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Strike 3 Holdings January 2019 Update – Cloudy with a Chance of More Lawsuits!

Posted by Steve Vondran | Jan 23, 2019 | 0 Comments

Here are the new lawsuits filed by Strike 3 Holdings in January 2019.  If you see your case on this list, give us a call for a no-cost / no-pressure initial consultation to review your options.


Strike 3 Holdings, LLC – one of the premier filers of online copyright infringement lawsuits, has rang in the new year with a slew of lawsuits filed across the United States in such states as California (Northern District and Central District), Virginia, Maryland, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Michigan.

Federal Court Case Number(s) – 2019 Filings

8:2019cv00001 8:2019cv00002 8:2019cv00003 1:2019cv00012 1:2019cv00015 1:2019cv00016 1:2019cv00017 1:2019cv00018 1:2019cv00019 1:2019cv00020 1:2019cv00021 5:2019cv00034 5:2019cv00036 5:2019cv00037 5:2019cv00038 5:2019cv00039 5:2019cv00040 5:2019cv00041 5:2019cv00042 5:2019cv00043 5:2019cv00045 8:2019cv00036 8:2019cv00037 8:2019cv00038 8:2019cv00039 8:2019cv00040 8:2019cv00041 8:2019cv00042 8:2019cv00043 8:2019cv00044 8:2019cv00045 8:2019cv00046 1:2019cv00028 1:2019cv00029 1:2019cv00030 1:2019cv00033 1:2019cv00034 3:2019cv00158 4:2019cv00159 3:2019cv00160 4:2019cv00161 3:2019cv00162 3:2019cv00163 4:2019cv00164 3:2019cv00165 3:2019cv00166 4:2019cv00167 4:2019cv00168 5:2019cv00185 3:2019cv00186 4:2019cv00187 5:2019cv00188 3:2019cv00189 4:2019cv00190 3:2019cv00191 3:2019cv00192 5:2019cv00193 3:2019cv00194 3:2019cv00195 4:2019cv00196 3:2019cv00067 3:2019cv00069 3:2019cv00070 3:2019cv00071 3:2019cv00072 3:2019cv00073 3:2019cv00075 3:2019cv00074 3:2019cv00076 3:2019cv00079 3:2019cv00080 3:2019cv00084 3:2019cv00222 4:2019cv00223 4:2019cv00224 3:2019cv00225 3:2019cv00226 3:2019cv00227 5:2019cv00228 5:2019cv00229 3:2019cv00230 3:2019cv00231 5:2019cv00232 3:2019cv00233 1:2019cv00306 1:2019cv00307 1:2019cv00309 1:2019cv00313 1:2019cv00317 1:2019cv00319 1:2019cv00320 1:2019cv00321 1:2019cv00343 1:2019cv00344 1:2019cv00345 1:2019cv00346 1:2019cv00347 1:2019cv00377 1:2019cv00378 1:2019cv00380 1:2019cv00371 1:2019cv00372 1:2019cv00373 1:2019cv00374 1:2019cv00375 2:2019cv10187 2:2019cv10188 2:2019cv10189 2:2019cv10190 3:2019cv10191 2:2019cv10192 2:2019cv10193 3:2019cv10201 2:2019cv10202 5:2019cv10203 2:2019cv10204 2:2019cv10205 1:2019cv00043 1:2019cv00044 1:2019cv00045 1:2019cv00431 1:2019cv00434 1:2019cv00440 1:2019cv00892 1:2019cv00894 1:2019cv00895 2:2019cv00896 2:2019cv00897 2:2019cv00898 2:2019cv00899 3:2019cv00900 2:2019cv00901 2:2019cv00902 2:2019cv00903 3:2019cv00904 3:2019cv00907 3:2019cv00908 3:2019cv00909 3:2019cv00910 3:2019cv00911 3:2019cv00913 2:2019cv00302 2:2019cv00303 2:2019cv00304 2:2019cv00305 2:2019cv00306 2:2019cv00307 2:2019cv00308 2:2019cv00309 2:2019cv00310 2:2019cv00311

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