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Attorney Steve® now offering new and lateral lawyers an opportunity to buy or lease custom "SuperNicheMaster" Legal Domain Names that can help build your brand, dominate your niche and create loyal fans and followers.  Get out your check book out, let's get ready for success! "Big Law Domains" is here.

legal domains for sale or lease

If you are looking for a great legal domain for your law firm you have found the right place - BIG LAW DOMAINS!! 

August 2020 Updates:  Get ready folks for my online video series BIG LAW LEADS™.  I have had people asking me for years "how do you get all those leads?"  I have responded generally "social media marketing" without really going into anything specific.  Now, after 15 years of building a highly successful legal practice (approx. 2-4k leads per month), and approaching nearly 25k subscribers and 3 million views on my legal YouTube channel, I have decided to share my secrets of success.  How to build your authority in your legal niche area, how to build authority and "likeability" and basically learn how to survive yet LIVE AND WORK ON YOUR OWN TERMS.  The seminar series will be launched and accessible for a low flat rate fee which will include ongoing updates.  While this is geared for lawyers and law firms, it is applicable to most any business and open to everyone.  Stay tuned!!


Buying a great domain name to represent your law firm is an important task.  Many people have long names, hard to spell, or using .nets or .lawyer (which may be OK, but not awesome).  NOT BIG!!  I call these "whimpy legal domains."  Not brandable, not fun, and not memorable.  Frankly, a bad domain name for a law firm is a RED FLAG that you are dealing with an old STUFFY law firm, like your old mans law firm.  BREAKOUT of captivity, loosen up your checkbook, and INVEST IN YOUR NAME AND IMAGE just like all the fortune 500 companies do.  

My firm has bought and sold legal domains for many years (I own over 500 at last count) and we buy, sell or lease AWESOME DOG LEGAL NAMES!

What is a Big Law Domain?

A Big Law Domain is one that makes your firm STAND OUT.  As the old saying goes:

"In order to BE OUTSTANDING one must STAND OUT" 

I buy legal domains that I believe can create great niche pages (some call microsites) or serve as great blog destinations or for the main corporate firm website.

I believe great legal domain names require the following Top 10 crucial elements:

  1. Easy to spell (I'm talking 6th grade level). is an example.
  2. No dashes (not to say impossible to rank with these, but I don't like them).  For a possible exception, see my Anti-SLAPP lawyer domain below.
  3. Easy to remember (if you advertise it people come to remember the name). Like
  4. Easy to understand (domain should suggest what the page deals with) Like
  5. Fun to look at / hip / different (lawyers need to be approachable - remember, you are now selling to millennials in many cases).  For example "" or "" or "" or even "" (which means "the King of Torts").  Others might be
  6. Short and sweet. (something you can put on a cap or mug) Like "" - something for a lawfirm that handles election law or reputation management for politicians (for example, with the California right to be forgotten or delete law).  Politicians at local and state levels what a "clean internet result" before they are running for office.  This would be a total "Superniche" legal area.  For my internet law firm, I recently purchased for this very purpose.  Another good one would be "" (short, fun and different).  Makes people ask "what does that mean?" - BOOM, you go into your 10 second elevator pitch).
  7. Brand building potential (for example, you are able to shout it out on your Legal YouTube channel.  WHAT, you don't have a legal YouTube channel?  I will save that for another day.  Many of the domains discussed on this page, you can use as redirects in your YouTube videos or podcasts and are very brandable and great for promotional marketing materials.
  8. Cost effective to get started (we can either sell you or lease you the law domains on this page)
  9. FOLKS PAY UP AND GET THE .COM (think about it, do you see TV commercials or ads with anything else)?  Time to freshen up your old outdated image.  Again, this is not to say NEVER, but I think the .com is worth paying for.  I paid 6k for and it has really made quite a difference.
  10. Flexible (a good domain can be one that has flexible meanings, like "" (I have this one as well and still use it for my microsite that advertises my California real estate broker accusation defense, subpoena response, and investigation services).  There are all types of brokers in California, for example stock brokers, real estate brokers, insurance brokers, etc.  This could be a really good name, on its own, if you ever retire one day, to turn around and either sell it, lease it, or trade it.  You have to be looking at your domain as an INVESTMENT and an ASSET like Fortune 500 companies do.

If you need help buying a legal domain, let me know by sending me an email below using our contact form. Legal marketing (aside from practicing IP law) is one of my favorite things to do, and helping law firms and lawyers succeed has also been a PASSION for me.

We also buy legal domain names (email us your proposal)

Going out of business?  Selling your law practice?  Domains expiring and you want to see if you can get something for it?  Inherited a domain after a loved one died?  Call us for a free quote or email us.

We also buy legal domain names that fit the criteria above and are "SUPER NICHE MASTER READY. " Contact us at (877) 276-5084 and ask for Attorney Steve ® Domain Name Department or email us through our contact form below.

How to choose a domain name that won't infringe on trademarks

Use Domains in your Videos or Podcasts to "Redirect" Viewers to the Exact Content at issue.  I do this ALL THE TIME and it helps build viewership and can help your firm generate leads.

Remember, great domains can be used for your legal homepage, or can ALSO be used to direct (i.e. “domain forwarding”) directly to a particular page on your website.  I do this all the time, for example, when I shooting a youtube video and I want to send someone straight to a particular blog for more information (for example to a blog I just wrote about defending a Strike 3 Holdings case), I will buy a nice domain that I add to my portfolio (such as - notice nice and easy, maybe a slight issue with the word THREE, but okay as I am using in my videos with a visual description of it). 

This redirect domain will director an interested viewer RIGHT TO the exact content they are looking for and RIGHT WHERE YOU WANT THE TO GO.   Once you get them to your blog, they can read more, learn more, get inspired to hire, etc.

I use these as description links on my popular Legal YouTube Channel all the time, and on my legal podcast channel and my traffic and leads are BOOMING!

NOTICE: see how my podcast handle is (Attorney Steve)

I paid $6,000 for my domain name (I used to use the .net for years).  I even have a video of me making the purchase - PROUD MOMENT WHEN I SAW THAT DOMAIN IN MY GODADDY ACCOUNT!!

I fought it and fought it as far as making the buying decision (and frankly, was short on dough) but eventually after I had a good month defending copyright cases, I bought it.  BEST DECISION I EVER MADE.  After a lot of hard work, if you google "Attorney Steve" I come up on PAGE ONE OF GOOGLE - OH YEAH, no sweeter feeling in life.  You can do it too!

Make sure to stay tuned as I will be launching a Lawyer SEO video series in 2021 called:

"Big Firm Leads"


Recent Legal Domain Sales

Here are a few of our past sales.


NOTE:  We accept most major credit card cards.  All sales require the use of (approx. $100) which ensures a safe transaction. 

Niche Legal Domains [for Sale or Lease] Contact us and make an offer!!  Today is a great day to MASTER YOUR DOMAIN!!

Here are a few examples of our legal domain inventory.  We have over 500 domains to choose from.

copyright recovery lawyer

Here is a very flexible domain name with many different branding opportunities.  Plaintiff counsel can do all kinds of things such as employment law, financial elder abuse, personal injury, copyright recovery cases, or other cases where you only represent Plaintiff's and not defendants.  

los angeles fair use opinion lawyer

In todays world ANYONE can be a filmmaker or video producer.  Look at the MILLIONS of YouTube channels out there.  Our law firm represents several VERY LARGE and successful YouTube creators.  We also provide legal "fair use" opinion letters.  But frankly, there is room for others to get into this growing business of making sure the movies that are being made (some spoofs or parodies, documentaries, murder mysteries, sports channel and others) are properly "cleared" for the content being used in the videos. This includes things like checking for potential copyright infringement, trademark issues, right of publicity (model releases) and even things like location release.  Having a Los Angeles fair use attorney provide an "opinion letter" is a HOT AREA OF LAW, and in my opinion, GROWING.  This is a KILLER DOMAIN obviously.  Make an offer.  Here are my "fair use tips for YouTube creators."  Many have told me this is the best resource they have found on the web. 

NOTE:  I also own  I can sell one or both if you are looking for the monopoly.  If you need a fair use opinion letter, call us at (877) 276-5084 or email us through our contact form below.

Related Domains for Sale or lease: or FairUse.TV (great to start a YouTube channel).

California 17200 lawyer

This is a very simple nice domain.  California Business and Professions Code Section 17200 is a very popular cause of action in California (other states will have nice brandable domains as well) which protects Californians from a wide variety of deceptive business practices.  It has the ability to recover attorney fees for cases that are considered "private attorney general" cases that advance the public interest.  Owning this VERY AWESOME domain serves up the niche nicely and gets people talking.  Very Brandable and the added feature of showing that your law firm IS THE AUTHORITY on 17200 law.  Think about it.  Niche building and great for either a redirect or a blog microsite.

free law documents california

Here is another OUTSTANDING legal domain.  Perhaps your law firm offers certain documents, pleadings, templates, letters, checklists, forms or contracts for FREE?  What you say??  Yes, you heard me.  This is the way things are going my attorney friends.  Have you heard of  Last I heard this was a google funded project, which means, LOOKOUT.  Perhaps you can offer A FEW (but not all) legal documents for FREE (samples, not legal advice), to help build a fan or follower base.  When you offer up a new free legal documents on your YouTube show, you can say "I just posted a free sample at my website" (with a visual to the link).  Standalone web tech companies could also use this great domain.

This is a great name that tells the public exactly what the goal of the case is….to obtain an “Adequate Award” for the injuries suffered.  This is a great close to the jury as well…..”ladies and gentlemen of the jury, what is an adequate award for the loss of a leg?  That is all we are seeking, not a windfall, but a fair adequate award for the pain suffered by my client."

unlawful protest, assault, battery, looting, arson, false imprisonment

We all see what's going on in this "social justice" age.  While the constitution of states and the constitution of the United States protects "peaceful assembly" it does not protect against protest that injures other people with a variety of TORTS (civil wrongs committed by one person or group against another).  For the first time in my legal career, I am brushing off old torts that I never thought I would see in practice. But with all the burning, looting, trespassing, mayhem, theft, destruction of personal property, and with the new phenomena of "getting in peoples faces" or "gathering outside their homes" and demanding that people "say his name" or "raise your fist" things are getting crazy, and that means more cases in the legal world.  Some people ask me "why are there so many lawyers in the United States?"  I say, without clients there would be no lawyers.  People who do crazy things (outside the bounds of the law) create both civil and legal problems that can clog our courts.  Many do so because they are young and don't know better, some because they have "nothing to lose" and some just because they are peer-pressured into it.  This is a great domain that can appeal to taking cases on both sides of the fence so to speak.

San Francisco elder abuse law firm

The "over 65" age group is the fastest growing segment of society.  Look around and you can literally verify this with your own eyes.  California is one of the BEST STATES for protecting senior citizens and the elderly.  Our civil litigation law firm has helped MANY seniors and their loved ones protect their legal rights against fraud, abuse, and basically financially ripping elders out of their life's works and real estate is often involved.  This is a BIG LAW DOMAIN.  It says exactly what your law firm does, and the California law allows for unique remedies such as Attorney Fees and a Pre-Judgment Writ of Attachment (which is a great tool to help leverage a settlement in the right case.  To learn more about the California financial elder abuse law watch my video.

Related Domain: can be purchased or leased separately, including a "lease to own" domain option.  If you want to stand out and build your niche in this satisfying area of the law, here's your opportunity.

adversary proceeding in copyright court

How many lawyers do you know say “I handle adversary proceedings in bankruptcy court?”  Do you even know what that means?  Most people do not know a Plaintiff can file a lawsuit when a person tries to go into bankruptcy court, for example Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.   Having handled a few cases in this area I realized this domain is a GOLDMINE for the right bankruptcy litigation law firm that wants to build out this Super Niche and creating a LASTING IP ASSET for the firm that can be sold with the business someday.  Think about it.

san francisco broadcasting attorney

Broadcasting law includes many different things.  Internet radio, FCC compliance, AM/FM, television, the fairness doctrine and even copyright law.  This is an AMAZING domain for a new attorney or lateral looking to build their online presence and legal niche authority in this high-action practice area.  

spanish speaking law firm california

Here is another great one.  Be the first “Amigo” Attorney in your practice area.  Hispanic friendly and Habla Espanol.  Be likable and make a name for yourself in your community.  This is an easy to remember domain name that is sure to raise eyebrows.  This, of course, opens the door to your elevator pitch, and explaining why you love this domain name!  "You can find me at Amigo Attorney."

Hollywood parody lawyer

Entertainment law is literally EXPLODING in the BILLION CHANNEL UNIVERSE.  Everyone seems to have a YouTube, Vimeo, or Daily Motion video channel.  For the first time, movie-making has become DEMOCRATIZED allowing for anyone to become a movie, video, film, or commercial producer and grow their channel for internet success and monetization.  Our California entertainment law firm represents some of the largest YouTubers on the internet.  Documentary film makers are emerging like never before to provide more truth and education in this world.  SPOOF videos are popping up and not only that but SPOOF MERCHANDISE.  Creative clients want to know if they CAN or CANNOT do something, or what they can do to MODIFY their projects to make it less likely they will be sued for copyright or trademark infringement.  This is wear Fair Use Opinion Lawyers come in.  This domain says exactly what you do and is easy to spell and remember.   Make me an offer.

Related domains: (can be bought or leased together if you are looking for the monopoly. | and

Santa Clara county domain dispute lawyer

Since we are talking domain names now, and since virtually everyone has one, this leads to the next level of internet domain name disputes.  Our firm has advised on these cases and the related issues.  For example, trademark violations, sending and responding to domain name cease and desist letters, and handling UDRP litigation cases.  Another area we have dealt with (personally) are Reverse Domain Name Hijackers.  Bozos who try to improperly "strong arm" your domain out of you when they have no legal right or standing.  This is a BURGEONING area of intellectual law and an UNBELIEVABLE BIG LAW DOMAIN!

Related Domains:  I also have related highly brandable legal domains such as,, and

arizona sports agent

Our Arizona and California licensed law firm has helped and advised previous sports Clients.  We can help negotiate contracts and represent athletes, coaches, and sports reporters and broadcasters in a wide variety of legal issues including intellectual property and celebrity endorsements.  Yours Truly, Attorney Steve®, is a former professional baseball player (Cincinnati Reds 13th round draft pick), and also played in the College World Series in 1988 with the Fresno State Bulldogs (now in hall of fame) and knows the issues faced by athletes, coaches, and others, and with 15 years of legal experience, know the IP and contractual issues that will undoubtedly arise during the "lifespan" of a professional athlete.

If you have the “Jerry Maguire” sports agent fever.  This may be your legal "Superniche."  You can focus on a wide number of sports in Arizona (golf, tennis and baseball are HUGE) and provide quality legal services including contract review and IP consulting (celebrity endorsement for example), or go "monster focus" into one of the individual sports such as “extreme sports” lawyer or soccer law for example.  Lots of options with this great legal domain.

Related domains: and

California free speech attorney

Strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP)
According to wikipedia:
"A strategic lawsuit against public participation is a lawsuit intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. In the typical SLAPP, the plaintiff does not normally expect to win the lawsuit."

Free speech on the internet is becoming a major legal issue that neither political party spends any time discussing.  Here is a fantastic law domain name that actually breaks my rule above to NOT use dashes in your domain name except for rare situations.  I think this is one of those rare opportunities.  The reason is the legal practice area is "Anti-SLAPP" with a dash.  So, I think this is a really good domain.

Related domains:  If you want the .com domain, I have which is a great brandable domain for the right law firm.  I also have other great domains such as,,,,, and

You should know, with the internet, many people post negative ,hateful, defamatory and product or brand tarnishing (disparaging) comments all the time. I recently learned that the Airbnb home rental website ow allows landlords to rate you and you can rate them.  Yelp is also a popular website for commenting, rating and reviewing as well.

With all this going on, many people and companies are threatening to sue other individuals and company for torts like defamation, false light and other things.  Most people don't really understand the California SLAPP laws (other states likely have their own version to protect free speech)

The nice thing about the SLAPP laws in California is it allows a prevailing party to obtain an attorney fee award.  These can get pretty big because there is actually a lot of work involved.  In fact, I hit a biggie (20k+ against one of the largest Anti-SLAPP law firms in California when they filed one against my client in a Los Angeles Right of Publicity law firm case.  Needless to say, this took out one of their legs in litigation.

You will also see attorneys from time to time threatening to "file a SLAPP motion" many times not understanding what it really means. This is a great area of law that is NOT up and coming, it is HERE and will be GROWING in my opinion.

Subpoena response Santa Clara county 

There are no shortages of lawsuits, and most lawsuits involve a bunch of subpoenas being sent all over the place.  If you are in litigation in state or federal court, you may need to serve a subpoena for records or testimony.  You may also be an individual or company on the "receiving end" of a subpoena and need to decide how you want to respond.  Our firm is a leading in federal court litigation in the United States (predominantly copyright infringement law) and we have sent and responded to many subpoenas in our time, and it is important to discuss these with legal counsel after being served.  Obviously, building out a specialty in have a subpoena FAQ page in your Superniche legal area is very important and can lead to greatly increased business.

Related Domains:,, (one of the rare times I would say .net is the way to go),, and (one of the unique times you can serve a subpoena without actually filing a lawsuit).  These are getting big too in online copyright or trademark infringement and counterfeit piracy cases.

SF music attorney


Here is another exception to one of my general rules NOT to get a .TV domain.  This is a KILLER Domain because it is the coveted "MUSIC LAWYER" in it and could be a really great platform to launch a video blog talking about the latest music legal news, discuss common band agreements, fair use, and other issues important to artists, musicians, promoters and others.

california internet attorney

Social media law is SIZZLING HOT.  Internet and online disputes run the gamut.  Watch this video I did about the top 25 things that can get you (or your kids) into legal trouble online.  And this one - top 15 things that can lead to twitter legal issues.  Social media disputes (litigation) can mean many different things.  This is a very flexible legal domain that could cover law firms that handle the following types of legal issues:

The list goes on and on.  Call us to secure this great domain name for law firms.  

Related Domains:, and  - "Privacy is Back"

With the European Union GDPR and California Privacy laws including the "eraser" law and "right to be forgotten, Privacy Law is heating up again, if not already causing corporate sun burn.

California CCPA attorney

This is a forward thinking domain and twenty years ago I would have told you "Privacy is Dead."  However, nowadays with the "database nation" we all live in, the location tracking, monitoring of all our internet and browsing activities, the rise of the VPN and anonymous browsing, the rise of the actual implementation of the health care privacy laws (mainly HIPAA), and the European Union GLBA act coupled with California's right to be forgotten law and you have the "perfect storm" for the emergence of a boutique California internet data privacy firm.  In the future, all law will be related to internet law as all companies are moving "to the cloud."  Will your law firm be educated and ready to meet their needs?

Related domains: - Legal news you can use!!

Attorney Legal Reporter Steve - why read about the most important legal  news when you can WATCH IT with your favorite attorney and get alerts and updates?

This is another fabulous and flexible legal domain name for the right firm that understands people will stop reading blogs one day when they can just watch the legal news on their computer, laptop, iPhone, or even on Twitch or some other channel.  This domain positions you as a leader in the area of internet law and allows you to go onto the streets and report on internet law legal issues.  There are so many that can be discussed here that I am not even going to take my time to mention them here.

This domain name will NOT GO FOR CHEAP.  We are talking about a substantial 5 figure offer to acquire, so serious inquiries only.

Related Domains:,,, MusicLawyer.TV,,,,,, InternetLawyer.TV

Building out a legal news site ESTABLISHES your legal AUTHORITY, builds fans and followers (that can monetize and provide you a monthly check when it's time to retire or sell your law practice) and while it takes WORK, its fun and separates you from others in your field.  You have PASSION, they may not.

Other Fun Attorney Names (think on the back of a jersey or you go to a sports or school event, or on a promotional item such as a coffee mug, pen, hat, or other item).

My Attorney Steve® Domain Story

Many years ago I used  The reason was somebody beat me to the domain by a few months.  I thought it was not a big deal until I saw .nets starting to disappear from TV ads and rarely saw a BIGLAW firm using them.  I had already been known by people as "Attorney Steve" by then, so I did not want to abandon that (people liked it because is was friendly, fun and approachable - not your dad's stuffy old law firm I would tell them), and after making a few attempts at 1k, 2k, and 4k, I eventually realized this was an INVESTMENT in my legal brand and I went for it at 6k.  It was literally the HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE when I saw the domain pop up in my Godaddy Account.  I have a video of the moment, it's posted on my facebook account and I will be trying to post it here so you understand the excitement that can come along with purchasing a great legal domain that you will build with all your heart.

To me, this is BRILLIANT marketing.  Friendly and Approachable.  Makes people ask "what do you do?"  BOOM - Go into your 10 second elevator pitch.  I will be talking about this concept in my BIG LAW LEADS™ online video series coming in 2021.

Here are some the great "Attorney" names I have left (perfect legal domains for hats, shirts, mugs, back of jerseys, marketing).  I paid 6k for  Best investment I ever made - just google "Attorney Steve" and see if you can find me.

FOR FUN:  Google "Attorney Steve" right now.  Notice how I come up on PAGE ONE of google?  Link and my videos.  I use this as my business card (business cards are old stuffy dad's law firm).  When I meet someone and they say "wow, you are a real nice guy, do you have a business card."  I simply respond, you can find me on page one of google if you search "Attorney Steve."

Domain Name Registrars we can transfer to

We typically work with GoDaddy, but we also use the following registrars:

- Name

- Namecheap

- Uniregistry

- Enom

- BulkRegister

- Dynadot

- Hover

- Moniker

- 1and1

- NameBright

- Instra

- Safenames

- Whois

- Namesilo

- Amazon 

 - Google Domains

I have ONE real estate Domain - The Attorney Steve® Special.  This was the Domain Name for my Real Estate Brokerage back in the day.  Grab a piece of history, and a great domain!

great real estate domain for sale

Here is the real estate domain name I used many years ago when I owned and operated a real estate brokerage.  It's hard to come up with something new that isn't already out there, but here it is folks.  My real estate brokers, make me an offer.

Some Great .io Domains

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We can help law firms large and small choose great KILLER DOMAIN NAMES that help make your firm form likeable, memorable, approachable, and which helps build social media presence and generate legal leads.  To stay alive as a solo or small firm nowadays, you have no choice but to go GUERRILLA STYLE and get out there and be OUTSTANDING on social media.  There is really no way around it, and you know what, it's actually FUN to build your brand! 

Call us at (877) 276-5084 or contact us through our contact form.

Am I legit?  Check out my client Avvo reviews (WHAT, you don't have an Avvo page)?  Stay tuned and bookmark us for Big Law Leads.

My video channel has almost 45k subscribers and nearly 5 million video views.  I do NOT have to worry about generating business, and get to CHOOSE the clients I want to help.  That, my friends, is the key to success!  Living and working on your own terms.  Loving, living, learning, teaching, and inspiring.

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