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Why hire Vondran Legal?

Posted by Steve Vondran | Oct 14, 2014 | 0 Comments

Choosing a law firm to represent you or your company (whether in business, real estate, insurance, intellectual property or software law) is never an easy decision to make.  The decision should not be based on advertising along, but should involve finding an honest law firm with a demonstrated passion for customer service and a track record of achieving success.  Winning is what we do!

Here is the list of the top 10 reasons to hire our law firm to represent you or your business, the differentiators that make us GREAT and one of the TOP LAW FIRMS in the Country!

This page discusses our general mission statement in regard to litigating cases in state and federal lawsuits.  You should not hire a law firm based solely upon their ads, rather you should take a close look at the litigation philosophies, and mission statement and other guiding principles.  This page provides a general overview of our belief and position statement.


Here is a list of the general philosophies for our law firm.   These can be seen as our mission statement, or law firm principles and standards that we adhere to in trying to achieve a positive outcome in every case.

1.  We take the role of “advocate” very serious.  This is not just an empty word to us.  We believe our role as attorney to is uncover every rock (meaning examine every legal theory that might help your case) and to assert causes of action that apply to the case and to fight to successfully present these cases to the jury.

2.   We do the job for you, professionally.  While some people are tempted to try to save money by doing certain types of legal claims on their own, (for example a BSA software licensing audits).  Look, a Fortune 500 company would dish this off to other firms so as not to waste their time.  You have to place a value on your time, and if you can focus on what you do best (running your company, business or life) we can focus on advancing your legal issues.  Your time is worth money, so you should do what you do best, while we do what we do best.

3.  What are you going to say to your partners and shareholders if they find out you messed up the case and set your company up for federal litigation when you could have hired Vondran Legal for the case for a low flat rate fee.  If you take the do-it-yourself lawsuit approach, you could create a shareholder lawsuit against you if you happen to lose your litigation or arbitration case, or else make it much more likely the opposing counsel will defeat you.  It's okay to put your case in the hands of a professional litigation law firm.

4.  If one of your objections to hiring our firm is “I want a company that only does one type of case, such as BSA audit cases.”  This is a weak argument, there are hardly any companies that do NOTHING BUT BSA SOFTWARE AUDIT CASES or other cases for that matter.  While a law firm could have a BSA software defense “microsite” this is not the same as saying “BSA Audits is all we do.”  This argument happens in a bunch of cases.   Check out their website “practice areas” you will usually find out there law firm happens all types of different cases.

5.  We believe in the customer experience, customer relationships, and partnering with our clients to deliver a great legal result.  This also includes ditching the “billable hour” fee agreements in most cases, and turning instead to predictable flat rate fees, contingency fees, and hybrids of the two.

6.  We fight for every dime you are entitled to in your case.  We are in the fight together, and we seek to get every dime we can.

7.  We fight to find the facts, and diligently research the law.  Our goal is to cast the widest liability net, and to advance all of our arguments in advance of your case.  We let our opponents make their legal arguments, and we believe our legal arguments will prevail over theirs.  In other words, we believe at the end of the jury trial the jury and opposing counsel will believe us, and not the other way around.

8.  While we care about being taken seriously, we are not going to be afraid to advance creative legal theories that are supported by the law, or which may promote a good faith advancement in the law.  We are not trying to make friends or to get “peer reviewed” by other lawyers, or have another lawyer recognize one of our lawyers as a SuperLawyer.  The only think we care about is cost-effectively resolving your legal case in the shortest possible amount of time, and in a cost-effective manner.

9.  Your reviews and repeat business and referrals are what's most important to us.  And we fight for these standards, which make up our mission statement.

10. As in sports, we work very hard to prepare for success.  In fact, we believe in the five “P's” (proper planning prevents poor performance).  In law, it is ultra important to be ready to argue the facts and the law of the case.  This is what you need to “know the law cold.” and this will always help our clients try to prevail in the legal cases we handled.

What does this mean to you?  It means if you have a business or litigation case, real estate litigation case, UDRP domain name lawsuit, personal injury, financial elder abuse, insurance subrogation or other legal matter requiring prompt legal attention, you should consider hiring our law firm to help you negotiate a fair a and final resolution to your case.  Give us a call at the number below.

We serve Clients in California and Arizona where we are licensed.  Our Arizona cases include zoning & land use cases, and insurance subrogation and general real estate and business litigation. Our California law offices have a strong presence in real estate broker law, accusations, property management audits, right of publicity, software audits, and internet law.

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This article was written by Steve Vondran, Esq. who handles business, real estate, BSA software audits, insurance subrogation and bad faith life insurance law and intellectual property cases.  We can be reached at (877) 276-5084. Or, if you fill out the contact form below, we will contact QUICKLY, normally within the hour.  We offer flat rate legal fees for many of our legal cases. 

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