084 for a no cost initial consultation. 

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