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Posted by Steve Vondran | Jun 14, 2015 | 0 Comments

BIG LAW LEADS!  How to succeed as a new lawyer – Hang out your shingle and make the cash register jingle!!!

how to open a solo law firm


In 2021 we will be launching our social media video series for new lawyers called BIG LAW LEADS! 

While I have had a FREE LEGAL CHANNEL for years, this project will take a ton of time and will be a [low cost paid portal] where you can login and and access new videos, tips,  that offers you the benefit of my 15 years of social media marketing experience.  Lawyer marketing is different from general legal marketing, for one reason, we have ethical rules of professional responsibility.  I will talk about these things.  I will talk about how to get started and the tech companies and tools I used to build leads over the year.  For many years now, I have never had to worry about getting legal clients, and even better, having many leads I actually get to CHOOSE THE CLIENTS I want to work with.  Living and working on your own terms is the key to HAPPINESS in the practice of law.  

This blog provides some basic things that I think will help any new lawyer succeed after they pass they bar, and when they want to “hang out their own shingle” (which is the only real way to live anyway – building your own brand and earning what you are worth).  If you get a job offer at BIGLAW, sure that may be worth it, but in my experience many lawyers get burned out in just a few years churning out the billable hours and many attorneys switch jobs every couple of years thinking it might just be the law firm or the practice area, but I don't think that normally works as a solution.   There is nothing more enjoyable, to me anyway, than FIRING YOUR BOSS and BEING YOUR OWN BOSS.

What I like to discuss is a way to practice law and “live and work on your own terms.”  What I call PERFECTION ACHIEVED!  You choose the cases you want to handle and you control your schedule.  Of course to do this, you need one basic thing – A STEADY FLOW OF LEADS THAT CAN BE CONVERTED TO CUSTOMERS.  This is what I have to offer, and if you found this page, its because my marketing plan WORKS! 

I can teach any lawyer or law firm how to succeed using targeted online Attorney Steve® "Superniche marketing."  Call us for more details at (877) 276-5084. 

Attorney Steve® Legal Studio

Here is a look at my studio.  If you are forced to work at home during Covid, you might as well setup your own studio so you can work, and generate leads.  To me, lawyers need to have STUDIOS as opposed to LAW OFFICES.

BIG LAW LEADS™ - Attorney Steve® shares his social media marketing secrets

After building an extremely successful law practice with offices in 6 total offices - in California and Arizona - I have decided to start sharing my secrets to success.  This will take the form of an online portal which will share my tips, tricks and strategies to generate legal leads.  I am calling the service "Big Law Leads™"

Here is what you will learn in our video seminar series

Big Law Leads, social media marketing for attorneys

Here is an overview of the main things I will teach you (that, let's be honest, they likely did not teach you in law school), basically, how to actually MAKE MONEY IN THE PRACTICE OF LAW!!   

Having a professional online presence is CRITICAL TO YOUR SUCCESS.  It's just a matter of whether or not you want to take the time to be AWESOME and LIVE YOUR DREAMS, or work for someone else to help them BUILD THEIR FIRM and their fortune, or build your own.

  1. How to setup a professional and interesting blog (and paying for a blog).
  2. How to obtain a great domain name that is easy to remember.  NOTE:  I paid $6,000 for, I almost choked on the price at first, but it was the best investment I ever made!  I no longer use business cards – unless I have to go to court.  I simply tell people to "google Attorney Steve and you will find me").  This makes life really interesting and intrigues people.  If they are really interested (and not just engaged in “cocktail talk” so to speak), they will find you.
  3. How to create a youtube channel and generate REAL FANS AND FOLLOWERS (look at ours, over 22,400 Subscribers to our Legal Youtube Channel).  This generates LEADS, while also educating and inspiring people!!  My legal fans LOVE IT.
  4. How to build out your LinkedIn profile (and how to use LinkedIN to build timely and interesting content and link with other professionals and generate leads, yes, you heard me, generate leads off linked in.). 
  5. How to build out your Facebook fan page (and market your content with online ads), and how to use a personal page to forge relationships that can lead to more business. 
  6. How to build your presence on Twitter
  7. How to build out and utilize your Avvo client review page (and maximize that to build confidence in clients which help close new cases).
  8. How to create quick and easy videos that can be used for content on your social media sites
  9. How to use picture editing software (yes, I will share my favorite tool) like a pro to build fun and compelling content.
  10. How to use Infograph software to build engaging content (as you will find out CONTENT is NOT king, FRESH AND CREATIVE CONTENT IS KING).
  11. How to set up your own legal podcast that will help build KEYWORD DOMINATION (check out our Vondran Legal Hour podcast)
  12. The ONE key website you need to know to find current legal news in your legal area (this may sound simple enough, but there is a key you are probably missing).
  13. Websites you need to know to find pictures, photos, videos and sound effects (you can waste hours upon hours trying to figure this out on your own).
  14. How you can use ScribD to help promote your super-niche legal practice areas
  15. The ONE site you need to know to keep a close eye on your competitors and their activities.  This is one of the most important tips and tools I can teach you to help you make money fast!
  16. How to use trademarks to build your practice (yes, if you do all these things I am talking about, perhaps one day you will be able to actually SELL YOUR PRACTICE, or should I say sell your LEAD MACHINE?).  Trademarks are valuable assets of any Fortune 500 company.  Why don't you treat your solo law firm the same way?  I have nearly 10 trademarks of my own including Attorney Steve®, The First Name in Legal Services®, Litigation Whiteboard®, You CLICK we DEFEND® and others.
  17. Tips to help you become a LIKEABLE and thus more APPROACHABLE, (someone people actually want to call, or private message on facebook - more leads - and want to call and do business with.  I know everyone thinks they have “the knack” but I have not seen this to be the case for majority of lawyers I have come across over 15 years of law practice.
  18. How to CLOSE THE DEAL.  It makes no sense to get a ton of leads only to lose them because you were never taught anything about sales.  We will teach you the basics you need to know, and believe me, these tips will HELP YOU BIG TIME!!
  19. Social media professional ethics for lawyers (many states regulate online advertising for lawyers, and this is a unique situation that REQUIRES an experienced lawyer to discuss with you, not the silicon valley marketing companies, respectfully.
  20. Many other topics.....these are just off the top of my head.

These are just SOME of the main items I will teach you in my BIG LAW LEADS online video series. For a one time fee you will get access to all the new videos I release.  

If you have all this covered, do not waste your time, click away now, go back to your cubicle.  You do not need my information.  You can find all kinds of free things on the internet, but do you know what really works or how to translate all that information?  Probably not.  Your time is valuable and you really do not have time for this type of hunt and peck system.

However, on the other hand, if you would like to SAVE A TON OF TIME and GET YOUR PRACTICE BREWING UP LEADS, let's talk about either our PRIVATE CONSULTING services for lawyers and law firms (of any size) or email us through our contact form below with the heading BIG LAW LEADS and we will email you when the video portal is launched.

social media attorney

Do you offer private social media consulting for new lawyers?

Yes, I can help set your law firm up with a solid brand building strategy and social media marketing program that will help you standout in your field (to be OUTSTANDING YOU NEED TO STAND OUT).  I will teach some general tips that I have used - there are many - to build my business.  I work WHERE I want, WHEN I want with WHO I want.  Not too many lawyers can make that claim.  

Generating legal leads will take a lot of hard work on your part, for sure.  Let's make no mistake about that at the outset.  If you don't have the time and energy, this will not be a good option for you.  I have to tell you that up front in full disclosure.  But, if you have the will and desire to succeed you should not miss this opportunity to learn and hopefully be inspired by the ideas that are "battle tested" and with a proven pile of call log books.  I probably receive, on average, 10-20 calls per day.  This is all verifiable.  POTENTIAL NEW CLIENTS (PNC) is the NAME OF THE GAME.  That is 50-100 calls per week, which is 200-400 calls per month.  Which is 2,400 to 4,800 LEADS EACH YEAR.  How many of these have to end of actual clients?  That is up to you, and what you charge, and rests on whether or not YOU CAN CLOSE THE DEAL!  I will teach you these tips in my videos having been a former mortgage loan officer, real estate broker, and successful lawyer for 15 years.

Even if you charged $1,000 flat rate fee for a service you provide (ex. a DUI or Wills and Trusts), and closed ONLY 10% of these leads (240 taking the low end above), that is $240,000 per year.  That exceeds what most lawyers make.  Of course, results can vary and I cannot guarantee you success, that is up to you.

Closing thoughts

In closing, without a solid plan for building your LEGAL AUTHORITY on the internet (in your practice areas), in a manner which google will recognize and which fans, followers and potential customers will remember you, you cannot really get to where you want to get in the legal field, or in life for that matter.  So, BELIEVE in yourself and INVEST in yourself and let us help you get started on the road to independence and building your law practice for a hopeful sale one day.  I hope to sell my LEGAL LEAD MACHINE one day, (er, I mean law practice).  How many lawyers never even have a plan to get there.  With a lead machine, trademarks, business goodwill, you just might be able to cash out when you are ready to retire, or stay on with a firm you BUILT and LOVE!!!  Give it some thought.

For more information, email us through our contact form below with the heading "BIG LAW LEADS" and we will email you when the video portal is launched.  

Or, for private social media consulting services, call us (877) 276-5084.  Note, the minimum investment for private consulting services is $10,000.  You can see our client Avvo reviews here.

While we are an extremely busy commercial litigation law firm (having filed over 250 state and federal court cases), we also like to help new lawyers, laterals and others who are ready to hang out their own legal shingle and make their mark by building their legal authority online!!!   You can see our Litigation Whiteboard videos here.

It's a bold new world.  You are selling to millennials now, ARE YOU READY to jump off the high dive?

We pick up where law school left off!

– Attorney Steve® –

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