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Beware of the Torrent Lawyer who tells you what they will settle the case for

Posted by Steve Vondran | May 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

The ‘Lowball' Torrent Lawyer – How to perform your Due Diligence when faced with responding to a adult movie subpoena and lawsuit over Bittorent Downloads and File Sharing

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When you are looking into hiring a copyright defense law firm to help you with responding to an ISP subpoena to Cox, Time Warner, AT&T, Comcast, Suddenlink, Verizon or others, you want to do your due diligence and make sure you are hiring the best law firm possible.  We get a lot of calls from people that are nervous, scared, and want to make the right decision, but are not sure what to expect or what questions to ask.  If you find yourself in this situation, don't be worried, just give us a call and tell us I GOT A SUBPOENA or I NEED A COPYRIGHT LAWYER and we will walk you though it.  NO PRESSURE and NO OBLIGATION.  This blog is to give you some insight into the type of firm you should be looking for.

First Tip – Don't pay 3k (or more) for Torrent Lawsuit Defense

First thing, and I will keep this short.  DO NOT PAY ANY LAW FIRM THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS OR MORE TO SETTLE YOUR TORRENT CASE, UNLESS THIS COVERS LITIGATION FEES.  This is simply INSANE but we have heard of firms doing this.  You have to ask at some point who is the troll.

Read more about.

Don't believe someone who tells you what the case will settle  for (ex.$166/movie)

We know the most important question that clients have when faced with a Bittorren defense lawsuit is “what is this going to cost me” or “is this going to bankrupt me.”  Some attorneys, we have heard through the grapevine, will tell new callers they can get the case settled for under $200 per movie.  While this is possible, it is surely not the norm, and if someone tells you that they can get it under $200 ASK THEM IF THEY WILL GUARANTEE IT IN WRITING AND PAY THE DIFFERENCE OUT OF YOUR ATTORNEY FEES IF THEIR “PREDICTION” DOES NOT COME TRUE.

Once you hear them backtrack on this request for assurances, you should strongly consider hanging up the phone.  Car dealers often lie to people who are “shopping around” it's called giving them a “lowball offer” so they will come back after they have done all their due diligence.   Don't fall for this.

Check out their past client reviews to see if they have met their client's expectations

If you are considering hiring a copyright defense law firm that does not have any (or few) past client reviews, what are you really basing your decision on?  A voice on the other line? A promise of a low per movie settlement (that may, or more likely, may not come true)?  This approach does not make much sense.  Here is what you are paying for when you hire a Torrent subpoena defense law firm:

  1. Federal court experience – check out ours (we have appeared in over 60 federal cases)
  2. Negotiation skill
  3. Relationship with opposing counsel
  4. Past client reviews (see ours – which PROVE client expectations were met).  We don't OVERPROMISE, we seek to OVERDELIVER!
  5. Customer service
  6. Responsiveness
  7. Empathy for your situation
  8. Skill with settlement agreements (so you don't get BUSTED again)
  9. Having a great attorney/client experience (its not every day you hire an attorney)
  10. The lowest settlement possible – and feeling good about it

Our track record in this area of law says it all.  In this specialized area of technology law there is no substitute for experience

Torrent Settlement Factors by Attorney Steve®

VIDEO:  This is the question we get more than any other question – “how much will my case settle for.”  The answer is not easy and not the same in all cases (there is no “one size fits all” solution) however, this video will give you some general guidelines, but don't hire someone just because they are giving you the lowest figure. Once you hire them, and get a higher settlement amount that they are telling you that they would get you, and they say “you should accept this” its already too late to fire them (which is why they probably have no client reviews to speak of, meaning you just got HAD).  Due Diligence is using your head and not being mislead by lowball quotes like car dealers use.

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PS I forgot to mention this, but does your copyright infringement attorney have a PASSION FOR THE BUSINESS and have a PUBLIC VIDEO LIBRARY to help people?  Isn't that the type of law firm you SHOULD BE SUPPORTING.

Contact a Torrent Defense Law Firm – “You CLICK we DEFEND®”

We are a California based law firm (realistically probably the only California firm with deep experience in this specialized area of law).  Like seeing a doctor, you want a firm that knows what they are doing and deals with the same types of cases over and over.

Call us at (877) 276-5084.  We offer low flat rate (predictable) legal fees that are likely lower than the so called competitors.

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