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Microsoft counterfeit reseller lawsuit

Microsoft counterfeit reseller lawsuit

Posted by Steve Vondran | Jun 18, 2018 | 0 Comments

Microsoft Trademark Lawsuits against Unauthorized Resellers.

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According to one internet law related online blog: “The 26 lawsuits are against companies that allegedly pirated software or installed unlicensed software on computers they sold. One of the lawsuits was filed against a reseller in Georgia who was recently indicted on federal criminal charges. Lawsuits were filed in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and South Carolina.”

Secret Shoppers, Snitches

Microsoft may learn about potential IP infringement cases against counterfeit software distributors, and according to the article it allegedly receives thousands of calls a month it to its anti-piracy hotline (800-RU-LEGIT).

Once an informant provides a lead (it is questionable as to what degree the “informant” is actually vetted, which is important because many times this can be a disgruntled employee who is lying or defaming the company), Microsoft may send out a “secret shopper” who purchases a software program or other technology product, and then tests the software to determine whether it is authentic or pirated / counterfeit.

If they site operator is found to be selling infringing goods online, this can be sent to an internal division at Microsoft where a decision is made to either send a cease and desist letter, DMCA takedown notice, or move forward to file a trademark and copyright infringement laws.  As noted in the podcast above, damages in Counterfeit cases can reach 2 million per infringed mark or more if actual damages can be shown.

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