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Defenses when your restaurant is sued by Joe hand Promotions

Posted by Steve Vondran | Dec 24, 2022

Attorney Steve® TV Signal Piracy Defense - potential defenses available when a restaurant owner is sued by Joe hand Promotions in federal court.  Call us if you received a legal demand letter. We are a leader in settling these disputes.  Call (877) 276-5084.

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Have you been accused of illegally streaming or redistributing broadcasts from a commercial television provider without permission? A call to a qualified attorney specializing in TV signal piracy can help ensure the best possible outcome for your case. Infringement, as defined under Sections 553 and 605 of the Telecommunications Law, is a serious offense and carries hefty consequences, including fines and even jail time if taken to federal court. Don't wait - call us today to get the legal assistance you need to protect your rights.

Potential Defenses

Here are some things to look for if you end up being sued for showing the unlicensed commercial broadcasts of PPV boxing and soccer matches in your sports bar, restaurant, tavern, or nightclub.

1. Lack of Personal Jurisdiction: The restaurant owner can argue that the court does not have the authority to hear the case since the restaurant owner does not reside in the same state as the plaintiff.

2. Statute of Limitations: The restaurant owner can argue that the claim is barred by the statute of limitations, which is the amount of time a plaintiff has to file a lawsuit.  This can vary and go up to four years.

3. Improper Venue: The restaurant owner can argue that the case should not be heard in the federal court at issue, but in a different court with proper jurisdiction over the matter (553 or 605 claim).  These cases can also be brought as copyright infringement claims.

4. Improper Service: The restaurant owner can argue that the plaintiff did not properly serve the complaint, meaning that the notice of the lawsuit was not delivered to the restaurant owner in the correct manner.  Personal service is the best form of service.  

5. Lack of Standing: The restaurant owner can argue that the plaintiff does not have a legal right to bring the lawsuit.  For example, if they do not have exclusive rights to the fight.

6. Failure to State a Claim: The restaurant owner can argue that the complaint does not contain enough facts to support the plaintiff's claims.  For example, where all the Plaintiff can come up with is the fact that the owner posted a facebook ad about the fight, but then never showed the fight.

7. Authorized:  you might be able to show you actually did purchase a commercial license (or were informed falsely that you were purchasing a valid license).  You may need to bring a third-party into your lawsuit for indemnification.

These are a few of the potential defenses.  Some also talk about the "internet defense" which refers to neither cable nor satellite being used for infringement, thus, it does not violate the telecommunications laws.

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What a TV signal piracy lawyer does

A TV signal piracy lawyer is responsible for defending those accused of illegally accessing copyrighted television signals. These lawyers must have an extensive understanding of copyright law, intellectual property, and the various technologies used to access TV signals illegally.

TV signal piracy lawyers must provide legal assistance to clients accused of unlawfully accessing television signals. This may include representing them in court and providing advice on their case. Additionally, these lawyers must be prepared to advise clients on the various legal options available to them.

TV signal piracy lawyers must also be knowledgeable of the various types of technology used to access television signals illegally. This includes understanding the different tools and techniques used to access and steal signals, as well as the different methods used to decrypt them.

In addition to providing legal advice, TV signal piracy lawyers may also be responsible for conducting investigations and gathering evidence to support their clients' cases. This may involve interviewing witnesses, gathering documents, and accessing public records. Finally, TV signal piracy lawyers must be able to effectively communicate their clients' cases to the court.

This includes providing compelling arguments and presenting evidence in a convincing manner. In summary, TV signal piracy lawyers are responsible for representing clients accused of illegally accessing television signals. These lawyers must have a deep understanding of copyright law and the various technologies used to access TV signals illegally.

Additionally, they must have the ability to effectively communicate their clients' cases to the court in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

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Contact a Boxing & Soccer Piracy Defense Law Firm

When infringement cases arise, it's best to contact a copyright litigation law firm immediately. You need to protect your rights and not go into "admission mode."  You may have valid defenses that should be explored.  If you receive a letter from the main Plaintiffs we deal with (J&J Sports, G&G Closed Circuit Events, Joe Hand Promotions, Innovative Sports Management) call us to discuss your case at (877) 276-5084 or fill out our contact form. 

We have helped companies of all types and sizes defend these types of cases and in many cases, to achieve the lowest out-of-court settlement possible.

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