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Strike 3 brings holiday (non) joy with slew of year-end filings

Posted by Steve Vondran | Dec 30, 2022

BitTorrent Litigation Updates 2022 Year-End - Strike 3 Case List with Case Number and IP Address

2022 file sharing lawsuits with catcher


If you receive a copyright infringement notice from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), it is important to take the allegation seriously and consider consulting with a copyright lawyer. Such notices are often associated with copyright lawsuits brought by entities like Strike 3 Holdings, who specialize in copyright enforcement of adult movies. An attorney can provide assistance in formulating an appropriate response to the subpoena and review any evidence before submitting your response. A copyright attorney can also guide you throughout the process and tell you whether settlement or litigation may be in your best interest. Ultimately, getting independent legal advice is in your best interest since the consequences of copyright infringement can be serious.

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Here are the most recently filed cases in California and Hawaii

Northern District

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4:2022cv09013 IP Address:

4:2022cv09014 IP address

3:2022cv09015 IP address

5:2022cv09016 IP address

5:2022cv09018  IP address

5:2022cv09019 IP address

5:2022cv09020 IP address

5:2022cv09021 IP address

5:2022cv09022 IP address

5:2022cv09024 IP address

5:2022cv09025 IP address 98.47.187.

5:2022cv09026 IP address

4:2022cv08977 IP address

4:2022cv08979 IP address

3:2022cv07314 IP address

3:2022cv07312 IP address

4:2022cv07313 IP address

5:2022cv07315 IP address

3:2022cv07316 IP address

3:2022cv07318 IP address

3:2022cv07319 IP address

3:2022cv07334 IP address

4:2022cv07267 IP address

3:2022cv07274 IP address

4:2022cv07268 IP address

4:2022cv07249 IP address

4:2022cv07250 IP address

4:2022cv07263 IP address

4:2022cv07265 IP address

4:2022cv07269 IP address

4:2022cv07271 IP address

3:2022cv07272 IP address

3:2022cv07273 IP address

3:2022cv07275 IP address

4:2022cv07211 IP address

4:2022cv07212 IP address

4:2022cv07213 IP address

4:2022cv07214 IP address

Potential Defenses in Peer-to-Peer file-sharing cases

Southern District

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3:2022cv02014 IP address












Eastern District

Click here to learn more about - the Eastern District of California

2:2022at01272 IP address

2:2022at01273 IP address

2:2022at01274 IP address

2:2022at01275 IP address

2:2022at01276 IP address

2:2022at01277 IP address

2:2022at01278 IP address

2:2022at01279 IP address

2:2022at01280 IP address

2:2022at01281 IP address

2:2022at01282 IP address

2:2022at01283 IP address

2:2022cv02253 IP address

2:2022cv02254 IP address

2:2022cv02255 IP address

2:2022cv02260 IP address

2:2022cv02261 IP address

2:2022cv02262 IP address

2:2022cv02263 IP address

2:2022cv02264 IP address

2:2022cv02265 IP address

2:2022cv02266 IP address

2:2022cv02267 IP address

2:2022cv02268 IP address

2:2022cv02071 IP address

2:2022cv02072 IP address

2:2022cv02073 IP address

2:2022cv02074 IP address

2:2022cv02075 IP address

2:2022cv02076 IP address

2:2022cv02079 IP address

2:2022cv02080 IP address

2:2022cv02066 IP address

2:2022cv02060 IP address

2:2022cv02062 IP address

2:2022cv02064 IP address

2:2022cv02065 IP address

2:2022cv02067 IP address

2:2022at01172 IP address

2:2022at01170 IP address

2:2022at01171 IP address

2:2022at01173 IP address

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Central District

Click here to learn more about - the Central District of California

8:2022cv02270 IP address

8:2022cv02271 IP address

8:2022cv02272 IP address

8:2022cv02273 IP address


2:2022cv09170 IP address

8:2022cv02261 IP address

8:2022cv02262 IP address

8:2022cv02263 IP address

8:2022cv02264 IP address

2:2022cv08469 IP address

2:2022cv08331 IP address

2:2022cv08332 IP address

5:2022cv02017 IP address

8:2022cv02077 IP address

8:2022cv02078 IP address

8:2022cv02079 IP address

2:2022cv08295 IP address

2:2022cv08298 IP address

2:2022cv08299 IP address

2:2022cv08301 IP address

2:2022cv08302 IP address

2022cv08303 IP address

2:2022cv08304 IP address

2:2022cv08305 IP address

2:2022cv08306 IP address

2:2022cv08307 IP address

2:2022cv08308 IP address

2:2022cv08309 IP address

District of Hawaii





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